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Increasing my self confidence


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A reflection to help you increase your self confidence

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Increasing my self confidence

  1. 1. My self-confidence is increasing Today and everyday, I choose to believe inAs I become wiser each day my self myself, I now have changed the way I look atconfidence is increasing. Everyday I am myself, and this helps me to strengthen mylearning that I am intelligent and valuable. confidence.Those in my past and others may saynegative things about me and my abilities, Self-Reflection Questions:however I ignore these negative words. Byputting my past aside, I can look at my 1. Who are my positive friends?present with objectivity. 2. How can I train my inner voice to speak positively?I am erasing the negative thoughts of my 3. Why is it important to protect my earspast. I have become a new creation who is from negativity?loved and wanted. I have talents and giftswithin me that make me an asset to the This document is provided free of chargeworld. by Richard Butler. Learn more about Focus and MotivationAs I focus on the gifts that I can contribute, I Self Development Courses onlinefeel proud of myself. I reject any thoughtsthat make me compare myself with others. Iknow that comparison only causes stress andpain. Instead, I now look for things to bethankful for.The only way to help me boost my self-confidence is to surround myself withpeople who love me and speak positively.Negative people only bring self-doubt andbring me down. To protect my mind and myself confidence I stay away from negativepeople.I am learning to ignore the negativity aroundme. I shut out the inner voice in my headthat may tell me I am not good enoughbecause I know I am more than goodenough. My self-confidence is constantlyincreasing. It increases further when Irecognize that my life is unique and I amworth far more than anything money couldbuy.© Richard Butler 2011 –