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  • Blue Gene Approach: creates a massive computer with thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of CPUs. IBM currently uses this techniqueThe other approach, as adopted by Google, is to take hundreds of thousands of small, low cost, computers and hook them together in a “cluster” in such a way that they all work together as one large computer
  • First to sell cloud computing as a service. Smaller then competitors in cloud computing.Expertise in this area could give the online retailer a leg up in the next generation web services
  • Cloud computing ppt

    1. 1. Outline:  What is Cloud Computing?  History  Why Cloud Computing?  Services provided by Cloud Computing  Cloud Architecture  Cloud Computing Behaviour  Advantages & Disadvantages16-Jan-12
    2. 2. DEFINITION:  “Cloud” is simply a metaphor for the internet.  Users do not need knowledge, control, ownership in the computer infrastructure  Users simply rent or access the software, paying only16-Jan-12what for they use
    3. 3. HISTORY:  Concept dating back to the 1960’s by John McCarthy, a computer scientist, brought up the idea that "computation may someday be organized as a public utility”  Idea that revolutionized Cloud Computing: – Utility computing – Grid computing  “In some ways, the cloud is a natural next step from the grid-utility model,” said Frank Gens, an analyst at the 16-Jan-12 research firm IDC
    4. 4. 16-Jan-12
    5. 5. SERVICES: 16-Jan-12
    6. 6. How Cloud ComputingWorks? In a cloud computing system, theres a significant workload shift. Local computers no longer have to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to running applications. The network of computers that make up the cloud handles them instead. Hardware and software demands on the users side decrease. The only thing the users computer needs to be able to run is the cloud computing systems interface software, which can be as simple as a Web 16-Jan-12 browser, and the clouds network takes care
    7. 7. 16-Jan-12
    8. 8. Architecture: 16-Jan-12
    9. 9. The success of cloud computing is largely based on theeffective implementation of its architecture. In cloud computing, architecture is not just based on howthe application will work with the intended users. Cloudcomputing requires an intricate interaction with the hardwarewhich is very essential to ensure uptime of the application.DATA CENTRESOne of the most distinguishing characteristics of cloudcomputing architecture is its close dependency on thehardware components. An online application is just a simpleapplication that could be launched in different servers butwhen the application is considered with cloud computing, itwill require massive data centres that will ensure theprocesses are done as expected and timely.The data centre 16-Jan-12
    10. 10. Cloud Computing Behaviour The behaviour of cloud computing is highly dynamic where the only the process would be possible is through proper interaction of application & hardware. Aside from the ability to adapt to the number of users and data requests, cloud computing should have the ability to work with different form of resources. Most well known service providers do not rely their operations in one service centre alone. They would usually come with two or more server farms – infrastructure with multiple and massive servers. 16-Jan-12
    12. 12. Advantages First advantage is the ease of troubleshooting. A specific software installed in the local gadget would need to have a repair from the company’s tech group. But when the company uses cloud computing, any “bugs”, user problems or error in function could be immediately looked into by its developers. There is no need for every user to wait for their turn to have their application fixed. There is also the monetary consideration in cloud computing. There will be eventual savings the company would experience through cloud computing. Instead of tedious work with local connections and additional infrastructure, a 16-Jan-12 company would just consider a cloud computing
    13. 13. Disadvantages:The biggest disadvantage of cloud computing all issecurity issue. Since cloud computing uses the powerof online connectivity to handle processing requests,the data could be available for everyone and could beused for malicious purposes.There is also the challenge of the end-userconnectivity. Cloud computing will only be possible ifthere is a strong internet connection. Cloud computingmight not work in areas where internet connection isweak.Infrastructure is also a challenge for cloud computing.A company who opts to have their own server wouldhave to ensure the infrastructure will be able to deal 16-Jan-12
    14. 14. Wide Spectrum of Usage Bit Torrent Skype LinkedIn YouTube Google Microsoft Forums Blog‐space Website Hosting FaceBook Yahoo 16-Jan-12
    15. 15. ANY QUESTIONS? 16-Jan-12