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Piktochart Instructions


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Piktochart Instructions

  1. 1. How to Make an Infographic Using Pictochart In this set of instructions you will learn how to use the program Piktochart to create infographic documents. This step-by-step manual will cover everything from creating an account to importing data into a chart, and everything in between. After reading these instructions, you should be confident enough to create an infographic of your own using Piktochart.
  2. 2. Make an Account 1. Go to Piktochart’s website at 2. Click the green SIGN UP button in the top right corner (See Figure 1.) 3. Create a new account to begin using Piktochart. Figure 1: Image of the SIGN UP button. Choose a Format 1. Click the CREATE NEW button in the top right corner (where the SIGN UP button was located) to bring up content creation options. 2. Choose the option most suitable for your needs (See Figure 2.) Figure 2: There are currently three types of content that you can create using Piktochart. Get Started This section will go through the steps for creating an account and choosing a format for your document.
  3. 3. Add Content Once you have your document open, you’re ready to add content with the toolbar located on the left side of the screen (See Figure 3.) Graphics This tool allows you to insert clipart, stock images, and photo frames. Uploads This tool allows you to upload your own images to be used in the content that you are creating. Background This tool allows you to select a background to be used for the content that you are creating. Text This tool allows you to add text to the content that you are creating. Piktochart also offers a wide selection of text frames that you can use. Tools This tool allows you to add charts, graphs, maps, and embedded video. Figure 3: Image of the toolbar
  4. 4. Publish Your Content You are now ready to publish, print, or share your content! This can be accomplished with the toolbar located in the top right corner (See Figure 4.) Saved Press the SAVED button to save your document. Preview Press the PREVIEW button to see what your document will look like. Download Press the DOWNLOAD button to download your document as a PNG or JPEG file. Share Press the SHARE button to receive a HTML embed code, or to publish your content on to a social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter. Figure 4: Image of the toolbar for publishing. Congratulations! You now have the working knowledge needed in order to create high quality content using Piktochart!