Sys Majik, How the Magic Works


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Business Systems Designed for Dealers, Wholesalers, Installers, Fabricators and Service Fleets. A complete system not add on modules.

Grow from 1 to 100's of users using the same software. Never be forced to change systems because you out grew the old system.

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Sys Majik, How the Magic Works

  1. 1. Business Systems Designed For: Dealers, Wholesalers, Installers, Fabricators and Outside Service Centers ► Grow from a single user at one branch to dozens of branches and 100’s of users, using the same software. Never be forced to change systems because you out grew the old. The system grows with you. ► Establish best practices for each phase of your business through the program configuration and the program will enforce the requirements you have defined. ► Recapture lost profit dollars automatically; the system scans the available inventory against any item being ordered and notifies you when a match is found. Allowing you to requisition the item on the order rather then ordering a new item. A great way to recoup lost profit dollars from your Bone Pile products or convert you purchasing power into cash by requisitioning specially purchased stock items on to an order. ► Determine accurate job costing on each and every job. Costs required to do a job are charged to the job. Not absorbed by the company, stop over paying sales commissions. ► Quickly and easily create professional Sales Proposals, clone repeated orders or the same bid to several contractors customized for each, never have to enter the same bid twice. ► The program’s Credit Mgr. confirms that each order has either met payment requirements or is within preapproved credit limits and is current before and order is allowed to process. Building Permit Numbers, and/or Customer PO Numbers can also be checked before processing is allowed. ► Define special pricing and handling requirements by customer, the system will enforce them. ► Purchasing, receiving, warehousing, available inventory and truck inventories are all matched one to one. You know where your inventory dollars are and what happened to them. ► The unique Store in a Store concept allows component pricing and the ability to build a product, and to sell that product to your self at a wholesale level with a predetermined markup. Then the product is available for your sales staff to sell just like any other product from any other supplier. ► Select form over 75 reports to pin point your achievements’ in all areas of your business. ► SysMajik’s power is its flexibility by being strong enough to allow you to configure the system to best support the needs of your business. It will provide you with the frame work to be able to do business your way and provide the strength to enforce your standards For a personal interactive internet meeting demonstrating what benefits SysMajik has to offer for your business Call 801-566-9200 or 888-520-9202 or contact to arrange a time best suited for you. (For More Detailed Information Read On) 1
  2. 2. SysMajik Features, Functions and Benefits At A Real World Business Solution we create real world business systems for Dealers, Wholesalers, Installers, Fabricators and Service Fleets. Making it count where it counts, on the bottom line. We help you create “Best Practices” in all areas of your business which results in better customer service and maximized profitability. We created SysMajik Business Systems, which is a complete system, not a series of add on modules. SysMajik is designed to allow the program to be used on a single computer in one location or it can be configured to operate dozens of locations with hundreds of users and departments. It is a system you are never likely to out grow or be forced into changing because you out grew the program. The program can grow with you allowing you to use best practices and grow your customer base from the beginning. You can develop your employees and reinforce their accountability to improve their performance with a suit of over 75 reports to pin point their achievements’ in all areas of your business. The systems offered allow you to create an environment that forces yourself as well as all your people to meet minimum levels or standards. First you and SysMajik define exactly what those minimum levels and standards are through the program configuration, and then the system will enforce them. When deviations from those minimum standards are required, the program makes it a conscious decision and limits to specific individuals, the ability to make those variances. Starting when a customer is entered into the system for the first time, the program will ask for the lead source for that customer That way you know what lead source is working and can determine a lead cost by type and total assuring that your marketing dollars are well spent. By taking advantage of the Branch Document Numbering System, you will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year because no preprinted forms are required. SysMajik will print all required forms complete with your logo. As the order progresses through the system, additional forms are printed automatically as they are needed. Carrying over all necessary information with no additional data entry required. Inventory Requisitions of available inventory purchased for stock or bone pile items are compared against products being ordered, automatically. If the computer identifies a product already in stock it will show that item as being available for requisition. By requisitioning high volume stock items that were purchased at a discount over standard ordering or by being able to use bone yard products, you can recapture lost profit dollars from a mistake or take advantage of your purchasing power converting it to your bottom line profit. It take 15-20 sales dollars to equal one profit dollar, we are talking about putting profit dollars back where they belong, on the bottom line. Labor Charts are used to define the cost of work charged to the customer for performing specific tasks. Management may provide a cost multiplier or mark up percentage to the salesman to be used to establish a sale price to the customer. This standardizes the sale price regardless of whom in processing the order and again gives management the control and protects your margin. Labor Providers – lists of both in-house and subcontractors are tracked separately based on who is assigned to do specific jobs and will determine the actual hard cost of doing the job. Management has the ability to define both a minimum sales multiplier by vendor using Sales Contracts and minimum cost multipliers by vendor using Purchase Contracts at the Department Level. This gives you the control to assure that products are sold at a predetermined minimum pricing, for a specific cost, by vendor. You are also able to allow individuals the ability of editing those minimums on an individual level. This protects you and the company from mistakes made by new salespeople or carelessness. How many thousands of dollars would that save? 2
  3. 3. We all have those customers that dictate special consideration. Their sales volume is substantial but they want things done their way on some very thin margins. They have special requirements that must be met to get paid for the work done, forms signed off, etc. They don’t care what your procedures are, they are only concerned about getting what they want when they want it. To make things even more challenging, they don’t play by their own rules. Supervisors call demanding that you take out a product that wasn’t on the plan, without giving you a change order number. They want a service done today when they agreed to give you minimum of 48 hours notice but they forgot to call. SysMajik won’t solve all the problems but it will go a long ways towards that end. First of all in SysMajik you are able to define special pricing and handling by customer. This will override the department level pricing for the vendor. By using a Tracking Template you are able to outline each step necessary to complete their order, breaking down each process that has to be completed. Also, when an account is marked as requiring a PO number to process and order, no order can be processed without one, forcing the supervisor to give you the number if he wants the product. This same restriction would also apply to Building Permit Numbers. By allowing the computer to remember these tasks, special pricing and handling are enforced not forgotten. It also means you don’t have to have a team of dedicated people to handle that account but are free to have anyone be able to perform the required tasks. The computer assures that the people processing, delivering or servicing their order are aware of what tasks need to be completed, and won’t allow the job to be closed until they have been done. Having all the forms, sign offs and submittals turned in on time, how many thousands is that worth? It is critical for any business to be able to determine accurate job costing. It is unfair for the company to use exaggerated or outdated costs to determine the profitability of a job to pay a salesman commission. Like wise a salesman is not being fair when he is not showing all the actual cost necessary to do the job, and expect to be paid the inflated commission. Every effort should be made to charge the job for all cost affiliated with doing the job. By so doing a determination can be made if the job is good business for the company, or at least show what adjustments need to be made in future jobs. By using Purchase Charges at the department level you are able to reflect costs to the jobs that are not passed directly on to the customer. An example may be Sales Support Charges, COD Fees, Packing Charges, etc. which are costs to the company to perform the job requested. These charges may be anything that can be defined, either a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of the sale or costs. By recapturing costs that in the past are just absorbed by the company, and reflecting them accurately in the job cost, will show in most cases that the profit percentage you think you’re making and what you’re really making are not close. Also, you’re over paying the commission as well, how many thousands of dollars is that worth? Sales Charges are charges that are passed on to the customer and will appear as a line item in the proposal. These charges could be Job Site Delivery Charges, Disposal Charges, and Cleaning Fees etc. These charges are shared with the salesman. No hard costs are leveled against these charges. Any additional sales charge is added directly to the profit line. A small added fee can make big changes in your bottom line. A $25 added fee is like adding $500 more in sales. Before a purchase can be made from any supplier they must be included in the Vendors Listing. Space is provided to assure that the proper billing information, all contacts, selling multiplier, terms, delivery time, etc. is shown. Any product purchased will be listed in the vendors catalog showing each line item, list price, cost, number purchased, number available and number sold. This assures that only approved vendors are listed and all the necessary information is available. Inventory Audits may be completed and if necessary inventory edits may also be done. The program will track any adjustment listing who, when, and what was changed. Inventory is tracked one to one with purchasing, receiving, products sold and available inventory. Poor inventory control is kin to leaving your cash box open and unattended then wondering why it doesn’t add up. Sales Proposals are quickly and easily written by vendor, and will itemize, by line, each product by its sale price or as a bottom line only bid. Use Tax for installed products or Sales Tax may be selected by location. Importing directly to create a Sale Proposal may be possible form some electronic pricing programs from various vendors. Sale Proposals may be grouped together to create a job, each proposal reflecting a different vendor. The Job Cost Analysis will show you accurate job cost for each proposal or combined proposals for the job, allowing you to see the overall job profitability even if you had to discount one segment or other. If you have a large project that will involve a number of proposals for an extended period of time, use the Project Mode. You are able to add an unlimited 3
  4. 4. number of proposals from multiple vendors at any stage. Adding bids, orders or completed orders to a project tracks the sales and costs and allows you to see an accurate cost of doing the project. The Favorites Lists allows you to store proposals that may be reused over and over. When an item is selected to be copied, the program will ask you for a new job site name and address, then the proposal is created in one push of the button. This feature also allows you to present the same bid to multiple contractors, customized for each. So you never have to enter the same proposal twice. The Job Tracking / Research Buttons allow you to pull up any job in the system and determine where it is in the process; what is its current status, which truck is it on, who is the installer etc. If a customer calls and wants to know his balance, click on the Account Summary button to pull up an up to the minute history of that account, showing what jobs are outstanding, payments made, credits received, pending jobs, invoice aging and an account balance. You are able to print it or E-mail it to the customer all out of the system. The Credit Manager tracks the account’s grand total against a preapproved credit limit and if the account is current for the balance owing. If either the credit limit is exceeded or the account has become delinquent, no order may be processed until the deviation has been resolved. It is all automatic. Tight credit control will save you tens of thousands of dollars. Ours is automatic- let the computer be the bad guy. Likewise, any deposit received or credits issued in the system are automatically updated the moment they are entered into the system. There is no waiting for deposits to be posted in accounting. The accounts are updated immediately. The unique Store in a Store concept allows component pricing, the ability to build a product part by part, and allocating the labor and supplies. You are then able to sell the completed product with a predetermined markup to yourself at a wholesale level making the shop its self a profit center. Then the product can be made available to be sold like any other supplier in your sales department. Each department has the ability of creating a shop for specialized products. So the profits between the manufacturing and wholesale prices go straight to the bottom and the sales force are buying the products at the wholesale price and marking them up from there. Password protection limits access to the program. Permissions control the ability of each user to perform each task. Almost any defined task can be limited to being available to only those who have the necessary permissions, giving management total control of who has access to each segment; such as Receiving and Warehousing, Dispatching to schedule deliveries, and services and installations. Permissions also tell us who can Enter Time Cards, Trip History, E-Mail Proposals, Invoices or Account Summaries or who can do Vendor Invoice vs. PO Comparisons, Tools and Equipment Check Outs and Reports Manager to name a few. The ability of creating a Truck Inventory on any service or delivery truck can be very powerful. All products or supplies are requisitioned from the main available inventory and assigned to a truck. As products are sold or used off the truck, they are listed and then their cost is charged to the job they were sold to. That removes them from the truck inventory and accounts for the products. From time to time a count sheet is printed showing what should be on the truck and a physical inventory is done. What is on the list and what is on the truck should be the same, deviations need to be explained. By taking advantage of the Customer Tracking, Dispatch Service capabilities, Labor Charts and the Available Inventory features, which are tied back to the Truck Inventory and Third Party Purchases, you now have an Outside Service Center, a profit center in a profit center, for HVAC, Plumbers, Locksmiths or Appliance Repair etc. What percentage of your business is done off site? Are you sure you’re getting back what you should be? (Detailed Information for an Outside Service Center is available upon request.) For a personal interactive internet meeting demonstrating what benefits SysMajik has to offer for your business Call 801-566-9200 or 888-520-9202 or contact to arrange a time best suited for you. 4