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2017 evvnt deck final 2017


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Invest in evvnt

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2017 evvnt deck final 2017

  2. 2. August 2014 IN A NUTSHELL If you've a+ended an event or conference in the last 5 years, the chances are, you've already experienced evvnt . With 24,000 clients in 139 countries, the evvnt plaAorm is used to market 137,000 events and generates $1.2m in revenue - one quarter of it by subscripJon. Having raised £800,000 in seed funding, we've grown organically for the last 18 months. We are geOng close to being profitable and we're promoJng 320% more events that this Jme last year. We're now raising growth capital to accelerate. We will convert exisJng business to recurring revenue and target the remaining 4.4 billion events that are listed globally each year. With just 0.1% market share, we'll turn over more than $130m per annum. SUBMIT ONCE
  3. 3. August 2014 To become the greatest place to promote an event online. Our mission is to help people promote and find events. Marketing Technology - MarTech MISSION SUBMIT ONCE
  4. 4. August 2014 THE PROBLEM evvnt ON DEMAND EVENT MARKETING SUBMIT ONCE •  Fragmented industry in chaos •  1000’s of publishers •  100’s of services available •  Fickle, mulJ channel consumer •  IneffecJve & complicated tools •  Time consuming & not cost-effecJve •  Limited reporJng on delivered value Millions of events are manually submi+ed via mulJple markeJng plaAorms to thousands of media channels yet sJll fail to market an event successfully.
  5. 5. August 2014 THE SOLUTION evvnt ON DEMAND EVENT MARKETING SUBMIT ONCE •  Unique SaaS plaAorm •  ConsolidaJon of tools •  MulJ channel delivery •  Simple & intuiJve to use •  Affordable & transacJonal •  Total accountability •  Event organizers friendly On demand event markeJng plaAorm connected to the world’s best event markeJng services creaJng cost efficient event online promoJonal campaigns, in a few clicks.
  6. 6. August 2014 was the number one choice for creating buzz around events, the service saved on time, human resource and also gave us the results we needed quickly. James Wight – Global Marketing Director – UBM evvnt SUBMIT ONCE “ “
  7. 7. August 2014 MARKET SIZE evvnt ON DEMAND EVENT MARKETING Total English Speaking (30%) $17 Billion Of which USA (17%) $10 Billion Of which UK (1.4%) $800 Million July 2013 Frost & Sullivan report entitled “A Survey of Meeting and Event Planning Professionals and Hotel Operators” January 21, 2014 AdAge article entitled “B2B Marketing Budgets Set To Rise 6% in 2014: Forrester” January 21, 2014 Forrester Research report entitled “Focus B2B Marketing Budget Gains On Business Outcomes To Succeed In 2014” SUBMIT ONCE Expenditure on events market Addressable market $500 billion being spent on events and conferences annually as noted by Forrester Research, with 20% typically being assigned to a markeJng officers budget. Total addressable market $58 billion p.a
  8. 8. August 2014 HOW IT WORKS evvnt ON DEMAND EVENT MARKETING A single, intuiJve, transacJonal event markeJng technology that allows event organizers to publish their events to a broad range of markeJng services. It’s fast, easy to use and comprehensive, giving organisers the tools needed to reach as wide an online presence as possible and track the impact across mulJple channels from one plaAorm. As the starJng point to every event promoJon, people will be seamlessly introduced to a range of relevant markeJng services to ensure a successful event through online markeJng automaJon. SUBMIT ONCE evvnt evvntly invvite discovvr LISTINGS MARKETING TICKETING DISCOVERY
  9. 9. August 2014 TRACTION evvnt ON DEMAND EVENT MARKETING SUBMIT ONCE A company with $1.2m in revenues for 2016, offices in London, 10 full Jme members of staff, 89% margin on sodware with over 300% events promoted growth quarter on quarter*. 0 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 60,000 70,000 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 YTD Events Promoted Per Annum non cumula2ve * Q1 17 on Q1 2016 0 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 Q312 Q412 Q113 Q213 Q313 Q413 Q114 Q214 Q314 Q414 Q115 Q215 Q315 Q415 Q116 Q216 Q316 Q416 Q117 Q217 Sign Ups & Users Cumula2ve
  10. 10. August 2014 BUSINESS GROWTH evvnt ON DEMAND EVENT MARKETING SUBMIT ONCE Founded April 1st 2012 launching the first event lisJng aggregator, acquired three event technology companies and awarded an Innovate UK government grant. •  $1.2 in annual revenues •  OperaJng in 139 countries •  24,000 customers •  137,000 events promoted •  2.6m event lisJngs created •  4500+ media partners •  30 strategic partners & resellers Strategic Partners
  11. 11. August 2014 Time sensitive content such as events are fast becoming a key differentiator in the local information race, and is well placed to make a major impact in this exciting space. James Moore – SVP of Global Partnerships at evvnt SUBMIT ONCE “ “
  12. 12. August 2014 INVESTORS evvnt ON DEMAND EVENT MARKETING SUBMIT ONCE Having closed rounds to the sum of £800k of investment from exisJng investors, corporate investors, government-backed Innovate UK and industry leaders, we now need your support to finance our growth. •  30 private investors •  Former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs •  Former Managing Director at Royal Bank of Scotland •  Former Managing Director Morgan Stanley & JP Morgan •  Former Global MarkeJng Director at UBM Conferences •  Innovate UK Government Grant
  13. 13. August 2014 evvnt ON DEMAND EVENT MARKETING TIMELINE & EXIT SUBMIT ONCE Investment to create a $100m+ events media & marketing company in 4 years. •  Double sales team •  Launch publisher tools & scale distribu2on of our ‘add event’ form tech •  Revenue geographical diversifica2on •  Launch two new services •  1m event submissions •  $8m revenues and projected $16m in 2020 2017 2018 2019
  14. 14. August 2014 CEO BIO SUBMIT ONCE Richard Green, the CEO & Founder at evvnt with over 16 years of experience in technology, publishing and commerce based startups from eBay, Accenture, Bauer to Qype acquired by Yelp for $50m. A talent in developing new business products, taking them to market, securing proof of concept and scaling. A builder of companies and teams that deliver rapid business growth within global markets. Richard has a proven track record in taking projects from zero to substan2al sized opera2ons, has applied experience in the local and interna2onal arena. With several high growth start up’s under his belt he iden2fied a gap in the events technology market which he is now 100% focused.
  15. 15. August 2014 THE TEAM SUBMIT ONCE
  16. 16. August 2014 INVEST IN THE FUTURE OF SUCCESSFUL EVENT MARKETING FUNDRAISING | 2017 evvnt Richard Green CEO & Founder +44 7787 527499 ENQUIRIES