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7 things about Hodge Hill - Key Messages from the Hodge Hill Strategic Assessment


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Presentation delivered to the Hodge Hill district convention on 11th September by Richard Browne Birmingham City Council. Contains data, statistics and other information to help inform the setting of priorities within Hodge Hill district.

You can download the document itself at the link below.

For more information get in contact with Richard Browne -
Twitter: @richardbrowne80

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7 things about Hodge Hill - Key Messages from the Hodge Hill Strategic Assessment

  1. 1. So what is the Strategic Assessment? Download here
  2. 2. People... Who lives here Demographics Health Education Their priorities
  3. 3. Place... Locations of high deprivation/poverty Locations of high crime Mapping Physical Assets Mapping neighbourhoods Photo Copyright daytripp Flickr
  4. 4. A confession…..
  5. 5. Place... 123,537 2nd highest in the city Washwood Heath Bordesley Green 2nd and 3rd highest wards in the city 3rd and 5th highest in England and Wales High Density 2nd highest in the city 20% Of houses in Washwood Heath are classed as overcrowded
  6. 6. Hodge Hill is deprived
  7. 7. INDEX OF MULTIPLE DEPRIVATION CENSUS MEASURE OF DEPRIVATION Of residents in Washwood Heath ward live in the 10% most deprived neighbourhoods in the country 94% 78% Bordesley Green – 90% Shard End – 82% Hodge Hill – 44% Of households in Hodge Hill district are classed as deprived in at least 1 of 4 domains Washwood Heath – 82% Bordesley Green – 80% Shard End – 76% Hodge Hill – 74%
  8. 8. Youngest District in the city? • 30.4% are aged 15 and under • 52.1% are aged under 30 Bordesley Green Washwood Heath Hodge Hill Shard End 33.8% 8.5% 33.9% 7.4% 28.6% 12.5% 28.6% 12.5%
  9. 9. Superdiverse
  10. 10. Pakistan 18,779 Bangladeshi 2,453 People from around the world make Hodge Hill their home Somalia 1,711 Jamaica 966 India 927 29% of people in the district were born overseas
  11. 11. Implications • Communities change all the time • Hidden communities -hidden voices • Language - 9% of people in Hodge Hill cannot Speak English or cannot speak it well • Multiple service impacts & questions?
  12. 12. Top 10 issues for Hodge Hill Residents Clean streets 42.4% The level of crime 23.0% Road and pavement repairs 22.8% Job prospects 22.6% Parking 21.6% Activities for teenagers 20.8% Police presence 17.6% Parks and open spaces 13.7% Refuse collection 13.3% Play facilities for children 11.0%
  13. 13. Hodge Hill Health Priorities 1. Childhood Obesity 2. Type 2 Diabetes 3. Homelessness
  14. 14. GCSE Results IN 2013 60% of school children across Birmingham achieved 5 A* to C GCSEs including English and Maths
  15. 15. GCSE Results 58% Bordesley Green and Washwood Heath
  16. 16. GCSE Results 52% Hodge Hill
  17. 17. GCSE Results 44% Shard End
  18. 18. Significant proportion of adults have no qualifications Nearly quarter of 16 to 64 year olds have no qualifications
  19. 19. Huge shortage of highly skilled residents Only 8.8% have skills NVQ level 4 and above
  20. 20. In summary • Hodge Hill has a young, large growing population • Overcrowding is a significant issue for parts of the district • It is superdiverse • Residents feel clean streets and level of crime are the issues that need improving • Significant health inequalities • One of the biggest issues affecting the district is a huge skills shortage • Only a localised approach will work
  21. 21. Thank You For more information contact: Richard Browne @richardbrowne80