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Havant Academy - Microsoft Innovative School Presentation


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Havant Academy - Microsoft Innovative School Presentation

  1. 1. Havant AcademyMicrosoft Innovative School
  2. 2. Introductions• Secondary 11-16• BSF project• Microsoft Innovative School Member• Curriculum underpinned by IT
  3. 3. Virtualization at Havant AcademyEnhancing the server infrastructure in educationRichard Markey | Assistant Principal
  4. 4. Inherited IT Services Hardware Software Performance Inadequate disaster 13 physical servers Office 2000 and 2003 recovery solution No UPS Windows XP Limited resources Lack of expansion Limited storage Server 2003 capability Limited management of Limited memory services Limited CPU Poor end user experience
  5. 5. The Solution
  6. 6. Replacement of Existing ServersExisting Servers Hyper-V
  7. 7. Hyper-V Configuration Running 29 Virtual Servers Hyper-V physical hosts Highly available storage Intelligent UPS
  8. 8. Hyper-V Benefits
  9. 9. Hyper-V BenefitsFinancial Resilience Performance Scalability Take advantage of Dynamic Memory High availability of More responsive Microsoft School maximises full potential Servers services Agreement of resources Reduction of server Virtual Servers can be Physical servers are On going server hardware refreshment backed up whilst fully utilised upgrades are simplified costs running Server Infrastructure Effortless provision of Reduced support time Granular restoration can grow to support new servers Academy requirements Electrical costs and Complete Virtual Easier to plan and cooling requirements Server restoration perform maintenance are reduced More time to focus on Dynamic load handling strategy Integration with Microsoft System Center Products
  10. 10. Hyper-V With System Center
  11. 11. Hyper-V withVirtual Machine ManagerFeatures• Enhances Hyper-V manager• Convert physical to virtual• Provision VM’s from template• Tag and filter Servers• Store resources within library• Integration with PRO
  12. 12. Hyper-V withOperations ManagerFeatures• Management packs to monitor Servers and applications• Integrates with SCVMM to provide PRO Tips• Can perform tasks if required
  13. 13. Hyper-V withData Protection ManagerFeatures• Complete protection of Hyper-V environment• Multiple live backups through out day• Restore entire Virtual Machines• Granular restore of files and folders• Protection for Microsoft Application Servers
  14. 14. Hyper-V withConfiguration ManagerFeatures• Software inventory• Management and deployment of Academy software• “Zero Touch” deployment for Operating Systems
  15. 15. Microsoft SoftwareInnovation and playful learning within the classroomRichard Markey | Assistant Principal
  16. 16. Microsoft SoftwareDeep Zoom Composer Information • New Deep Zoom technology uses Silverlight 3 • Allows smooth panning and zooming of images • Free download • s.aspx?id=24819
  17. 17. Microsoft Software KODU Game CreatorInformation• Developed by Microsoft Research• Allows game creation using a simple visual programming language• age/kodu
  18. 18. Microsoft Software Ribbon Hero 2Information• Developed by Microsoft Research• Fun and innovative training game for Microsoft Office•
  19. 19. Microsoft SoftwarePhotosynth Information • Developed by Microsoft Research • Shoot wraparound panoramas or full "synths", •
  20. 20. Microsoft Software AutoCollageInformation• Developed by Microsoft Research• Advanced image and vision processing system• us/um/cambridge/projects/autoc ollage/download.aspx
  21. 21. Microsoft Software XBOXInformation• Bring lessons to life with gesture based learning• ducation/en- us/products/Pages/ px#
  22. 22. Microsoft SoftwareCommunity ClipsInformation• Quick creation of video tutorials• ojects/communityclips/Pages /Default.aspx
  23. 23. Partners in learning network
  24. 24. Lync 2010Unified CommunicationsRichard Markey | Assistant Principal
  25. 25. Microsoft Lync 2010
  26. 26. Microsoft LyncHow can it help in education? Controlled Distance Enhanced IT Availability Learning Support Connected Whole-Class Flexible Campus Interaction Working Cost savings
  27. 27. Lync demo
  28. 28. Microsoft LyncStay connected to your users, across devices.PC Mac Browser Mobile Desk Phones
  29. 29. Microsoft Lync MobileStay connected to your users, across platforms.Windows iPhone Android iPad Phone