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Amtrac Bellingham Station / Bellingham Amtrac Allllll Aboard


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The Johnson Team caught the Amtrac @ the Bellingham Station and traveled to King St Station in Seattle WA. We'd decided to attend the Mariner's Opener at Safeco Field. The team was playing the Houston Astros & former mariner pitcher Jamie Moyer threw out the 1st pitch to his catcher back in the day, Dan Wilson. Of course, a trip to Seattle is hardly complete with a trip to Pike St Market which we grazed through quite effectively - coffee, smoked salmon, shucked oysters, French pastries - we did it all.
Next time you are traveling, consider Amtrac. They do a great job. All you have to do is sit back & enjoy the ride.
If you have questions about Bellingham Amtrac or curious about Bellingham / Whatcom County, give us a shout @

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Amtrac Bellingham Station / Bellingham Amtrac Allllll Aboard

  1. 1. Amtrac Bellingham StationAlllllllllllllllllllll Aboard
  2. 2. Amtrac Bellingham Station An Adventure on Amtrac fromBellingham Station to King St Station Seattle
  3. 3. The Johnson Team takes Amtrac 513 to Seattle
  4. 4. Bellingham Station"Allllllllllllllllllll Aboard"
  5. 5. Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride
  6. 6. King St Station Seattle
  7. 7. Pike St Market is a Must See
  8. 8. Dont Pass Up a Chance to See King Felix Work His Magic
  9. 9. Return to Bellingham Station - A Perfect Trip
  10. 10. All Aboard to Vancouver BC on the 510
  11. 11. The Johnson Team Invites to Take the 510 to Bellingham Washington Give The Team a call @ 888-713 3056 Youll be Glad You Did