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USMC Museum


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A tribute to The USMC and all Former, Curerent & Future Marines. The National Museum of the Marine Corps is open from 9:00 AM (0900) to 5: 00 PM (1700) every day except Christmas Day and believe it or not, admission is free.
When you come, plan on a full day. You can have lunch at the famous / infamous Tun Tavern.

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USMC Museum

  1. 1. USMC MuseumA Tribute to The USMC
  2. 2. Dont Understand? Ask any Marine
  3. 3. Suggestions or Comments? Give me a Shout
  4. 4. Frozen Chosin North Korea
  5. 5. Tun Tavern - Marine Corps was born in Tun Tavern on 10 November 1775
  6. 6. USMC Gallery
  7. 7. Comments or Questions? Give Me a Shout.