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Processing in 15m (20 Nov 2010)


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I was asked by "Adobe User Group Portugal" to present a session about Processing with a short duration of 15m, to an audience of Flashers...therefore I used plenty of videos (you may find them in Vimeo) and ended with a video on Hussein Chalayan 2007 fashion runway, just to kick their creative brains out. (in portuguese)

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Processing in 15m (20 Nov 2010)

  1. 1. processing creative code Ricardo Castelhano @RicCastelhano
  2. 2. bring computation to everyone:artists, designers, musicians, biologists,doctors,.... (john maeda)
  3. 3. design by numbers MIT – Aesthetics + Computation
  4. 4. ben fry & casey reas
  5. 5. linguagem programacao alto-nivel gestao de memoria calculos de anti-aliasing comunicacao sistemas de janelas ...
  6. 6. orientada a programacao grafica desenho processamento imagem processamento midia interactivada ...
  7. 7. JAVA basedProcessing Core API procedural sobre OOP de JAVA...
  8. 8. utilizacoes
  9. 9. by: seb lee-delislevideos:Physics Distorter projeccoesGlanztock
  10. 10. by: prupertvideos:MyCelium desenhoSplatter
  11. 11. by: nervous systemvideos:FluidVase (pic) arquitecturaWindCuts
  12. 12. by: warp recordsVideos:RHIFID Speakers musicananoKey
  13. 13. one hundred and eight by: nils volkerVideos:My Little Piece of Privacy instalacoesOne Hundred and Eight
  14. 14. ICU by: guilherme martinsVideos:ICU Parte1 swarsICU Parte2
  15. 15. “and now forsomething different” Hussein Chalayan Spring 2007 wearables
  16. 16.