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how to repair fading relationships, be they friendships, loved ones or business

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41 lessons-repair-fading-relationships

  1. 1. MOTIVATIONAL REPORTRenew Fading Friendships(if you need more lessons visit the links below:41 lessons in lifeFree Motivational Report)A function of maturing and making your way through life is thatyou’ll occasionally leave behind someone you really care about. Itmight be your best friend from high school, your old neighborhoodbuddy, a college dorm roommate, or even a past co-worker youconnected with.Over time, you may find yourself yearning for another conversation,a lunch out or evening spent with a long-lost friend. But after somuch time has passed, how can you renew fading friendshipsbefore they disappear completely? 1
  2. 2. Consider these suggestions to re-connect with a friend from yourpast: 1. Give your friend a call. You might freeze up at the thought of calling because, after all, it has been so long. However, the only way of renewing your friendship is to make contact. Just do it. • Tell her you’ve missed her. Mention you’ve been thinking about the fun you had shopping and playing tennis together and that you want to maintain your friendship. Listen to how she feels about the relationship. Inquire about what’s going on in her life. 1. Persevere. If you don’t have your friend’s telephone number, call his parents or drive by the last residence where he lived. Knock on the door and inquire of the residents if they know what happened to him. Contact a mutual friend and ask where your old friend is living now or how you might get in contact. 2. Set up a rotating commitment. Once you contact your friend and discover he wants to continue your friendship, suggest the two of you get together on an ongoing basis to keep your relationship going. • For example, meet for dinner every other Wednesday evening. Get together one Saturday a month for lunch. A standing appointment keeps you both looking forward to spending time with one another. 1. Be willing to make the extra effort. If your friend lives 90 minutes away by car, when you call, say you’d love to drive over and spend some time with him. Show you’re willing to do what’s necessary to see your friend occasionally. Hopefully, your friend will eventually be willing to drive over to see you as well. 2
  3. 3. 2. Write a letter and send it by snail mail. A hand-written letter shows you put some time and thought into what you wanted to say. Plus, your friend will have a tangible representation of your attempt to contact him, which means he’ll notice your efforts to get in touch. • This method is particularly helpful when you don’t have the person’s telephone or cell numbers. • Send a letter every other month for 6 months or so and include all your contact information, such as your cell phone number, home phone number, e-mail address, and home address. Doing so will make it easier for your friend to contact you using whatever method he prefers. 1. Once you’ve established initial contact, use technology to stay connected. Find out from your friend if he uses e-mail and texting. If so, send him an e-mail every few days. If your friend prefers a quick text, use texting to stay in touch. 2. Consider Facebook. After you’ve made your initial contact, find out if your friend is on Facebook. If so, “friend” him and use Facebook to keep in touch.It’s a great feeling to discover an old friend wants to renew yourrelationship. Go ahead and be the one who takes the first steps torekindle an old friendship. Use these methods to re-connect withthat wonderful friend from your past.Great resources 3
  4. 4. 41 lessons in lifeFree Motivational Report 4