Simple Traffic Solutions Review


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John Thornhill's Simple Traffic Solutions tested and reviewed. Find out if this product is worth it's price or is John talking bull!

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Simple Traffic Solutions Review

  2. 2. Review and walkthrough of Simple Traffic Solutions by John ThornhillBy Richard ButlerIntroductionThis report will give an honest and detailed walk thru and review ofJohn’s Simple Traffic Solutions programHow do I get traffic to my website?It’s a question everyone asks and one that I have asked and been askedtime and time again. Without traffic it is difficult to?Build a listSIMPLE TRAFFICSOLUTIONS REVIEW2
  3. 3. Make moneyGet knownTraffic is the live blood of any website, but herein lies the problem. Howdo you generate traffic, and most importantly how can you do it withoutspending lots of money!Two methods for generating trafficThere’s two broad ways of generating traffic.FreePaidPaid assumes you have money. This is how some of the “gurus” do it.They tell you hat they are making $x per month and it’s so easy. Howeverwhat they don’t tell you is to make, let’s say $50k a month they arespending $40k a month buying traffic to send to the page.I can tell you that’s not the type of money I have!So then there is free traffic. This is what John Thornhill’s Simple TrafficSolutions course focuses on. How to get free traffic and lots of it! Ofcourse with free traffic you have to do some work but in the long run itcan work out better.So what exactly do you get in SimpleTraffic Solutions and is it worth it?You get video and audio training that is second to none. I really meanthat. John gives you the A to W of traffic generation (it only goes as far asW as there are no X, Y, Z ways to drive traffic!3
  4. 4. When you log in you are presented with the following dashboard:As you can see it’s simple and clean.So our first port of call is the PDFs section:As you can see John has provided you with three essentials, a mindmap,the eBook if you prefer to read and the worksheets4
  5. 5. Next we have the video menu:As you can see John has divided this up into three sections:Theory – this is where he explains each traffic method in short 5 minutevideosPractical – this is where John shows a pratical example of each trafficmethodAdvanced – this is where John gives some advanced strategies on success,building a blog and more!Looking at the video section you see John has laid everything out reallywell:5
  6. 6. He has ensured that he has covered all aspects. Maybe you want to watchthe video online, or perhaps you want to download it, but what device willyou use to play it back?No problems John has it covered for each and every type of device. Thisis true genius as it means you can listen or watch the whole course on thego!Each video is short 3 to 10 minutes long where John explains thetechnique in a no fluff manner. This is not the type of course that othersput out where they give you one hour long, boring videos. It’s the meat ofthe technique and any power tips John has to share.6
  7. 7. Then there’s the Facebook group – which provides you a contact pointwith all other members of the group. This allows you to interact, askquestions and get your answers fast.The VerdictThe truth is I can’t fault John’s Simple Traffic Solutions. It iscomprehensive, easy to understand, available in numerous formats andgreat value for money.John has priced this at $4,95 (price correct at time of productionMay2013). At this price it’s a steal. Why such a low price you may ask?It’s a good question and many would say at that price it can’t be anygood. To be honest, John is an ethical and honest marketer. He wants tomake you happy and get you on the road to success. Sure he may try tosell you a membership program (again at a good price) but you don’t haveto accept it.My overall rating is 5 out of 5 for this productCheck out the full information about Simple Traffic SolutionsTo your successRichard Butler7
  8. 8.