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Your life is unique - reflect on this


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Did you know your life is unique to you. This article from Richard Butler allows you to reflect on this and take into account that you are a unique individual

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Your life is unique - reflect on this

  1. 1. I am fortunate to have my unique life.When I look around me and reflect on everything Ihave in my life, I feel truly grateful.I am fortunate because I do work that I love to do, Ihave people nearby who love me, and my home iscomfortable and embracing when I step in the door.My life has its ups and downs, just like anyoneelse’s. At times, my life’s pace is hectic and chaotic.Other times, it is easygoing and serene. Whicheverthe case, I accept it all with open arms.As I look around me, it is apparent that the lives ofothers are different from mine in many ways. Imight occasionally think that I would like to haveanother person’s existence rather than my own.However, that thought is fleeting because Irecognize the blessings unique to my own life.My gratitude for all that I possess and experienceis deep and wide. Feeling thankful is such anawesome and comfort-filled emotion. I am glad tobe alive.Today, I take note of all that I am thankful for. Irealize the abundance I have all around me and I amgrateful. Knowing why I feel so fortunate compelsme to live a blessed and enriched life.Self-Reflection Questions:1. Do I feel fortunate to live the life I live?What am I thankful for in my life?2. If I wanted to make some changes to myexistence to feel more thankful, whatwould I alter?3. How can I consistently take notice of thegood fortune that has come to me?Find out more atwww.RichardButlerTheSuccessCoach.comYOUR LIFE IS UNIQUE1