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Biotechnology engineering


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Biotechnology engineering

  1. 1. Engineering: a key knowledge for boosting thecompetitiveness of biotechnology-based companies:
  2. 2. PRODINTEC – IntroductionDate created:October 2004. Formed as a private non-profit. Boardcomposed of private companies in Asturias, Universityand Government of the Principality of Asturias.Location:Science and Technology Park of Gijón (Asturias)Delegation in Madrid:Science and Technology Park of Madrid, PC 28760MadridTarjetEnhancing competitiveness of enterprises through the application of technological advances boththeir products and their manufacturingprocesses and management.
  3. 3. The bridge between research & innovationTarjet: the market
  4. 4. ResearchSpain:- 9º worldwide position- 3,3% scientific productionFuente: SCImago, Scopus, ISI, Thomson Reuters
  5. 5. InnovationFuente: The Global Competitiveness Report 2011–2012º worldwide position36º in Europe
  6. 6. What is the reason?Who would go?What steps do I follow?How I can have functional prototypepre-series or commercial?How I can industrialize my idea?
  7. 7. • Improving the quality of life of individuals and societyWhy innovate in Biotechnology?Technologies, techniques, tools, equipment, devices, medical and surgicalprocedures, information systems, health programs, organization forms forthe prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.DEMAND ASSOCIETYTHE ECONOMY ASREQUIREDTECHNOLOGYALLOWSHEALTH
  8. 8. • From the research to the market- Companie- Research group- Spin Off- Hospital- Tech BasedcompaniesEstrategicDefinitionProductodefinitionConceptualDesignConceptgenerationDetaileddesignSpecification,assemblydrawings,prototypesProductEngeneeringTechnicalSolution andManufacturingdrawingsProductionManufacturingProcess definitionMerchandisingCD DD PE P MEDInventionIdealicenseReturnLicenseeLaw firm1. Detect potentially interested2. Contact potential applicants3. Negotiations and draftingtransfer agreementReturn+++MarketVIABILITY,INTELECTUALPROPERTY RIGHTSValue chain
  9. 9. • Provide technical support from invention / patent to the market.• Provide technological muscle for design and manufacturing process toprovide "value" to the contact process, selection and negotiation with alicensee end.- "Convince" the licensee of the technical end.- Checking the operating principle and development prototypes toassist in this process.• Cover the gap between the licensee and technical office, production andcommercialization.- Provide tools that facilitate the industrialization and placing on themarketObjetives
  10. 10. IVD:Kits and diagnostic devices, sensors, microfluidics, etc..Detection and measurement of biochemical and biological parameters, identification of toxicsubstances, drugs, etc..Biomedical engineering:Surgical tools, implants, custom designs, accessories, new features, etc..Food Biotechnology:Systems for use in situ detection of contaminants or pollutants detection of biological agents.Biosensors / Equipment / Instruments:Prototypes (first series, enclosures, laboratory equipment, cells, interfaces, developinganalytical instrumentation, robotics).Security and Defence:Devices for the detection of biochemical weapons,explosives, and drugs, etc..Biocatalysis/ BioreactorsScale-up, Industrialization, bioreactors designand manufacturing, etc.Applications
  11. 11. Predica Model
  13. 13. Future
  14. 14. Biomedical ModelsGeneration 3D Modelingand CADPatient/ModelChoice of technology andmanufacturingRapid production of 3D models at low cost. Timereduction interventions, better communication anddecision making, precise adjustment of implant training.Applications
  15. 15. Tools, Implants, orthopedic, …Generation 3D Modelingand CADNeed, implementation,//Know how/IdeaChoice of technology andmanufacturing
  16. 16. Medical Devices, PoC, Biosensors, …Mechanical design andgeneration of CADProtocoloElectrical and electronicdesign of the device,reading system, control,+Choice of technology andmanufacturingTest Product
  17. 17. Equipment, Instruments, Machinery…Mechanical design andsimulationNeed / New functionality /Machinery ad hocElectrical and electronicdesign of the device,reading system, control,...+Choice of technology andmanufacturingTest Product3D modeling and designof components+
  18. 18. Case StudiesComplete redesign and manufacture a set of instruments for bone surgery highlyinnovative
  19. 19. Case StudiesDesign and manufacture of a diagnostic device and electrochemical detection.Objective: miniaturization, microfluidics [capillary electrophoresis chips], portable,communication USD / Bluetooth.
  20. 20. Case StudiesInstrumentatión RakesInstrumentation rakes or combs.- Pressure and temperatureprobes- To manufacture complex parts- Withstands high temperaturesManufacture:- SLS part made ​​by Inconel- Polished finish- Manufactured in one piece
  21. 21. EOSINT M-270 EOS FORMIGA P-100Machine Fabrication of direct metal laser sintering:Able to work with steels, stainless steels, cobalt chrome, brass,titanium, etc.. Layered fabrication technology that can producefinished parts from 3D CAD and metal powders. Typicalapplications: complex geometric parts, tools, molds withconformal channels, custom inserts, prosthetic devices, etc..Manufacturing Machine direct laser sintering of plastics:Able to work with plastics, nylons, etc.. Layered fabricationtechnology that can produce finished parts from 3D CAD andpolymeric materials. Typical applications: complex geometric parts,machinery parts and small series without making molds, etc..EOS P-395EquipmentEOSINT M-280Aplications
  22. 22. OBJECT CONNEX 500EDEN 330 multijetRapid Prototyping:Prototyping PolyJet technology by injection consisting ofphotoresists and later cured by ultraviolet light. Directconnection to CAD and engineering software reversePRODINTECRapid Prototyping:Prototyping PolyJet technology by injection consisting ofphotoresists (possibility of use of 2 different polymer resinssimultaneously) and later cured by ultraviolet light. Directconnection to CAD and engineering software reversePRODINTECEquipmentAplicationsIndustriesMaterialsCase Studies
  23. 23. ZCORP Z510MCP 4/04Vacuum Casting:Making pre-series in plastic and metal from a physical part.Rapid prototyping, prototyping based on material by dustand its suburbs by colored liquid. Infiltration finish withcyanoacrylate (getting very hard piece) or epoxy resin (flexiblepiece collection).EquipmentAplicationsIndustriesCase Studies
  24. 24. KERN EvoWittmann-BattenfeldMicrosystem50Microinjection machine,that allows the injection ofplastic parts, metal and ceramicmicro geometries, handling,quality control and automaticblister packaging clean room.Micromilling machining by chipremoval in high speed, to obtainabsolute accuracies in the vicinity ofone micron. Applications in the fieldof micro and nanotechnologiesEquipmentMicromillingMicroinjectionDeckel MahoMillingfully equipped robotic cell for automatedmanufacturing via the machining of largeparts (measuring up to several metres), withaccuracies of tenths of a millimetre and inmaterials such as resin, wood, expandedpolystyrene, etc.We also have a high-speed 5-axis millingmachine that allows us to produce very highprecision parts with complex geometries inany material
  25. 25. MecathronicsCemLabElectromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory: Performingcompatibility tests or external devices developed at the Centerfor CE markingMechatronics: Design and development of electronic circuits.Instrumentation, control and measurement. Processautomation.PCB prototyping equipment.Equipment
  26. 26. In short…1.- Full development of device from companies know how to prototype orfunctional first series.2.- Manufacturing direct piece further tools and functionalities in teams.3.- Design and manufacture of machinery and devices for analysis, sensors andbiosensors for diagnosis.4.- Design and manufacture of interfaces, cells supports analysis kits ...5.- Manufacture of medical model to patient.6.- Design and manufacture of devices for detection and sampling.7.- Unlocking the design constraints of traditional manufacturing processes.8.- Access to new market niches.9.- Reduce costs in small series.10.- "Mass customization", batch unit, as ...EXAMPLES OF APPLICATIONmedical implants, orthopedic products, support structures, surgical tools,diagnostic devices, interfaces, flow cells, envelopes, microarrays ....
  27. 27. EKAInternational ProjetsESTIIC RFID4SMENANO4M ProgramFP6: Syntex Light-Rolls (coordinador) NANOfutures (CSA)FP7: CIS3D (NMP)Technology PlatformsRapid Manufacturing EuropeanPlaftormProdintec manager is a boardmemberEuropean Technology PlatformManufuturePlatform manufacturingtechnologies. In his likeness createdthe regional platform PRODINTECManufacturiasMINAM +NANOfuturesMicro and nanofabricationplatformsProdintec Manager is a boardmemberProdintec also a member of: Iberian Red RICAI Center forInnovation, Red PYMERA, Europe InterCluster, HISPAROB SpanishTechnology Platform on Robotics and Technical IDESA ConsortiaInternational Presence
  28. 28. Our Team and facilities
  29. 29. Centro tecnológico para el diseño y la producción industrialPRODINTECEDIFICIO CENTROS TECNOLÓGICOSPARQUE CIENTÍFICO Y TECNOLÓGICO33203 GIJÓN. ASTURIAST +34 984 390 060F +34 984 390 061www.prodintec.comDELEGACION EN MADRIDT +31 667 728