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I am bursting with self-confidence.                                                   destined to become. Today, I make th...
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I am self confident


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learn how to reflect on your own self confidence and become more confident

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I am self confident

  1. 1. I am bursting with self-confidence. destined to become. Today, I make theI have a clear understanding of how I am choice to move in a positive direction.thus Self-confidence overflows in me. I knowI have a purpose and every day I am here to Self-Reflection Questions:fulfill it. 1. How can I separate my value from myI listen to the opinions of others but I live by performance?my values. I always remain true to my 2. How do I react to my own failures?believes and am therefore happy with 3. What new talent have I wanted tomyself. pursue?Having self-confidence is about loving This document is provided free of charge bymyself, both when I succeed and also when Richard Butler. Learn more aboutI stumble.. I am always proud of myself as Focus and Motivationlong as I know I have done my best. Self Development Courses onlineI understand the difference between myvalues and my performance because we allhave days when we disappoint ourselves.However days like those make me stronger,because I choose to learn from anything thatmight not go quite the way I wish. I alwaystry again.I burst with self-confidence because myinner voice is filled with love. My inner voiceis over flowing with words of affirmation. Ifand when I fail, I always boost my self-confidence by remembering my strengthsand the lessons I am learning in the process.I pursue new interests with passion as Iunconver new talents within myself. I havean overflowing self confidence fountainwhich helps me overcome the fear of failure.Today, I choose to love myself by separatingmy value from my performance. I look deepinside myself and see the person I am© Richard Butler 2011 –