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Research Data Australia - the national research data catalogue


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Understanding the national research data catalogue.
A presentation to the RMIT University - Research Data Management - Information Session for Researchers and HDRs, 21 Nov 2017.

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Research Data Australia - the national research data catalogue

  1. 1. Richard Ferrers Research Data Australia Research Data Specialist, ANDS 21 Nov 2017 - the national research data catalogue
  2. 2. NCRIS Research Infrastructure •Data Storage for Communities •Data (Cloud) Compute •Research Data Management
  3. 3. ANDS-Nectar-RDS In 2017/18, we are working on four transformations for Australian research:  A world leading data advantage  Accelerated innovation  Collaboration for borderless research  Enhanced translation of research
  4. 4. The Australian National Data Service (ANDS) makes Australia’s research data assets more valuable for researchers, research institutions and the nation. people skills services
  5. 5. Research Data Australia – a service •A catalogue of Australia’s research data •Harvested from research institutions eg RMIT •Faceted | structured | API accessible •130,000+ data descriptions available •23,500 datasets accessible •50,000 awarded grants descriptions accessible
  6. 6. Example RDA records – RMIT: UK Riots – Tweet Archive Unimelb: VCA Student Film Archive (video) Victoria Uni: Foley Collection (poster) Demo
  7. 7. Who contributes to RDA? •Universities •State / Federal Gov –, •Federal research groups – CSIRO, ALA, Tern •NCRIS facilites – AURIN (urban research) •Data intensive research groups - Paradisec
  8. 8. More data repositories… Found 1978 results (2017; 600 2014)
  9. 9. Actions: -List your data -Describe your data -Publish your descriptions -Publish your data* *where appropriate
  10. 10. With the exception of third party images or where otherwise indicated, this work is licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0 International Attribution Licence. ANDS, Nectar and RDS are supported by the Australian Government through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy Program (NCRIS). Research Data Specialist, RMIT ANDS Liaison +61 3 9902 0569 Richard Ferrers