The reality of goal setting


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Learn why goal setting may not have worked for you.

No hyped up pseudo Guru preaching, just down to earth to the point information, when you need in bite sized chunks.

Enjoy and share!

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The reality of goal setting

  1. 1. WHATS IT ALL ABOUT? Your Guide to Explaining Life Richard Butler is a qualified life and business and practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming. He has been helping individuals and companies define what they want to achieve and devise roadmaps for getting from A to B. He is a strong believer in the common sense approach to life. Dont over complicate matters that dont need to be so complicated. Living in Barcelona, Richard continues to help people as well as write poetry and novels. Richard is available to help you or your organisation. Feel free to get in touch Richard ButlerTHE REALITY OF GOALSETTINGDoes it actually work?Richard Butler offers practical, print out and give to your Life and Business Coachmeaningful, down to earth friends. RichardButlerTheSuccessCoachadvice on life and how to get Barcelonathe most out of it. 08790 Spain Phone: +3531442 9769No guru nonsense, just straight Office: +1-561 623-9569talking advice on self info@richardbutlerthesuccesscoach.comdevelopment issues. In this http://RichardButlerTheSuccessCoach.comissue of the newsletter I am @successcoachlooking at goal setting andhow it works and whysometimes it does not work.I provide you with some of mybest tips for goal setting. Enjoyand please share on facebook, WHATS IT ALL ABOUT? Brought to you by: Richard Butler +3531442 9769 Volume 3
  2. 2. THE REALITY OF GOAL SETTINGTHE REALITY OF GOAL SETTINGThe reality of Goal SettingDoes goal setting work?This is a question I am often asked. People hear about goal setting, they try it, sometimes theyhave success but most of the time they don’t have that much success and feel worse off thenbefore they start.You see when a person tries to achieve something and fails, they then get the feeling that it wasnot worth it, in fact it just shows they can’t succeed. So they don’t set any more goals. After allwhy set yourself up for failure….Why does goal setting fail?I’m not going to give you any long winded explanation I will get straight to the point. Peopledon’t know how to set goals correctly. There’s so much disinformation out there. Everywhere youlook someone has different advice.If you don’t set your goals properly then straight away you are setting yourself up for failure. Ihate to be honest here and blunt but that’s the truth.How to set better goalsI won’t say this is the definitive way to set goals as it depends on you and your personal Know what you want – clearly define what you want as your goal It’s your goal – it’s no one elses goal, so if you want to make 10k more or 100k more that’s ok Be realistic – if you are unfit and say that you want to run the marathon in a week then that’s not that realistic! Have milestones – set up a milestone so that you can work towards your goals in smaller chunks. Reward yourself when you get to each milestone Overcome set backs – there will always be set backs, things will always go wrong. That’s ok RICHARD BUTLER, RICHARDBUTLERTHESUCCESSCOACH +3531442 9769 - - 2
  3. 3. THE REALITY OF GOAL SETTING just push yourself to overcome these set backs. Don’t give up – sometimes you may not reach the intended goal, however learn from the journey you take That’s it, short, simple and to the point. But it works! Finally…. Set lots of little goals, as nothing makes you more successful than success itself. The more success you have the better you feel which makes you want more success… it’s the opposite of a vicious circle! RICHARD BUTLER, RICHARDBUTLERTHESUCCESSCOACH +3531442 9769 - - 3Powered by TCPDF (