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Do you want to get more of what you want?Do you want greater success?
More abundance?

Follow these tips to help you get more from the law of attraction and the universe

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  1. 1. TOP LIFE TIPS Helping you achieve more Richard Butler Life and Business Coach RichardButlerTheSuccessCoachPhone: +3531442 9769 BarcelonaOffice: +1-561 623-9569 08790 Spaininfo@richardbutlerthesuccesscoach.com @successcoachHOW TO GET MORE OF WHATYOU WANTTips for more abundanceIt is your right to live the best you want more from life. Youlife you can, in fact if you don´t know that you deserve more. Iyou are cheating yourself. commend you for that. Richard Butler is an international life and business coach,Too many people I have met These newsletters will help you who´s sole aim is to help you get more from your life.accept the average as it´s the get even more from life. Feel Richard has coached and spoken to hundreds of peopleeasy route, the don´t push free to download my free nlp on how to achieve more success in their lifes. Success is asthemselves at all. The think if ebook from my website individual as a fingerprint. No two people have the samethe accept the average they definition of success, therefore Richard looks at each individual and helps them define success on their termswon´t fail. If they don´t fail they (making sure that they are pushing their limits a little bit!)feel better as they don´t feellike a failure, so they plod along This newsletter aims at helping you succeed more andwith an average or below introducing you to new and useful tips to get more from life.average life.However you´re not like that.You are reading this because Top Life Tips Brought to you by: Richard Butler +3531442 9769 Vol 1
  2. 2. HOW TO GET MORE OF WHAT YOU WANT RICHARD BUTLER7 WAYS TO INVITE ABUNDANCEINTO YOUR LIFE7 Ways to Invite Abundance into Your Life Whether you pass along magazines you’ve already looked at or clothing that no longerYou’ve probably noticed that some people you fits, spread some of the abundance you haveknow seem to have more positivity in their lives already. When you give to others, yourthan others. They overflow with goodness and heart opens up and good things can moreabundance. Looking at them, you find yourself easily make their way into your life.wondering, “What’s their secret? They havesuch a great life. I want my life to be better, 4. Find a place for possessions that aretoo.” important to you. Provide each of your cherished items with a “home” within yourYou might have thought the people who seem home. When you take care of what youto have so much spiritually, physically, and have, you’re acknowledging and showingemotionally are just lucky. Good things just respect for the abundance that’s already inhappen to them. However, great things can your life.happen to you, too, and there are specific 5. Use what you have. Take advantage of theactions you can take to attract positivity and items you’ve collected over the years. Youinvite more prosperity into your own life! obviously see them as having value, so why not put them to good use? You’ll feel moreTry these strategies to usher greater positive about life and will get in touch withabundance into your life: the abundance you already have when you make use of your possessions the way they1. Get organized. When you keep all the were meant to be used. things you own in order, everyday living is easier and less stressful. There’s a place for 6. Stop mindless purchases. Make a vow to everything and everything is in its place. This avoid compulsively buying the next new leaves room in your life for abundance. gadget. If you always want the latest item on the market, look inside yourself and see2. Throw out old stuff. If you don’t use it what that’s all about. Also, remind yourself anymore, get rid of it. Clear out clothing, of all the “stuff” you’ve accumulated that appliances, gadgets, and anything else you you don’t use. After all, they were at one no longer need. Things that are old, broken, time the next new thing. or unable to be cleaned up properly are just Take some time to figure out how you taking up space you could use for feel whenever you want to buy another something that has more value to you. new item. Recognize that you’ll hamper your efforts to invite abundance into your3. Give away some of your possessions. RICHARD BUTLER, RICHARDBUTLERTHESUCCESSCOACH +3531442 9769 - - 2
  3. 3. HOW TO GET MORE OF WHAT YOU WANT RICHARD BUTLER life if you keep spending money frivolously on random stuff. 7. Ask yourself what you need in your life right now. Learn to distinguish between “wants” and “needs.” If you do, you’ll find it actually takes very little to live a good life with purpose and abundance. As you learn to determine when you actually need something, you’ll experience more confidence in your own abilities to usher in abundance. You may be surprised to learn that in order to invite abundance into your life, you can follow some fairly simple steps. There’s no magic secret to happiness. Anyone can cultivate it. As you begin to truly cherish your possessions and take care of your home, you’ll find yourself loving your world and your circumstances more than ever. Your mind will be in tune with abundance and attract more of the same. You’ll begin living the abundant life you always dreamed of! Resources Harness the power of the universe course – worth checking out if you want to attract more abundance My free NLP ebook RICHARD BUTLER, RICHARDBUTLERTHESUCCESSCOACH +3531442 9769 - - 3Powered by TCPDF (