Rich Von Alvensleben on Measuring Commitment


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Talk is cheap, says Rich Von Alvensleben. Anyone can make noise. After more than a dozen years as an entrepreneur, this California businessman says the best way to judge commitment is by the level of risk one is willing to take to grow their business and their income.

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Rich Von Alvensleben on Measuring Commitment

  1. 1. Rich Von Alvensleben on Measuring CommitmentTalk is cheap, says Rich Von Alvensleben. Anyone can make noise. After more than a dozenyears as an entrepreneur, this California businessman says the best way to judge commitmentis by the level of risk one is willing to take to grow their business and their income.Dollars, the Mortar of the EconomyCash is what makes the economy strong just as mortar holds together the bricks of a building.Without the mortar, Rich Von Alvensleben says, all you have is a pile of rocks. In any businessventure, there are those who are committed to success and those who are loyal to the idea ofsuccess. According to Rich Von Alvensleben, the dream chasers are the people who standamongst the pile of rocks hoping they stay stacked. The ones who really want to achieve are theones who get their hands dirty and take the financial responsibility to go out and buy themortar.According to Rich Von Alvensleben, it is the ones filling the joints who have the most to lose.They are the ones in a corporation who have put their cash on the table – the ones who ante upand who have to win to keep playing. Their belief in the business, and therefore their level ofcommitment, is measured in dollars. Once a player lays his cash on the table, it becomes hisgame. This is important because, as Rich Von Alvensleben has seen, before they’ve made afinancial commitment, they were simply playing around with other people’s money.Winning the RaceWinning a race isn’t done in one lap, says Rich Von Alvensleben. A business does not becomesuccessful overnight. Once an investment has been made, there must be a period of longevityto ensure that all bets are on. In other words, “You can’t bet on the first half alone.” In order foran investor in his or her new business to really make it, he or she has to be willing to establishgoals and timelines. Rich Von Alvensleben says that commitment, and its accompanyingsuccess, can also be measured over time by the amount of consistent persistence one applies.Many people believe that making it big means jumping in head first with a blind passion andnothing else. Not so, insists Rich Von Alvensleben. As he’s witnessed time and again, it’s theones who think it through, weigh the benefits against the risks, and keep pace with what theycan do that will eventually find themselves in a position of financial freedom. The ones startingout “gung ho” with big ideas but little staying power are the ones who fizzle, fade, and forgetwhat they were even there for, laments Rich Von Alvensleben.
  2. 2. About Rich Von Alvensleben:Rich Von Alvensleben did not begin his journey to the top as many do – leaving school straightfor the concrete jungle. Instead, this thrill-seeking risk taker started at the bottom…of theocean. After graduating college with a degree in Marine Technology, Rich Von Alvenslebendonned diving gear and a wet suit for the United States Antarctic Program. The USAP is aunique research program that focuses on the preservation of Antarctica and the study of itsdelicate ecosystem. Only a select few ever get to participate in the globally cooperativeprogram.Later, Rich Von Alvensleben founded his own drilling firm, Associated Drilling, in San Francisco.Concurrent to this project, Rich Von Alvensleben also began his work in sales and marketing viathe company he founded, World Concepts, LLC. These ventures laid the foundation for hiscurrent endeavors in real estate, as CEO of One Up Construction, a California Licensed GeneralContractor and Operations Manager of Von Vesting, Inc., a real estate investment firm focusedon distressed propertyIn the world of real estate investment, Rich Von Alvensleben and Von Vesting, Inc. haveamassed a considerable track record. With Rich Von Alvensleben as Operations Manager, VonVesting and its investor arm, the American Redevelopment Fund, LP buy, rehab and sell singlefamily homes. In the past 12 years, Rich Von Alvensleben has flipped over 1500 distressedproperties. Rich Von Alvensleben also serves as CEO of LKT, Inc., d.b.a., OneUp Construction, aCalifornia Licensed General Contracting firm. Prior to his time in real estate investment, RichVon Alvensleben held the post of Sales Manager for World Concepts LLC, a company he co-founded in 1993. Rich Von Alvensleben was personally responsible for $100 million of thecompany’s 2005 sales.Rich Von Alvensleben is a resident of greater Sacramento, where he’s actively engaged with hiscommunity in volunteer work; Rich Von Alvensleben also sponsors & is actively involved withhis town’s high school athletic teams. Away from work, Rich Von Alvensleben enjoys spendingoutdoor time with his family.