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Your Better Life today


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Internet marketing today

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Your Better Life today

  1. 1. ==== ====Home Business Internet Marketing ====Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of people each day set out to find a way to better theirlives and those of their families. Tired of unsuccessfully trying to climb the corporate ladder, or offeeling trapped in a dead-end job, more people than you can possibly imagine flock to the internetin search for a way out of their frustrations and into a lifestyle of freedom and abundance. Formany of these seekers, a home business network marketing seems like the obvious choice. But, isit? What is the truth behind network marketing and what should you know before you get involvedin such an enterprise?What Does a Home Business in Network Marketing Entail?In very simple terms, network marketing is promotion of products and services through a programwhich secures and trains individuals (marketers) to sell their products and recruit newrepresentatives into their "network." The idea being that the more the person sells, or recruitspeople to do so, the higher the commission he/she receives for their efforts. To most, networkmarketing is just codename for multi-level marketing and even "pyramid schemes." Unfortunately,there is SOME truth to that perception. Most network marketing companies have in place acompensation plan which requires a "pyramid-like" structure, where the person at the very peak ofthe organization is the one who generates substantial income and opportunities. Those at the verybase of the pyramid, are usually left there to wonder where their money went and what exactlywent wrong.Is Network Marketing Legal, Then?The short answer to that is yes, network marketing IS a legitimate way to earn money from home.In fact, it is perhaps the home business alternative with the highest income potential in the entireworld! This type of business can be so powerful and profitable, that Donald Trump and RobetKiyosaki both said that if they had to build their wealth again, they would do it through networkmarketing (paraphrased from their book Why We Want You to Be Rich). The thing to remember,though, is that every network marketing company is different, and therefore choosing the RIGHTcompany will be the key outside factor that most influences the kind of results you achieve.What Should I look for in a Network Marketing Company?Aside from checking out the history of the company (how old is it, is it a debt-free organization,how many members, is it international in scope or limited to a certain geographical area), you alsowant to do a bit of research on the people behind the company (especially if the company is inBeta or Pre-launch stage). Make sure the masterminds behind the company have a consistentreputation of integrity and "stick-to-itness". Make sure they dont start a new company every otheryear, and that those they have been involved with in the past, if any, were solid and profitable.
  2. 2. The next consideration is, of course, the product or service. Will you be offering a product orservice that is unique, or will you be in a highly competitive niche? Is the product sellable (arepeople actually searching for that kind of product)? Does it help solve a basic problem orpreoccupation? Would you buy and use the product or service? Do you see long term potential forthat which you will be selling?Lastly, take a good look at the structure and compensation. Is it a direct sales company, or anmlm? Will you earn commissions on your first sale or will you have to leave a certain amount ofyour earnings down as a warranty for returns? Will you need to enroll in auto-shipping? Are thereany additional monthly fees? How much commission do you stand to earn? Is there a matrix thatmust be completed before you receive your full commission?How Do I Make Sense of All of This Information?There is really no way around it! Finding a home business network marketing can be confusingand frustrating. It can even seem impossible. But, if I may be so bold as to offer a suggestion, Iwould advise you to look for a direct sales company. Look for a product or service which does notrequire you to manage inventory and which serves to solve a very real and easily identifiableproblem (this will secure your market!).Lastly, look for what I call "high-end" or "big-ticket" compensation plans. While these type ofopportunities are more expensive to join (for obvious reasons), it is definitely worth the investmentin yourself and your future if you are really serious about making this business work! These typesof products will earn you commissions of over $1000, and can go as high as $10,000 or morecommission on a single sale. This type of compensation plan is what will open the door to a trulysubstantial income from your home business in network marketing.Whats Next?TAKE ACTION! Make the investment in your future! Do your due diligence, choose a companyand stick to it. Dont jump from opportunity to opportunity. Keep your eyes on the price, pay theprice up front by working hard your first year or so, then sit back and enjoy the rewards of abusiness that almost runs itself! Go out there and give it your all!Marcy Amaro is the owner and creator of []. She is aChristian, wife, mother of two, and a former English teacher turned internet entrepreneur. HerPassion is helping others who have a burning desire for success achieve their dreams. You toocan succeed. Find out how at Source:
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