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Innovative solarsystems

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Innovative solarsystems

  1. 1. Innovative Solar Systems is solving the energy problems of the world by installing state of the art renewable energy solar pv systems of all types and sizes
  2. 2. HOW DOES SOLAR WORK • A Photovoltaic Array Converts Solar Energy to DC Electricity • An Inverter Then Converts DC Electricity to AC Electricity • A Transformer Will Then Step-Up the AC Voltage to Match Utility Line Voltage • A Revenue Grade Utility Meter measures the total KiloWatts being Generated
  3. 3. Why is Solar a Good Investment • • • • 30% Federal Tax Credits 35% NC State Tax Credits 5 Year Accelerated Depreciation Great Income Stream from Pre-Negotiated Purchase Power Agreements and RECS • Solar is a More Maintenance Free Type Renewable Energy, No Moving Parts, 25 Year Guaranteed Performance
  4. 4. Why is NC a Great State for Commercial Solar Farms • 35% NC Tax Credits • Less Cumbersome Approval Processes for Faster Installations • Excellent Tariff Structures for Long Term Purchase Power Agreements • NC is Lagging Behind Other States in Solar and Renewable Technology which Increases the Demand for New Solar Systems
  5. 5. Why Investors Like Commercial Solar Farms as an Investment • Solar is a Clean, Green, Renewable Technology That is being Embraced • Great IRR's for Tax, Equity and Development Type Investors • Investors Enjoy a Great Return with Minimal if any Involvement
  6. 6. Why Innovative Solar Systems, LLC is the Choice for Solar Systems • The Principals at ISS have Over 40 Years Exp. In Engineering & Construction • ISS Does It All: System, Design, Install, PPA’S, and On Going Maintenance • Your Return is Greater by Having Only One Company Involved
  7. 7. We Negotiate Power Purchase Agreements, Land, Lease and Contracts • We Negotiate & Provide all Contracts as Part of Our All Inclusive Package • We Negotiate the Power Purchase Agreements to Guarantee Your Returns • We Provide the Complete Turnkey Solution, and in a Fast & Efficient Manner • We Provide the Land Lease and all System Maintenance & Support
  8. 8. Innovative Solar Offers Turnkey Solutions and Guaranteed Results • We Can Custom Tailor the Solar System to the Tax Credits and Client Returns Needed • We Design, Engineer, Install and Maintain the Solar Systems – We Do It All • We Give Our Clients Results and Returns Enjoy Low Risk, Great Returns
  9. 9. NC Senate Bill 3 (2007) – State Mandates Regarding NC Renewable Energy • 3% of All Electricity in NC Must be from Renewable Energy by 2012 • 6% of All Electricity in NC Must be from Renewable Energy by 2015 • 10% of All Electricity in NC Must be from Renewable Energy by 2018 • 12.5 % of All Electricity in NC Must be from Renewable Energy by 2021
  10. 10. Operation and Maintenance by Innovative Solar Systems, LLC • ISS Monitors Your Solar System 24/7 and Provides Maintenance/Repair • Your System is Closely Monitored Daily to Assure Maximum Power Output • Parts are Stocked Locally and Uptime is Guaranteed as Part of the Package
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