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Having Your First Website
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Having Your First Website


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Here are several ways on how you could have your own this!

Published in: Technology, Design
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Having Your First Website

  1. 1. Having Your First Website ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HAVING YOUR FIRST WEBSITE Ok the time has come to build your first website, or should I say to put up a website. The first question is who builds it for you? You have a number of options: Do it yourself - can be time consuming, you have to learn to either write HTML or learn to use a web design package Hire Someone to do it - you could hire someone to build it for you. Prices can range from very little, to thousands and upwards Hire a webmaster - this person will build your site and look after everything for you. The decision is up to you. However ask yourself the following questions: Do I have the time to learn how to do it myself? How much can I afford to pay someone else? Can I afford to have a person keep my site up to date? One solution to look at would be to get someone to create the website for you and then learn how to make simple updates and changes. This means you can then look after all the updates without having to pay someone to do it. Content Management Systems can be good for this (CMS). Basically the site is designed and then you can make changes very easily to the site using an online web based editing program. We'll discuss these in more detail. Remember you want your site to look professional and portray a good image of your company. Rich Butler specialises in creating websites for practitioners in the complimentary and alternative health areas. As a certified life and business coach and Practitioner of Reiki, Rich knows what you need. Rich provides full training to show you how easy it is to put up, modify and market your website Contact him at ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (C) Richard Butler