Findit Seminar Presentation 2014


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Information about Findit program from the Omaha World-Herald. Presented by Richard E. Brown | Digital Manager of the Omaha World-Herald

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Findit Seminar Presentation 2014

  1. 1. Virtually everyone is carrying around a personal computer that is more powerfulthan the computer that put a man on the moon.
  2. 2. • 1.1 billion users on Facebook • 50+ million unique users on Trip Advisor • 33+ million local reviews on Yelp • 58 million tweets sent each day • 925k new google+ users each day Here’s why…
  3. 3. Because of the rapid growth of mobile device usage and the integration of more social media platforms, information can be shared to millions of consumers within a click of a button.
  4. 4.  Gives you a chance to listen for revenue opportunities  Find out what you’re doing right or wrong  Indicates the health of your brand – positive or negative  Increases brand awareness  See what your competitors are doing Why should you care?… “SOCIAL MENTIONS” If you were prompted every time someone mentioned you on social meda…
  5. 5.  Reviews are beginning to crawl into search results  Reviews can be extremely keyword rich  Reviews are play a part in Google’s search ranking factors (amount, average rating, sources)  Reviews now play a large part in how consumers choose a business to work with… Could be a competitor….can you afford to not know what is being said about you? Why should you care?… “REVIEWS”
  6. 6. Consumersnow have the ability to post a review virtually anywhere & share information about your business & their own experiences in an instant. Even while they are still in your establishment… Didn’t have this problem 8 years ago…
  7. 7. 1. Do you have any negative reviews? 2. Do you have any reviews at all?
  8. 8. Do you know where your business listings are? Do you know what’s on them? Reviews? Any of these websites or social media sites could have your business information listed on it. Everywhere your information is listed online is a potential opportunity for a new customer to view it. Bad reviews, wrong phone #’s, outdated information is a bad first impression for a new customer - bad SEO. Web directory / local search ecosystem
  9. 9. But wait, I get reviews but why is the accuracy of my business listings everywhere online important?  Google wants to use businesses in their results that have multiple business listings.  Google can see the number of times & places that your business is listed around the web.  Google then cross references these listings for accuracy.  Google is a robot – it simply identifies these listings, which is why these listings all need to be exactly the same.  When you have an incorrect business listing on the web, Google doesn’t know what is accurate and what isn’t? So instead of taking the risk, Google may not use those business listings at all.  Many online directories use listings from other major websites so if one major website directory listing incorrect it can populate several other incorrect listings increasing the chance that consumers looking for your business get the wrong information. – loss of potential sale
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Search is not just about being “at the top” of Google…it must now include popular opinion! - think of your last vacation…
  12. 12. Google & Siri can even rank by REVIEWS & ACCURATE INFORMATION
  13. 13. So are you being proactive & asking these questions?  Do you know what customers are saying about your business? Do you know where things are being said about your business?  Is the information about your business accurate & consistent?  What makes you stand out to new customers vs. your competitors?  How do you keep those new customers?  How do you grow relationships with those customers?
  14. 14. Where do I start? So how can you grow your business listing’s visibility? Take control of your Online Reputation Online Reputation = What you say about yourself (Digital Footprint) + What consumers say about you (Digital Shadow)
  15. 15. Online Reputation & Online Web Presence Go “Hand-in-Hand” In order to win you have to maximize your online reputation and your visibility! 100% Visibility Reputation Scam Shame… 100%0%
  16. 16. Meet Jay and Tom… • Both own landscape design businesses • Both are NOT invested in their websites • Both have Facebook® pages • Both have some happy customers Tom
  17. 17. Jay is more up-to-speed on social media & has 350 likes on his facebook page & thinks that’s all that he has to do digitally for Green Onion Landscaping. Tom has seen Green Onion’s website and Facebook® page and thinks that they look great! Tom
  18. 18. How visible is Colombo Design to potential customers? • Colombo has an old Facebook® page • Colombo has no reviews anywhere • Colombo has an old website listed • Colombo is on page 4 of Google Tom knows that he needs to do something, but what exactly? Tom
  19. 19. Meet Jamie…. she’s currently looking for a landscape company. She began searching on her phone while waiting for son’s soccer practice to end Green Onion was recommended to Jamie by a friend…except she can’t quite remember the name…
  20. 20. Jamie resorted to Googling the phrase “landscaping” but none of the businesses listed rang a bell…. Jay’s business Green Onion Landscaping is NOT VISIBLE online and he may have just lost a potential client to his competitor…
  21. 21. Are you engaging with your customers on social networks? • Regular Posts • Growing Likes • Shares • Audience tt-Cutts-Facebook-Twitter-Social-Signals-Not- Part-of-Google-Search-Ranking-Algorithms • Google treats social pages like any other webpage…
  22. 22. Meanwhile, Tom has been making some improvements… Correcting inaccurate listing information that he finds in his spare time Making some improvements on his website to help with his Google ranking But he is still not on the first page… Tom
  23. 23. What does Tom need to do in order to be successful?  Take control of his online reputation  Positive online reviews  Accurate business listings on directories  Keep up with his digital footprint & shadow Connect with a High Value site Tom
  24. 24. 1. How does your online presence compare to your competition? 2. Are you in front of customers online?
  25. 25. What is ? • Reputation Monitoring & Management • Listing Accuracy • Reviews • Social Mentions • Competitive web analytics • Promotional Package • Associated with a High Value Website -
  26. 26. High-Value Websites What are they? • Well known, trusted sites • Good, high-quality content • Articles and photos are shared often • Content updated constantly • High traffic /visitation from online viewers How do they help businesses? • Increase visibility – turn our traffic into yours • Great source for reviews • Accurate listing information • Supported social media mentions • Improves competitive presence m
  27. 27. Featured Business Listing 1. Enhanced search signals 2. Map 3. Video 4. Photos 5. About us 6. Print 7. Social 8. Registered SEO 9. Enhanced SEO Findit 1. 23 Millions Pageviews / mo 2. 1.3 Million Unique Visitors 3. Updated Content 4. New Post & News 5. New photos, comments 6. Constant Engagement 1. Featured Listings Widget 2. Setup great for Google
  28. 28. Reputation Reporting and Monitoring… At a glance, a summary of:  Overview  Online visibility  Reviews  Mentions  Social  Competition Regular Reports Consultants will be bringing you your FREE reputation reports at the end and will be here afterwards to answer any questions.
  29. 29. vs.  Highly visible, highly engaging, high value website  Natural pageview traffic because of news  Ability to create intent and drive traffic to your business immediately  Understand the value of building a brand & telling your company story.  Create consistent funnel of new business, testimonial & review opportunities There will always be an immediate need for you to stay in front of an audience consistently ! vs. Promotion is essential…
  30. 30. Promotional advertising to drive traffic to your business!  Monthly group email blast to over 100k subscribers  Digital Display Banner ads on  Monthly group print promo in the Omaha World-Herald  Help with Google+ business listing registration  Uploaded 2x2 print ad online
  31. 31. All working togetherto make sure that customers can Find You!
  32. 32. By partnering with & improving the visibility and online reputation of Colombo Landscape , Tom is growing his business! He is…  Getting reviews e-mailed to him when they are posted so he can be more responsive immediately  Updating his online business directory listings so that they all have the same, accurate, consistent information  Keeping up with what is being said on review sites & social media about Colombo Design  Posting frequently & engaging with customers on his Facebook page  Asking happy customers for positive reviews consistently… Tom
  33. 33. She finds Colombo Design on Google and notices that they have 6 positive Google+ reviews … She checks out the Colombo Design’s Website & Facebook page and loves the pictures posted recently and the great customer feedback and engagement… Tom is going to see Jamie for a consultation next week… Jamie is still searching for a landscape designer… Tom So what do you think?
  34. 34. Steps to Increasing your Online Web Presence: 1. Claim your business listings and fix your online information so that it is accurate and up-to-date on various online directories 2. Associate with high value, high volume, highly visited directories and websites such as 3. Develop your 5-star online reputation by getting updates every time your business is mentioned online or whenever someone posts a review about your business Promote it! Monitor it! Manage it! To enhance your online web presence with
  35. 35. Featured Directory Listing on Organic SEO because you’re linked to Access to Reputation Reporting & Monitoring Social Media Integration on Directory Listing Help with Google Places Registration Digital Display Banner Ad Impressions 2x2 Full Color Print ad in Monthly ½ /Full Page promo Uploaded 2x2 print ad online Video uploaded on Directory Listing Promotional Packages Brand Builder Basic $120 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Brand Builder Ultimate $1,050 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes | 150k Yes Yes Yes Brand Builder Plus $650 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes | 50k Yes Yes Yes $780 / yr savings! $3,780 / yr savings! Multiple location discounts as well!