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how to live with more confidence. By doing this you will have more success. Visit http://www.DiaryOfSuccess.com

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41 lessons-live.with-confidence-3

  1. 1. MOTIVATIONAL REPORT Live With Confidence Using To-Do Lists (if you need more lessons visit the links below: 41 lessons in life Free Motivational Report) As a new year approaches, youre likely reflecting on how to live a better life. Whether you seek convenience, effectiveness, or success with goals, consider using To-Do lists. Even if you have a great memory, your mind can always use a little help holding onto everything you need to do. If you use To-Do lists, youll feel confident that nothing will fall through the cracks. Also, not trying to recall every single thing will help reduce your stress. 1
  2. 2. Putting things down on paper means you dont have to expend yourprecious energy trying to recall scads of small details and tasks todo. Instead, you can confidently accomplish projects and daily goalswith minimal effort. This way, you save your energy for the bigthings, the ones that really matter.Over time, as you use To-Do lists for daily accomplishments, youllnotice a boost in your confidence. It makes sense that if you achievemore in a day, youll feel better about yourself.Try this simple, effective system: 1. Buy a spiral notebook. Write "To-Do List" on the front of it in big letters. Utilize this notebook only for this purpose. • Get the size of notebook that will be most convenient for you. If you like a full size 8 ½ x 11 inch notebook, go for it! If you prefer one that fits in a purse, thats good, too. 1. Make a commitment to yourself. Always use your notebook as your To-Do list. Avoid writing your lists on scraps of paper here and there. Put your name on the notebook. • Your To-Do list is your key to experiencing more success in everything you do. Nothing builds confidence like knowing 2
  3. 3. youll eventually achieve every single goal. All youve got to do is write down tasks to be completed and goals to be met. Then do them! 1. Start using your To-Do list today. Open the notebook and on the first page, start listing all the tasks you want to complete. Dont worry about big projects versus small tasks. It doesnt matter how many pages it takes to think of every project/task/ errand you want to finish. 2. Celebrate completing tasks. When you finish a task, cross it off the list. • As you learn to depend on your To-Do list, youll find you worry less about whether youll complete tasks. Your confidence will grow as you learn that when its on the list, itll get done. Plus, putting a line through completed tasks will build feelings of success. 1. Tear out old pages. Eventually, youll start to have pages where every task has been completed and crossed out. • Its an amazing feeling to realize youre getting things done every single day. Sure, some days youll get more done than other days, but still, youre doing something to be proud of. Who wouldve thought youd feel so confident, just tearing out a page from a spiral notebook?A simple to-do list will bolster your confidence in many differentways. Youll be proud that you planned ahead and followed through 3
  4. 4. with your tasks. Plus, finishing each job and getting rid of a wholepage of completed tasks will boost your confidence enormously.Writing down what you want to accomplish in a day can be anintegral part of an organized, effective and self-assured life. Startliving today and every day with more optimism and confidence bymaking use of To-Do lists.Great resources41 lessons in lifeFree Motivational Report 4