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WHATS IT ALL ABOUT?                                  Your Guide to Explaining Life                                        ...
LOOKING FORWARDLOOKING FORWARD, NEVER BACKTo often in life we look back rather than forward.We tend to look at what has ha...
LOOKING FORWARD                                   3) Life happens - realise that life happens and sometimes you face roadb...
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Looking Forward - Not Backwards


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Do you drive your car looking in the rear view mirror?

Of course not but are you driving your life in this manner?

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Looking Forward - Not Backwards

  1. 1. WHATS IT ALL ABOUT? Your Guide to Explaining Life Richard Butler Life and Business Coach RichardButlerTheSuccessCoach Barcelona 08790 SpainLOOKING FORWARD Phone: +3531442 9769 Office: +1-561 623-9569Never Back info@richardbutlerthesuccesscoach.comRichards weekly newsletters friends and family. Also if you like http://RichardButlerTheSuccessCoach.comprovide, insider tips on how to it please post a link to it on your @successcoachlive a full and enriching life. facebook page.A strong believer that life does To your greater and highernot have to be more complicated successthan it actually is. You have tolive life on your terms but knowthe rules and laws of life.Richard does not claim to be aguru, or an expert or anything Richard Butler is a qualified life and business and practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming. He haslike that. He just knows what been helping individuals and companies define whatworks for him and others that he they want to achieve and devise roadmaps for getting from A to B.has helped and wants to share He is a strong believer in the common sense approach tothis knowledge. life. Dont over complicate matters that dont need to be so complicated.You are encouraged to download Living in Barcelona, Richard continues to help people as well as write poetry and novels. Richard is available toand share this newsletter with help you or your organisation. Feel free to get in touch Whats it all about? Brought to you by: Richard Butler Vol 2 +3531442 9769
  2. 2. LOOKING FORWARDLOOKING FORWARD, NEVER BACKTo often in life we look back rather than forward.We tend to look at what has happened and dwell on it rather than looking to the future andlearning from the past. One analogy I like is the fact that when driving a car we would never dreamof not looking forward but rather driving and looking in the rear view mirror. It would not makesense, yet so many people do this in their life.Why do we do this?It would seem that as human most of us are hard wired to dwell on past events. From an early agewe are told to "think about what you have done", I know I was told to do this when I was given outto. We are instructing people to dwell on the past on what we did wrong. Now I am not sayingthat this is a bad thing, just we should not dwell on bad things. Yes we must learn from what hasgone on in our past, but in my opinion never dwell on the negative.Looking ForwardThink about those words. Looking forward, we always like to have something to look forward to.We never say I am so looking back to this event. Yup makes no sense. We look forward. So do thisin life. Let me tell you an example of this. I am currently learning to swim, and when i am paddlingdown the pool on my floats, I look forward, not back to where i was, or down I look forward. I keepmy eyes focused on the goal that is the end of the pool. When I take my eyes of the goal I getnervous.Top Tips for Moving Forward1) Make out a goal - a goal will keep you focused, it gives you something to aim for, something toreach, something to look forward to2) Admit that youve made mistakes - admit that you have made mistakes and dont dwell onthem. Learn from the mistake and move on RICHARD BUTLER, RICHARDBUTLERTHESUCCESSCOACH +3531442 9769 - - 2
  3. 3. LOOKING FORWARD 3) Life happens - realise that life happens and sometimes you face roadblocks, again dont dwell on it, be ready for these roadblocks and learn to deal with them 4) Others wont agree with you - sometimes you have a great idea and others will knock it. This does not mean its a good idea, just that people will always be negative. 5) Find like minded people - start moving in more positive cirlces, join a mailing list, a forum, mix with positve people to help you be more positive 6) Cut out negativity - cut out sources of negative information, including, TV, newspapers and even negative people! Finally Realise that anything and everything is possible with the right attitude. Focus on what you want and make it your business to get it. Dont take no for an answer! RICHARD BUTLER, RICHARDBUTLERTHESUCCESSCOACH +3531442 9769 - - 3Powered by TCPDF (