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MissionCriticaldata centresour services
MissionCriticaltrading floorsour services
MissionCriticalDisaster recovery sitesour services
MissionCriticalall major banksdata centres
MissionCriticalall major operatorsdata centres
MissionCriticalasia pacificdata centres
MissionCriticalmiddle eastdata centres
MissionCriticaleuropedata centres
MissionCriticalUKdata centres
MissionCriticalUSAdata centres
MissionCriticalsite selectiondata centres
MissionCriticalplanningdata centres
MissionCriticaldesigndata centres
MissionCriticalfrom tier I to tier IVdata centres
MissionCriticalenergy performance
MissionCriticalLEED platinumfirst UK data centre to achieve
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Dcd mission critical_hpf_comp


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Kiosk presentation, Rolling stand design, for a worldwide exhibition. Presentation designed to be left within an exhibition stand.

Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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Dcd mission critical_hpf_comp

  1. 1. MissionCritical
  2. 2. MissionCriticaldata centresour services
  3. 3. MissionCriticaltrading floorsour services
  4. 4. MissionCriticalDisaster recovery sitesour services
  5. 5. MissionCriticalall major banksdata centres
  6. 6. MissionCriticalall major operatorsdata centres
  7. 7. MissionCriticalasia pacificdata centres
  8. 8. MissionCriticalmiddle eastdata centres
  9. 9. MissionCriticaleuropedata centres
  10. 10. MissionCriticalUKdata centres
  11. 11. MissionCriticalUSAdata centres
  12. 12. MissionCriticalsite selectiondata centres
  13. 13. MissionCriticalplanningdata centres
  14. 14. MissionCriticaldesigndata centres
  15. 15. MissionCriticalfrom tier I to tier IVdata centres
  16. 16. MissionCriticalenergy performance
  17. 17. MissionCriticalLEED platinumfirst UK data centre to achieve