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RiceAdvice Help Slides 16may2017 english

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RiceAdvice Help Slides 16may2017 english

  1. 1. RiceAdvice installation & use
  2. 2. Installing RiceAdvice
  3. 3. • Go to Google Play store and search “RiceAdvice” • Click “Install” • Click “Open” to start
  4. 4. • As RiceAdvice will be updated regularly, please choose “Auto- update apps” in your smartphone/tablet Settings. • You can also click the icon in the upper left corner in Google Play store.
  5. 5. • Then click “Settings”.
  6. 6. • Click “Auto-update apps”. Then, select “Auto-update apps at any time”, or “Auto- update apps over WiFi only” so that RiceAdvice will be automatically updated at regular intervals.
  7. 7. Open RiceAdvice
  8. 8. • Once installed, you can directly open RiceAdvice. You can also go to the tablet/smartphone desktop and click the RiceAdvice icon. • A new user has to click the “Create account” button. Choose any username and password you want, but you can only use letters and numbers. • An active internet connection is needed to be able to create an account.
  9. 9. • Once logged in you don’t have to login again. Each time you want to use RiceAdvice, just click the RiceAdvice icon on your desktop. • You might need to wait for a few seconds for data downloading to be completed (see left).
  10. 10. • Now, complete your user account profile. Make sure you enter information in all fields. • Once you select your country and click save, country information is downloaded. • After this, you can disconnect from internet. RiceAdvice does not require an active internet connection to operate.
  11. 11. Basic Navigation
  12. 12. • Click the (+) in the lower right corner to add a farmer for who you want to create an advice. • To see all current advices for a farmer, click on the farmers’ name • Click the menu (see red arrow), to access your user profile, help, about, etc.
  13. 13. • To add a new advice for a farmer, click the green (+) in the lower right corner . • Advices listed as ‘status open’ are incomplete. Click on the pencil icon to complete the questionnaire.
  14. 14. • Advices listed as ‘status finished’ are complete. • Click on the report icon to open the output page with the recommendation. • Click on the “GPS coordination” icon to collect the data for farmer’s field location. Please click when you are in farmer’s field.
  15. 15. • Click the icon to go to the feedback survey to answer questions about actual yield, growing conditions and fertilizer practices after rice harvest.
  16. 16. Questions to generate Advice
  17. 17. • After clicking the pencil icon, complete the questionnaire for a new advice to get a recommendation.
  18. 18. For first question: • If you want to give recommendation to farmer, please select “rice production farmer” or “seed production farmer”. • If you want to monitor farmers’ agricultural practices during rice growing season, please select “monitoring agricultural practices”. if you select this, checklist concerning farmers’ agricultural practices will be provided, once you agree to recommendation. • If you conduct a trial or demonstration, please select “research trial/demonstration”. • If RiceAdvice is tested without giving recommendation to specific farmer, please select “testing”.
  19. 19. • Blue color value is calculated based on farmers’ answer (see blue arrow). Please make sure that all the values you see are within expected range in your target area. • Red color value (see red arrow) is the maximum attainable target yield under optimized farmer conditions for the selected variety.
  20. 20. • A questionnaire can be left incomplete and can be completed at a later point in time without losing information.
  21. 21. • Click “Save” when done with the questions in the current page to go to the next page.
  22. 22. • Fertilizers available in the market need to be selected and prices should be filled out. • If an available fertilizer is missing from the list you may “Add new fertilizer” • RiceAdvice will automatically optimize for the cheapest combination of fertilizers.
  23. 23. • N-containing fertilizer includes N only (e.g. urea) • P-containing fertilizer includes NP, NPK, PK, and P fertilizers • K-containing fertilizer includes K only (e.g. KCl) • In some locations, K- containing fertilizer is not available. In this case, RiceAdvice can currently not provide an advice for high target yield levels.
  24. 24. • You can drag the green slider to select your target yield based on previous season’s yield level and/or cost of fertilizer to be purchased.
  25. 25. Output / Recommendation
  26. 26. • When the questionnaire is completed, the output page with fertilizer recommendation will automatically show. • If you do not agree with the recommendation, please adjust. E.g. if fertilizer application rate is too high, change the target yield. If you don’t like fertilizer choice go back to fertilizer choice page, and change the list. • If you agree to the recommendation, click the “agree” button. Once you agree you cannot make any further changes. DAS = days after sowing
  27. 27. • On the output page, click the icon in the upper right corner to send the recommendation by email, SMS or to a printer. If there is no icon, click the menu button on your device.
  28. 28. • Once you click the menu button, you can see options for data sharing such as email or printing.
  29. 29. Feedback Survey
  30. 30. • Once you click the icon to go to the feedback survey, please answer all questions before submission.
  31. 31. Sending your Data
  32. 32. • When you are back in the office and have internet connection, data entered in the field can be synchronized to the central server. Open RiceAdvice when connected to the internet to force synchronization. Make sure you regularly connect to the internet to save your data to the server. When you are connected to internet with a poor connection, please do not use RiceAdvice.
  33. 33. Troubleshooting
  34. 34. Trouble shooting: • If RiceAdvice app does not work properly, make sure you connect to the internet and open RiceAdvice to force synchronization and save your data to the central server. • On your Android device go to setting > select Apps > select RiceAdvice > Force stop > Clean data > Uninstall > install again and open (in this situation you can use your existing account and click the “Sign In” button and use your username and password). All data that has been synchronized to the server will then be synchronized back onto your device. • If you cannot still solve, please send an email to
  35. 35. In case you require any further help with using RiceAdvice, you may send an email to In case you want to have more information about RiceAdvice you may send an email to Dr Kazuki Saito.