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AB testing portfolio ricardo puyana - E mail marketing


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AB Testing analysis and case study by Ricardo Puyana. An E-mail marketing campaign for his personal blog. The software platform used was HubSpot.

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AB testing portfolio ricardo puyana - E mail marketing

  1. 1. Email Marketing A/B Strategy Portfolio by: Ricardo Puyana
  2. 2. AB TESTING PORTFOLIO From my experience both as a marketer and a customer I believe that emails must be relevant, personalized or human, segmented, well presented, and actionable. To reach that point I believe that marketers must practice a lot, AB testing is an excellent way to find what truly works. Sadly, according to research 53% of marketers never use AB testing. Research shows that email marketing has the highest ROI on the industry, it is clear for me that companies should place more effort in improving the customer experience when opening an email. I believe that as marketers we must become close with our customers, an email can be a powerful tool to communicate with them. I develop this presentation to share my AB testing experience on promoting an article on my marketing blog.
  3. 3. EMAIL TEXT Brand Solidarity during COVID-19 Hello (First name), I hope this e-mail finds you well and healthy! I am extremely passionate about digital marketing and as so, I have started working on a marketing blog and recently wrote multiple articles about how companies can implement their marketing operations during these difficult times. I hope they can be useful to generate value for your customers and improve your business performance. This e-mail is a one-time message, with no subscription or strings attached, to share an article I wrote about brand solidarity during COVID-19. I think it might be interesting for you because even when companies are losing millions of dollars, they still are donating materials, funds, or finding a way to serve a purpose amidst this pandemic. But why? Is it purely philanthropic or is there a strategy behind? Either way, it’s positive for society and I believe it should be rewarded. To discuss the topic, I reached out to five amazing marketing experts with their opinions regarding the strategic importance of brand solidarity as a marketing investment for the future. Is your favorite brand holding up their values? Or for them, it's just a catchy PR stunt? Find out! EMAIL IMAGE WHAT WAS THE EMAIL?
  4. 4. CRM DATABASE Email data base was built by a volunteer google form, and by finding emails from LinkedIn contacts. It was comprised of 202 total contacts. This allowed me to separate randomly into two list of contacts using the HubSpot marketing CRM software.
  5. 5. A|BTESTINGSUBJECTHEADLINE Title Intro Appeal Picture CTA Links to Social Subject headline A Subject headline B For this situation I decided to test a change on the headline, my focus was to analyze the impact on the open rate. Option A was a friendlier general message with a world emoji. Option B adopted a more professionally focus headline to the topic.
  6. 6. 1 2 3 4 WHAT WAS VARIED AND WHY WHAT WAS MY CALL TO ACTION? My CTA was “Read the article here” positioned after my appeal just over the top of the experts that participated on the article HOW DID I INTRODUCE MYSELF AND MY CONTENT? I introduced myself being honest and describing myself as someone who is extremely passionate about digital marketing. I shared that I have been posting content that could be useful to do marketing during the COVID-19 Crisis. I believe this made my content relevant to our context. WHICH VERSION DID I THINK WOULD PERFORM BETTER AND WHY? Since I market myself as someone very serious, I thought that version B would have better results, since it would come up more consistent with my style. I tested the headline. I wanted to understand what would drive a higher opening rate. My initial goal was to have at least one e-mail over 33% click to open rate and at least a 4% click rate in one email.
  7. 7. 5 6 SUMMARY OF EMAIL DISTRIBUTION KPI RESULTS BY EMAIL VERSION (A & B) A total of 202 emails where sent. One list had 100 emails and the second one had 102. The distribution was randomized using excel and loading the files to the HubSpot system. The database also included individual names and last name to personalize every single e-mail. E-Mail A E-Mail B
  9. 9. A/B TEST OPEN RATE CLICK RATE CLICK THROUGH RATE The results of all the test were statistically not significant, meaning that there is no difference between the results. Even when email B had better results. An increase of the sample would be necessary to evaluate results in the future. 7
  10. 10. WHAT WAS YOUR END GOAL? DID YOU ACHIEVE IT? WHY OR WHY NOT WHO IS YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE? My target audience was mainly focused on members of my LinkedIn profile that have marketing jobs in Miami or New York. I was aiming for a 33% open rate with at least a 4% click rate on al least one of the emails. Having both emails surpass my goals was extremely motivating. I believe that the email was well constructed and linked to my website, by using regular text, a clear CTA button and a logo. I believe based on results that I made an appealing proposal for people that received my email. On the other hand the open rate was high, I believe that having COVID-19 as a topic was very eye catching and helped a lot. As a second and personal goal, my idea was to position myself as a marketer in my target audience. 8 9 Analytics after email was sent
  11. 11. THANK YOU My LinkedIn Profile