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LinkedIn for the Real Estate Professional


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Overview for Realtors and Real Estate Agencies on how to use Linkedin to Network, Advertise, and Generate Leads for real estate. Profile, Company Page, Groups and more is discussed.

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LinkedIn for the Real Estate Professional

  1. 1. Getting Started with LinkedIn for Realtors!
  2. 2. Things have changed, really..
  3. 3. LinkedIn Fun Facts  85,000,000+ Users in the USA  LinkedIn Users tend to be: • More Business Savvy: 7 million C-Level • Higher Educated (93% College Grads) • Professional: 1.7 million Ivy League Grads • Higher paid: ($87k avg.) • More likely to own or purchase a home than Social Media site User bases.
  4. 4. What We Will Cover Today 1. Complete Your Profile Properly 2. Make Local Connections 3. Ask for and Give Recommendations 4. Join Groups and Contribute 5. Create a Company Page 6. Be Consistent
  5. 5. LinkedIn can get you here, but…
  6. 6. First: Get Your Mind Right 1. LinkedIn is about Relationships and Marketing, not direct Sales, not at first. 2. You don’t typically sell homes on LinkedIn, you make relationships that keep you in the minds of your contacts when a home sale or purchase is going to happen to them or to someone they know.
  7. 7. Sample Realtor Profile
  8. 8. Complete Your Profile Properly • Fill it in 100%, no less. • Professional Photo • Add Skills, Specialties, Expertise, Geo-Targeted Market • Optimize KEYWORDS for (SEO) • Call to Action: “Agoura Estates Specialist” • Custom URL:Your Name/profession • Observe Your Public Profile.
  9. 9. Make Connections, Engage, Share Who To Connect with? Location, Location, Location! • Connect with People that can Buy and Sell in your area. • Clients, Former Clients, Prospects • Referral Agents, Partner Agents • Loan Officers, Other Vendors • Upload Contacts (Gmail, Yahoo…)
  10. 10. Make Connections, Engage, Share
  11. 11. Make Connections, Engage, Share(cont.) • Engage and Share Relevant Info • Send a short note when you connect. • Update them on what you are doing. • Don’t Solicit Strangers: Spam • Follow Local Companies- EX: Amgen, Baxter, etc.
  12. 12. Use Advanced People Search
  13. 13. Request and Give Recommendations
  14. 14. Request and Give Recommendations Don’t you love being recommended?  Recommend others first, then request recommendations from them.  Quickly return the favor. Collaborate.  Ask Clients upon Closing too!  Go to: Privacy and Settings to start.  Write the Recommendation Yourself.
  15. 15. Make Connections, Engage, Share(cont.) • Ask for referrals from people you have a good relationship with. • Post relevant information on your market to the right contacts- targeted.
  16. 16. Request and Give Recommendations  How to do it? • Go To Privacy and Settings • Click on: Manage Your Recommendations • Here you can Recommend others or request more for you! • If they said they would, but don’t… try sending them an note: “Just write something like this…”, then proceed to write their recommendation for them…
  17. 17. Join Groups and Contribute
  18. 18. Join Groups and Contribute  Join LinkedIn Groups and Contribute to the Conversation!  Time to Get Involved: Post useful content, post links to someone else’s useful content.  Develop Your Brand: What are you expert in?  Types of Groups to Join: • Realtor Groups (Many are not LOCAL) • Local Community Groups
  19. 19. Join Groups and Contribute  Real Estate Groups • National Association of Realtors • California Association of Realtors • Your Local Association/MLS Group • To Our Short Sales Success! • General Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) • Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) • Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE)
  20. 20. Join Groups and Contribute  More Real Estate Groups • Inman News-Real Estate Connect • Real Estate Professionals and vendor Network • The Real Estate Networking Group • Real Trends • Luxury Real Estate Network • Other Specialized Real Estate Groups
  21. 21. Join Groups and Contribute Follow: Local Companies
  22. 22. Join Groups and Contribute  Join Local Groups: Most Important Groups • Local Chambers of Commerce • Women In Business: Your Town • Local Networking Groups • San Fernando Valley Business Owners • San Fernando Valley Connections • Alumni Clubs
  23. 23. Create Your Own Group
  24. 24. Join Groups and Contribute Create Your Own Group?  Local Realtor Group  Community Group  Local Networking Group  Members Only group  Monitor your group  Promote your group
  25. 25. Create a Company Page
  26. 26. Create a Company Page • First make sure you appear in your Broker’s LinkedIn Company Profile, if it exists. • If it doesn’t exist, Consider building it yourself, and remember to add your info on the page. • If you have a Team or a Partner or brand yourself as a Company, then build a Company page. • Examples:  Solstice: Good Activity,  Rodeo: Little Activity
  27. 27. LinkedIn Ads Affordable and Effective Advertising. The key to advertising on LinkedIn is to target your local market. Constantly monitor your ads for effectiveness and adjust them to increase success. It takes patients and diligence to advertise online.
  28. 28. Just 30 Minutes Per Day! • It won’t work if you don’t work it. • Be consistent. • Make LinkedIn part of your Daily Routine. • Be Social online and off. • Once the Connection is made, go meet them in person.
  29. 29. What We Covered Today 1. Complete Your Profile Properly 2. Make Connections, Engage, Share 3. Make and Solicit Recommendations 4. Join Groups and Contribute 5. Create a Company Page/Promote Your Business 6. Being Consistent
  30. 30. Questions? Thank You!  m 1-877-832-4428