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NIKE- advertising campaign

Its a presentation on Nike and its personality and on the branding of Nike by different media

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NIKE- advertising campaign

  1. 1. Advertising Campaign Members Richa Rai Rinzi Lama Sabinay Rai
  2. 2. Brand: Nike Campaign: #unlimited future Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland.
  3. 3. Personality Traits Passionate Sporty Athlete Lifestyle Self Image I am Cool I am successful I am an athlete Reflection Full of Energy Youthful Brand conscious Competitive Imaginitive
  4. 4. Infinite Possibility !
  5. 5. P R I N T A D V E R T I S E M E N TBY RICHA
  6. 6. Online Advertisement
  7. 7. CONCLUSI ON Just do it It encourages you It motivates you It inspires you It makes you feel like an Achiever
  8. 8. SOURCES s/unlimited-future-film