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Acquisition of e books (pdf)


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Acquisition of e books (pdf)

  1. 1. Acquisition of e-books done by: Patryk Koprowicz
  2. 2. Presentation plan1) E-book types2) Business models3) Acquisition methods4) Acquisition routes5) Accessing e-books6) Licensing issues7) Conclusion
  3. 3. E-book types• E-reference• E-textbooks• E-literature• E-monograph-in-series
  4. 4. Business models• Subscription• Perpetual ownership• Pay-per-view
  5. 5. Acquisition methods• Approval plan• Firm order• Pay-per-view• Standing order
  6. 6. Acquisition routes • Publisher direct • Aggregator • Monograph vendor
  7. 7. Accessing e-books• Simultaneous user access model• Devices and readers• Perpetual access
  8. 8. Licensing issues• Interlibrary loan• Usage rights and restrictions
  9. 9. Thank You! Patryk Koprowicz