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The June edition of my newsletter looks at getting ready for summer and losing weight in a health way.

I´ve provided you with some useful hints and tips and even the secret to losing weight that so many people miss!

At the end of my newsletter you will find useful resources and links.

Each month I publish a new newsletter with information you can really use

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Richard butler-coaching-reach-your-potential[1]

  1. 1. REACH YOUR POTENTIAL You Can Succeed Richard Butler Life and Business Coach Richard Butler Coaching Barcelona 08790 Spain Phone: +3531442 9769 Office: +1-561 623-9569 www.RichardButlerTheSuccessCoach.comREACH YOUR POTENTIAL @successcoachYou Can And Will AchieveEveryone has an unlimited outdoors, but for many it´s aamount of untapped potential, terrible time of the year. Afraidbut too many people don´t to show too much flesh. Afraidrealise this. They believe they of going to the beach.can´t succeed and just accept itas a fact without questioning if However I believe you can dropit is true or not. a stone within a few weeks, ifThis newsletter is designed to you really want to.bring you articles, tips and Richard Butler is an international life and businessstories to motivate you to reach So in this months edition I talk coach, who helped clients from all walks of life and from many different countries, succeed when theyyour full potential. about healthy eating and show though they could not. Using a combination ofEach and every month I promise you some resources that you coaching techniques and Neuro Linguisticto bring you the best ideas and might find useful in order to get Programming Richard has the power to enable youstrategies to help you succeed. into better shape for the to succeed. coming months, and perhapsThis months edition focuses on your up and coming holiday. Richard has spoken internationally and beWeight Loss and get ready for I believe you can succeed but interviewed a number of times on the subject ofsummer. It´s a time of the year do you believe it? achieving goals and succeeding in life.that should be fun and spent Reach Your Potential Brought to you by: Richard Butler +3531442 9769 June 2012
  2. 2. REACH YOUR POTENTIALGET THE BODY YOU WANT ANDEAT BETTERIn this edition I am going to And I was not happy. The t-shirts were a little tighter, the shorts as well. Where it really showed was on my face. I saw a picture the Talk about my situation other day from a few years ago, and I looked Reveal the secret to weight loss (it´s not that older then (3 years ago) than I do now! difficult) Provide you with some tips and resources to help you regain your figure The secret revealedIt´s summer time, a time to enjoy the great Do you want to know the secret? Well lots ofweather, lovely salads, be out doors and get a diet companies don´t want you to know. Theytan. However for many this is the hardest part pretend to tell you but they don´t.of the year. Why? Because they have to shedthe clothes of winter and expose their bodies. Can you handle the truth? Are you sure you can?My situation Ok here goes. The secret to losing weight is the following:Before I go any further let me tell you aboutme. Over the last few years I “forgot” to take Eat less, exercise more!care of myself. I ate as I wished, drank as Iwished, and generally did not stop to think That´s it. You have to be burning any extraabout what I was doing. It wasn´t until one calories you take in above what is normal. Forday I saw a photo of myself and said enough is example, 1940 calories per day isenough. recommended for women and 2550 for men. If you are taking in more than this and notSo I tried to lose weight. I tried this diet, the exercising you are going to put on weight.other diet and the next one. The majorproblem was I was not losing weight of it I was I The one thing I have found is that people don´twas putting it on as quick as I lost it. I guess know what that calorie intake looks likethis is the yo yo dieting they talk about. You go foodwise. And they think they are eatingdown, you go up, then you go down a little and good foods when they are not. Unfortunetlyup a little. not all foods are created equally! For example even though two foods may have the sameIt was only when the summer came that I amount of calories some may have more fatrealised that I was overweight. Now I was not than others. Different types of the same foodobese or anything but overweight for sure. RICHARD BUTLER, RICHARD BUTLER COACHING +3531442 9769 - - 2
  3. 3. REACH YOUR POTENTIALvan be better for you. For example vegetable register the food. The slower you eat you willoil is very bad for you while olive oil is not. find the less you eat as your body will give you a single that it is full when it is.Where so many people fall down is that theyeat too much of the wrong things. For When you eat quickly what happens? You eatexample the traditional takeaway every so much your body does not have time toFriday. Loaded with calories and bad “things”. process it and then you over eat and get aIf you do no exercise that takeaway turns into tummy ache!fat. I think we live too much in fast foodculture. We don´t eat enough fresh produce, Exerciselike fruit, fresh meat etc. Anything that hasbeen processed is usually bad for you. Look in You have to exercise. This does not mean thatthe supermarket there´s so much processed you have to climb mountains, run on thefood! Processed cheese, ready cooked meals, threadmill for 5 hours, and then do another 2crisps, sweets, etc. It´s all bad to a certain hours of weights. Every little bit of exerciseextent. helps.You see you can still have treats but you need I remember watching a program aboutto realise that you can´t have treats every single overweight people. In order to go to theday. You need to know what is bad and what takeaway which was a 5 minute walk, they tookis good food. One challenge I have is with the car. It took them longer and they had to getbread and chips. I love them, but I can eat too parking, but it was “easier” for them.much of them. So I try to cut out bread. Inmany countries if you get a sandwich you Start off exercising slowly. For example a 10either but mayo on it or butter (you´re loading minute walk every day and then build it upup the calories there before you put fillings slowly. Take it one step at a time. Soon youon!). Here in Barcelona they don´t use either. will find you are walking for 30 minutes, 40They rub a tomato on the bread and drizzle it minutes then an hour.with olive oil. It´s amazing taste and better foryou. Try to find ways of walking more. For example take the stairs rather than the lift or theWhat about portion sizes? Many people might escalator. All these litter differences make theeat quite healthy but they eat too much. If put a big plate in front of someone theyfeel obliged to finish it. So here´s a great tip. You don´t need to join a gym, all you need is toStart severing your food on smaller plates. start to exercise.Another tip is to put your knife and fork downbetween bites. I can be bad for this. I used toshovel the food into me, rather than chew and Word of warningenjoy. You need to give your body time to RICHARD BUTLER, RICHARD BUTLER COACHING +3531442 9769 - - 3
  4. 4. REACH YOUR POTENTIAL Don´t be tempted by these weird diets that Workout finishers – some great exercises to promise you rapid weight loss. Yes they can finish you work out. Includes a 4 week work but they are unnatural. If you starve program. Come on you need to push yourself yourself of food when you stop the diet your just that little bit more!! body will crave it. So for example if you do a cabbage soup diet do you really think it is that healthy? Were are bodies made to just live on cabbage soup? Nope for they sure they were not! Resources I have a number of resources here to some exercise courses and diet books that I think might be useful for you to look at. Let me know what you think and until next month, stay positive and be healthy! For the gals and they guys The model body – yeah it´s a name that might frighten you off but it is a sensible diet, backed up by 20 years of research. It includes some exercise ideas that don´t require you going to the gym. Remember you need to eat well and exercise. I think this one covers both! Burn fat – remember this is what we need to do initially burn off the fat and then tone up. Lots of useful information here Kettle Bell Exercise – extremely popular exercise program that trains more muscles than any exercise. Very very good information contained here Metabolic food – excellent resource on metabolic foods that can help burn the fat and at the same time are not boring!! RICHARD BUTLER, RICHARD BUTLER COACHING +3531442 9769 - - 4Powered by TCPDF (