Gregory, Richard, Latest Stats About The Search Engines


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Presentation delivered to SMX London with the findings of SEMPO's credit crunch survey.

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Gregory, Richard, Latest Stats About The Search Engines

  1. 1. Search in a Recession A survey from SEMPO
  2. 2. Well, we are certainly “going through extremely uncertain times” as UK Chancellor Alistair Darling put it, but is digital and search fairing better Search in a Recession than most? SEMPO have listened to the market and their members and have discovered whether search is experiencing a nibble, a great big bite A survey from SEMPO or bucking the trend during “The Credit Crunch”. Hundreds of responses to a simple survey
  3. 3. “Have you recently changed where you spend your marketing budgets in light of the changes in the economic climate?” - unfortunately down in the majority of cases 24% Yes No 76%
  4. 4. “Are you considering raising expenditure in search activity because of the economic climate?” - 69% of marketers leaving it neutral 25% Yes No 75%
  5. 5. “How reliant are you on intent driven marketing like Search for your wider marketing strategy?” - 64% of marketers are reliant for a wider strategy success 2% 29% 34% Very Quite Not Very Unreliant 35%
  6. 6. “Are you aware of the benefits of synergizing your paid and natural search strategies?” - A lot of education and things to learn about harmonious campaigns 29% Yes No 71%
  7. 7. “Has the richness of the search results and offerings from publishers changed your SEM approach? - Half the world is changing, half isn’t “More use of YouTube” (bloody sales guys pushing irrelevant) 45% “More video work” Yes 55% No “Expanded in-house teams” “More use of shopping engines” “Increased affiliate use on performance deals” “Testing mobile” “Re-design web site” “More use of widgets and social media” “Changes to content strategy”
  8. 8. “What would you consider to be the most cost effective form of marketing in a recession? - Natural Search, Paid Search, but also…TV, Events, Print, email – 15% don’t know! 1% 1% 1% 1% 2% 2% 2% 3% SEO 5% PPC Other Social media 11% display events 56% POS affiliates 15% direct sales “One that I can turn off quickly” TV local targetted “Anything I can measure” email “Don’t know” “Natural Search as number one with 3 times as many responses as any other channel”
  9. 9. “Do you use SEM for brand as well as direct response - Could this be linked to the increasing richness of SERPS 38% Yes No 62%
  10. 10. “What are the main reasons for not spending more of your marketing budgets online? (obstacles) The boss, the board, the CFO, lack of belief and balancing the mix 2% 8% 30% 16% management Budget cuts Performance issues keeping a balance Lack of Understanding 17% Contractual commitments 27% A culprit of company-wide cost cutting?
  11. 11. What our industry still needs to do… •Increased focus on analytics •Further research into “holistic search” •Education for senior management – a UK issue?
  12. 12. Want toahelp? Search in Recession A survey from SEMPO Richard Gregory (SEMPO) +44 (0) 1925 420105 Twitter:@smartrich Paul Doleman (SEMPO) +44 (0) 7718 585165 Twitter:@pauldoleman