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Zoomer Puppy Review


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When your children ask for a real dog and you just don't want to deal with the mess, cost, and overall hassle, check out Zoomer the Robotic toy Puppy.

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Zoomer Puppy Review

  1. 1. Zoomer Puppy Review Welcome to our Zoomer Puppy Review where we will be looking at the new puppy Zoomer toy. Zoomer is ranked #3 at amazon for toys and there are many good reasons for this, a true marvel….a fun electronic toy. Before we look at the Zoomer Puppy Features you should know that as a top seller and very popular toy, you should order early to get the best prices, and to be sure you can get one. Most parents don’t want to keep pets in their homes. Pets can be messy, and cause allergies. Moreover, you may have to spend a lot of money on their upkeep and healthcare. However, Christmas is just a couple of months away and your kids might just love a pet. Don’t worry, we’re not saying you should go to a pet store and buy a real dog. But you can definitely log on to Amazon and buy a Zoomer robotic dog. In this Zoomer review, we’ll tell you everything about this exceptional toy which can be the ultimate pet for your family.
  2. 2. What is Zoomer Robotic Dog? Every kid loves a dog in his home. There’s a reason why dogs are called ‘man’s best friends’. However, you may be very busy with work and find it difficult to take care of your dog. Without a backyard or park in your home, your dog will also be unable to freely move around. Thus, Zommer robotic dog can be the perfect alternative for you. Every Zoomer review on the internet recommends this toy for kids of all ages. This robotic dog can perform some cool tricks and mimics real dogs. To your surprise, you’ll also notice that a Zoomer dog can respond to voice commands and take desired action. You can teach him a lot of new tricks like playing dead or rolling over. If you don’t want any unnecessary responsibilities and health hazards related to a pet, Zoomer will be a perfect choice.
  3. 3. Basic Features of Zoomer As mentioned earlier, Zoomer has been designed to mimic real dogs. It looks just like a real dog and behaves in the same manner. In fact, it even forgets things so that you feel the company of a real pet. Here is a detailed explanation of all the features of Zoomer robotic dog. Easy & Convenient – Zoomer can perfectly mimic the actions and personality traits of real dogs. Therefore, you won’t feel like you don’t have a real pet. Since it is easy and convenient to play with, your kids will love it instantly. Zoomer has been specifically designed to look like a Dalmatian. Unlike real pets, this dog will not create any nuisance in your home. It won’t pee on your sofa, poop on your bed or chew your TV remote. Hypoallergenic & Safe – The material used to manufacture Zoomer is hypoallergenic. Therefore, it will not cause any allergies in your kids. It will not even trigger asthma. Since Zoomer does not need any exercise or food, it is very easy to maintain. It will follow all your commands. This dog is a fast learner and performs many cool tricks. It is intuitive and completely safe for your kids. Playful & Fun – Just like a real pet, you can teach many cool tricks to Zoomer. In every Zoomer review, previous customers state how much fun they had with this toy.
  4. 4. For More Information About Zoomer The Robotic Dog/ Puppy go to Http:// Zoomer is playful and a lot of fun. You can teach it to roll over, play dead, jump around, follow you and even watch it respond as you scratch its belly. When you give a command to Zoomer, it will be fun to watch it excitedly wag its tail. Zoomer has LED eyes which follow your every movement. As you move around your home, Zoomer’s eyes will follow you. Smartphone Application – You can easily download the free Zoomer application on your iPhone or Android device. This will give you a set of detailed instructions to use Zoomer. Once you use these instructions to teach Zoomer, you’ll watch it lay down, roll over, play dead and perform a lot more cool tricks. It won’t take long before Zoomer becomes a part of your family. This robotic dog can even understand three different languages, including English, Spanish and French.
  5. 5. Buy from Amazon – Free shipping, fast delivery, excellent customer service, and discount prices.You can enjoy the best current discount of 11% off the list price. With such a reputed website, you won’t have to worry about the authenticity of the product and shipping charges. Like every other Zoomer review, this one also highly recommends this toy for every kid. It will be perfect for your family. However, since Christmas is right around the corner,stocks may not last for long, get your order in now. CLICK HERE TO BUY ZOOMER FROM AMAZON.COM…. Customer Reviews: By Vivian K: What a great dog!! He does as he’s told, doesn’t run away, always ready to play, doesn’t shed or make a mess. And will tell me that he loves me every time!!! I am so……..Read More At… By James L: Incredible! Gave to my granddaughter for her birthday. As Zoomer moved around and looked at us with his bright electronic eyes you sensed that he was a real dog. My wife
  6. 6. and are considering one for a pet. Oh, and……Read More At… Just in time for the Holidays Spin Master the makers of Zoomer have released some neat additions to the Zoomer Brand. Meet Zoomie.... A Pink Dalmation Girl Puppy...Zoomers best friend CLICK HERE TO BUY THE ZOOMIE GIRL PUPPY FROM AMAZON.COM…. There are also clothes, and a ball toy, and even another color Zoomer to choose from.....
  7. 7. Check out our Zoomer Puppy Colors, Clothes and Toys page right HERE If you want to see Zoomer in Action click on the link Zoomer is a great gift and a great alternative for those that just do not want the hassle of a real dog. This toy is on the top 10 list for a great reason. Check out our Top 10 Christmas Toys list for 2013