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SmartPhone & Tablets: Research Tools for Students?


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Can SmartPhone and Tablets be more than just distractions, but actually help with homework and research? This session will look at different strategies and applications that can help turn your electronic devices into a serious academic tools.

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SmartPhone & Tablets: Research Tools for Students?

  1. 1. Smart Phones & Tablets... Research Tools for Students? by Rich McCue - University of Victoria Libraries -
  2. 2. For a Copy of the Slides: -> Publications
  3. 3. University of Victoria
  4. 4. UVic Library
  5. 5. What Mobile Devices do You Own?
  6. 6. How do you use Your Mobile Devices for Homework and Research?
  7. 7. 1.Everyone find a pen & paper. 2.Make a list of all the educational uses for SmartPhones & Tablets you can think of. 3.Save the paper (we’ll be using it in a couple of minutes). Pen & Paper...
  8. 8. Apps for Students in 1985:
  9. 9. EverNote: Your Second Brain Platforms: iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, Chromebook
  10. 10. Take Pictures of whiteboards or notes & access anywhere + makes notes searchable!
  11. 11. Google Scholar -> Evernote Peer Review
  12. 12. Hands on Time! 1.Get out the piece of paper and take turns capturing them in Evernote. - NEXT- 1.As a group, find an article in Google Scholar about a topic of interest, -or- if you can’t settle on anything, search: goats galapagos islands. 2.Capture that article in Evernote, by “sharing” it to Evernote.
  13. 13. SmartPhone Microscope
  14. 14. Translate Text
  15. 15. Landmarks
  16. 16. Books & Products
  17. 17. Photocopier / Scanner Alternative: JotNot Pro or CamScanner
  18. 18. iBooks & Kindle
  19. 19. YouTube
  20. 20. Khan Academy
  21. 21. Google Drive = Collaborative Document Editing
  22. 22. Google Drive Hands On! 1.Open Google Drive on your device. 2.Open “Arbutus Demo” document. 3.Add the names of everyone in your group to one of the bullet points.
  23. 23. Google Hangouts – Free Conference Calls & Desktop Sharing Google+ Hangouts allows you to video conference with up to 10 people & do desktop sharing. The quality is usually quite good, but in the end it is only as good as your internet connection is.
  24. 24. Fun Tools
  25. 25. RunKeeper
  26. 26. Hudl Technique
  27. 27. Google Photos
  28. 28. For a Link to all the apps & a Copy of the Slides: