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Considering investing in Simple traffic solutions, seriously don't consider it, just do it. But read my review first to make sure you know what you are getting.

Simple traffic solutions should be called super traffic solutions lol it's that good

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simple-traffic-solutions Richard

  1. 1. SIMPLE TRAFFICSOLUTIONSThe Ultimate reviewRICHARD BUTLERLife & Business 9769richardbutler.lifecoach@gmail.com
  2. 2. Simple Traffic Solutions ReviewBefore I begin to review simple traffic solutions I want to tell you the numberone reason why people fail online.It’s really quite simple. The number one reason is not:• Lack of content• Lack of knowledge• Lack of focus• Or any other things you can think ofThe number one reason why people fail is because they don’t have enoughtraffic going to their websites.Do you remember the movie Field of Dreams? There was a line in it, build it andthey will come. This is what we were told when the internet started out. Build awebsite and you will have access to a global audience. This will open up yourmarket.Read enough?Take a good look at simple traffic solutions hereSIMPLE TRAFFIC SOLUTIONS2
  3. 3. Well it’s not quite true. What you need to succeed online is traffic, plain andsimple. You need to have a constant feed of traffic coming to your site in orderfor you to make sales. You might have the best website, the best sales letter,even the best product. However without traffic you won’t make any sales.What’s the solution?Simple, learn from someone who knows about traffic. Introducing JohnThornhill. John is probably the most decent, down to earth marketer you willfind. He’s a north of England bloke, ex factory worker, who decided to make achange.Now I know John won’t mind me saying this but he’s an ordinary bloke, nomagic skills, yet he’s made over a million dollars in sales since he started online.Yes there are others who were already successful business people and then wentonline and made money, but not John, he learned at the university of hardknocks! And he went on to build a mini empire. He does not worry about trafficand let me tell you one thing, he readily admits that he knows nothing aboutSEO, shock horror!Ready to see more?Check out the full site hereSimple Traffic SolutionsJohn’s course, is what it says, it’s simple traffic solutions that can drive insaneamounts of traffic to your site.It’s not blackhat (ie illegal), not some quick google loophole (which will beclosed as quick as it’s discovered), it’s not overnight success either.John lists out around 14 plus ways to drive traffic to your siteSIMPLE TRAFFIC SOLUTIONS3
  4. 4. Logging into Simple traffic solutionmembership siteWhen you log in you are presented with an easy to navigate, clean user interface.As you can see at the top there’s a menu giving you access to everything youneed.So let’s start off with the PDFsYou get the Simple traffic solutions ebook. I guess this is the core of the product.And then you get worksheets for each module.These worksheets guide you through the whole process of the traffic source youwill be using. It’s step by step so you can’t go wrong!SIMPLE TRAFFIC SOLUTIONS4
  5. 5. Get the full scoop on simple traffic solutions hereThen there’s the mindmaps – they are an amazing resource but I won’t tell youabout them yet!So let’s move onto the most important part!The simple traffic solution videosAs you can see there are three video sectionsThe first section or phase is the theory training. This is where John talks to youabout each traffic method. He explains it in enough detail without any fluff.Side note– that’s what I love there’s no bull or fluff here. He just provides theinfo you need in a plain and simple manner.There’s about 14 plus traffic methods explained in short 5 to 11 minute videos.Personally I recommend you do the theory training firstNext we have phase 2 that looks at the practical training. This is where Johnactually shows you how to use each and every method. This is fantastic becauserather than overload you with information on what the method is and then howyou use it, John breaks it down nicely for you.SIMPLE TRAFFIC SOLUTIONS5
  6. 6. Download simple traffic solutionsHere’s a sample of what the videos look like:Now as you can see, within Simple Traffic Solutions John has provided a rangeof media formats for you. To watch online, download to your computer, ipad,iphone, ipod and even the pdf. Of course you can also watch these on your tablettoo!This to me provides tremendous value.Then there’s the advanced training. This shows you more advanced techniquesfor building your blog.SIMPLE TRAFFIC SOLUTIONS6
  7. 7. Is simple traffic solutions worth it?I have to say it is yes. You have a huge number of videos, pdf transcripts, and somuch more. And what is important to me is John is so honest, and genuine.At the price $4,95 it feels like you’re stealing from John. Yes that’s four dollars,ninety five cents. Even at $49 this would be well worth the moneyWhy do I like it so much? Because it’s short, to the point, no bullshit, no fluffinformationMy recommendation is to pick up simple traffic solutions nowSIMPLE TRAFFIC SOLUTIONS7