Understanding the Next Product Job Up (and Getting Promoted)


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ProductCamp London, 8Feb2014: a talk/discussion about how larger companies tier their product mgmt roles (individual contributor PM, director, VP), ideas about what they each to, and conversation about deciding if you want that promotion.how to signal that you do.

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Understanding the Next Product Job Up (and Getting Promoted)

  1. 1. Understanding  the     Next  Job  Up   (and  Ge5ng  Promoted)     ProductCamp  PDX  
  2. 2. About  Rich  Mironov   •  Veteran  product  manager/exec   – Business  models,  pricing,  agile   – Organizing  product  organizaEons   •  6  startups,  including  as  CEO/founder   •  Founded  Product  Camp,  chaired  first     agile  product  manager/owner  tracks   www.MIRONOV.com   2  
  3. 3. Roles  and  Promotions   •  Individual  PM  role  is  different  from  Director     or  VP  Product  Management   •  The  promoEon  funnel  is  narrow   –  Not  an  enEtlement   –  Not  (just)  by  being  the     best  at  your  current  job   •  Do  you  demonstrate  skills/scope     beyond  your  current  role   •  Do  you  want  that  next  job?  
  4. 4. market information, priorities, requirements, roadmaps, epics, user stories, backlogs, personas, MRDs… product bits strategy, forecasts, commitments, roadmaps, competitive intelligence budgets, staff, targets Field input, Market feedback Segmentation, messages, benefits/features, pricing, qualification, demos… Markets & CustomersDevelopment Marketing & Sales Executives Product Management WHAT  DOES  A  PRODUCT  MANAGER  DO?   ©  Rich  Mironov,  2014  
  5. 5. Mythical  PM  Organization   Dir  PM   Dir  PM   Pricing   Analyst   Sr  PM   PM/PO   Sr  PM   CompeEEve   Analyst   Sr  PM   PM   PM/PMM   Product   Owner   Channel/ Partner  PM   VP  Products  
  6. 6. PM  as  Individual  Contributor   Focus  on  single-­‐product  content  and  planning   •  Knows  more  about  product,  market,     roadmap,  compeEEon,  use  cases,     personas,  trade-­‐offs  than  anyone  else   •  Talks  benefits  with  customers;  tech  with  engineers   •  Relentless  communicator  of  the  truth   •  Timeline:  Next  2-­‐4  quarters   Get  it  done  with  what  you  have  
  7. 7. Director  of  Product  Management   •  Focus  on  processes,  resources  and  teams   –  Cross-­‐funcEonal  cooperaEon  and  prioriEes   –  PLM-­‐level  trends  and  market  input   –  StandardizaEon  and  simplificaEon     –  Mentor  your  replacement   •  Scope   –  Next  6  quarters   –  Broad  product  strategy  and  budget   •  Keep  the  trains  running  
  8. 8. VP  Products   •  Focus  on  aligning  strategy,  organizaEon  and  products   –  Is  the  company  succeeding?    Is  PM  succeeding?   –  Company-­‐wide  issues  and  disconnects   –  Market  success  ($ales)   •  Scope   –  3  year  trends   –  Thoughful  member  of  exec  team   •  How  do  we  build  organizaEonal     support  to  do  the  right  things?  
  9. 9. Example:  Agile/Lean  Adoption   •  PM   –  “Let’s  review  roadmaps,  personas,  user  stories,     backlog,  acceptance  criteria  for  my  product.”   •  Director   –  “Here  are  training  and  coaches  and  processes  and     metrics  and  tools  to  move  us  toward  Agile/Lean.”   •  VP   –  “Our  Agile/Lean  compeEtors  are  out-­‐developing  us  by   30-­‐60%.    We  need  a  12-­‐month  execuEve  commitment  to   invest  in  Development  and  PM  improvements”  
  10. 10. Take-­‐Aways   •  OrganizaEonal  levels  do  different  things   •  Demonstrate  skills  one  level  up   •  Decide  what  you  want  
  11. 11. Contact  Information   +1-­‐650-­‐315-­‐7394   rich@mironov.com   www.mironov.com       @RichMironov   www.linkedin.com/in/richmironov