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reviews of Richard Butler´s 41 lessons in life, a book that helps you discover why life is the way it is, from his own person perspective. Visit now on amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008XIGP3M

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41 lessons-in-life

  1. 1. MOTIVATIONAL REPORT Reviews of 41 Lessons in Life http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008XIGP3MRichard Butler is a man who is travelling through life literally andfiguratively. This 40ish year old man shares his thoughts on life,love, perspective, goals and a variety of things that a personreflecting on their life may ponder.Richards book, Lessons In Life, is a whimsical reflection on thelessons hes learned in life. He shares them in a “cafe stylesetting.” As you read the book, you feel like youre sitting with himin the myriad of cafes all over the world where he writes his bookfrom. 1
  2. 2. This chronical could have been written by anyone reflecting ontheir life, but Richards life is unique in some ways and the sameas many in others. The book is a nice light read. When youreready to relax and let your mind wander with an interesting tourguide, pick it up and let Richard guide you through life from hispeaceful perspective. Terry Telford, Entrepeneur, Speaker, MarketerRichard Butler has written a thoughtful guide based on the richstories of his life experiences. He shares his life lessons in a waythat makes you feel as though you are traveling with him fromairports to cafes and enjoying a cup of coffee as you go along.Simple life lessons and good reminders for anyone who wants tolive a thoughtful life on purpose. Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed., Best-Selling Author of 21 Ways to Make Money Speaking and Kill the Elevator Speech: Stop Selling. Start Connecting.I loved reading Richards Book! it is a light and bright way ofseeing life, it includes beautiful lessons that all of us canacknowledge and also it has all the lightness of someone whocares for others and is patient and understanding to what we liveas human beings. I twas a surprise to realize how much we canlearn from each others and also how much we can really helpothers just by simply being who we are. 2
  3. 3. It is definitely a must - read. I recommend it from a coachingperspective as it has many lessons anyone can follow and alsofrom a personal perspective as it is written in a very pleasant waythat will make the reader navigate through the wonders of life. Iam thankful to Richard for writing this book! It has encouraged meto look at life from a different perspective and the one that bestsuits me and fits me! Author, Unlimited Success Coach, Inspirational & Motivational, Model, Life Strategist. 3