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Maximising Media Through SEO; How To Drive More From You ATL Campaigns - Ric Rodriguez, Brighton SEO 2019



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For many, above the line advertising is a key part of the marketing mix. However, as users are increasingly looking to search to find their answers, the overlap between the two is becoming more important for brands to consider.

This talk will discussed how to further capitalise on media-driven customer demand, through careful planning and collaboration between buying teams and search marketers and with a view to helping make the most of your marketing spend.

Ric Rodriguez is a London-based SEO consultant; a self-taught technical enthusiast, he breaks down complicated ideas and concepts into the key, need-to-know facts. Find out more at or @RicRodriguez_UK on Twitter.

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Maximising Media Through SEO; How To Drive More From You ATL Campaigns - Ric Rodriguez, Brighton SEO 2019

  2. 2. @ricrodriguez_uk Maximising Media Through SEO; How To Drive More From Your ATL Campaigns
  3. 3. @ricrodriguez_uk Hi I’m Ric and I am a self confessed marketing geek
  4. 4. @ricrodriguez_uk I’ve worked for agencies, start ups and client-side
  5. 5. @ricrodriguez_uk And helped major brands grow their online business
  6. 6. @ricrodriguez_uk I currently lead an SEO team at London
  7. 7. @ricrodriguez_uk Working closely with our sister agency k
  8. 8. @ricrodriguez_uk To build multi-channel solutions for our clients
  9. 9. @ricrodriguez_uk Marketing is about mental and physical availability
  10. 10. @ricrodriguez_uk Mental availability is making customers think about you
  11. 11. @ricrodriguez_uk Physical availability is about being there when they do
  12. 12. @ricrodriguez_uk Above the line is great for building mental availability
  13. 13. @ricrodriguez_uk But with £1 in every £5 now being spent online Source: The Telegraph, August 2018
  14. 14. @ricrodriguez_uk Physical availability is becoming hard to maintain
  15. 15. @ricrodriguez_uk Digital ad spend currently makes up ~63% of the total Source: Emarketer, August 2018
  16. 16. @ricrodriguez_uk But despite search being a key ”online shopping aisle”
  17. 17. @ricrodriguez_uk SEO is often not considered as part of the media plan
  18. 18. @ricrodriguez_uk But search and media can be a powerful partnership
  19. 19. @ricrodriguez_uk So, how do we capitalise on this massive opportunity?
  20. 20. @ricrodriguez_uk Great ideas are not always the simplest to execute
  21. 21. @ricrodriguez_uk Three key areas: planning, activation, measurement
  22. 22. @ricrodriguez_uk Thirty ideas designed to help get you started
  23. 23. @ricrodriguez_uk Planning
  24. 24. @ricrodriguez_uk Search data is amazingly insightful and it’s free – use it! Tip #1
  25. 25. @ricrodriguez_uk Ask your SEO team to identify core user questions Tip #2
  26. 26. @ricrodriguez_uk SEO isn’t just about Google – consider the alternatives Tip #3
  27. 27. @ricrodriguez_uk Wherever your content sits online, it can be optimised Tip #4
  28. 28. @ricrodriguez_uk SEO isn’t direct response; give the team time to work Tip #5
  29. 29. @ricrodriguez_uk Media campaigns can be great for driving new links Tip #6
  30. 30. @ricrodriguez_uk Brief IT well in advance, if you need website changes Tip #7
  31. 31. @ricrodriguez_uk And consider how new assets will fit into the flow Tip #8
  32. 32. @ricrodriguez_uk (And where they don’t add value, keep them off site) Tip #9
  33. 33. @ricrodriguez_uk Don’t invest in media unless you’re visible on page one Tip #10
  34. 34. @ricrodriguez_uk Activation
  35. 35. @ricrodriguez_uk Using websites in CTAs is a hard sell - try “search for” Tip #11
  36. 36. @ricrodriguez_uk Make your CTAs branded; it’s easier to rank for these Tip #12
  37. 37. @ricrodriguez_uk Align SEO experts with PR to capitalise on coverage Tip #13
  38. 38. @ricrodriguez_uk And think about how SEO can support post-campaign Tip #14
  39. 39. @ricrodriguez_uk If you’re activating in-store, make sure you’re on GMB Tip #15
  40. 40. @ricrodriguez_uk Or build out a site section for a new product launch Tip #16
  41. 41. @ricrodriguez_uk Microsites sound cool, but can be an SEO headache Tip #17
  42. 42. @ricrodriguez_uk Don’t make “vanity” site changes for the campaign Tip #18
  43. 43. @ricrodriguez_uk But use SEO to reinforce the campaign message Tip #19
  44. 44. @ricrodriguez_uk Communicate throughout – this is absolutely critical Tip #20
  45. 45. @ricrodriguez_uk Measurement
  46. 46. @ricrodriguez_uk Branded searches make for a great measurement tool Tip #21
  47. 47. @ricrodriguez_uk And you can compare demand changes by city Tip #22
  48. 48. @ricrodriguez_uk Your media campaigns may also impact generic queries Tip #23
  49. 49. @ricrodriguez_uk (If you’re an SME, you can benefit from this for free) Tip #24
  50. 50. @ricrodriguez_uk Use search conversion data to prove your effectiveness Tip #25
  51. 51. @ricrodriguez_uk Google my business offers a number of ”local” metrics Tip #26
  52. 52. @ricrodriguez_uk Keep measurement simple; use KPIs that make sense Tip #27
  53. 53. @ricrodriguez_uk E.g., don’t measure sales if your goal is awareness Tip #28
  54. 54. @ricrodriguez_uk Remember, any site change could impact SEO results Tip #29
  55. 55. @ricrodriguez_uk So, know what else is going on when using SEO metrics Tip #30
  56. 56. @ricrodriguez_uk Bonus round
  57. 57. @ricrodriguez_uk Paid search can be great for trying out CTAs / metadata Tip #31
  58. 58. @ricrodriguez_uk Test campaign messaging on DSAs for more insight Tip #32
  59. 59. @ricrodriguez_uk Don’t pay for clicks; turn off PPC where SEO is strong Tip #33
  60. 60. @ricrodriguez_uk To summarise
  61. 61. @ricrodriguez_uk The impact of ATL on SEO can be substantial
  62. 62. @ricrodriguez_uk Collaboration is the key to success across both
  63. 63. @ricrodriguez_uk Think SEO when planning, activating and measuring
  64. 64. @ricrodriguez_uk To drive more value from your media campaigns
  65. 65. @ricrodriguez_uk Thank you! Tweet me – @RicRodriguez_UK