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The 74 stone babysitter


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The 74 stone babysitter

  1. 1. The 74stone BabysitterBy; Rianne Wright
  2. 2. The 74stone Babysitter(TV Documentary)
  3. 3. This documentary is about a woman who is undergoing trial for the death of her 2 year old nephew. Hedied in an incident where she was the only personwith him at the time. We watch this to find out howshe is tried and measures to goes to because of herweight.The 74stone Babysitter
  4. 4. The 74stone BabysitterThese first scenes inthe documentary ispart of theintroduction. The musicis quite serious as thetopic of thedocumentary issensitive, yet very dark.
  5. 5. The close up of the womans facewith tears in her eyes is to enhancesympathy from the audience.Before this shot was a pan of theroom she was in. It was to show hersituation and how she struggled withher weight and the death of hernephew.In this shot and pan, there isincidental music. This is to make theaudience empathetic towards her.
  6. 6. • There is a zoom on the boy who died.The picture is put in black and whiteto represent the boy as a ‘memory’ tohis Aunty.• It emphasises that he is dead, and nolonger here. Whilst the photo is beingshown, there is sad non-diegeticmusic being played.• There is a zoom on the boy whodied. The picture is put in black andwhite to represent the boy as a‘memory’ to his Aunty.• It emphasises that he is dead, andno longer here. Whilst the photo isbeing shown, there is sad non-diegetic music being played.
  7. 7. The wide shot of the man cuttingthrough the wall is highlighted belowby a close up shot.Natural lighting is challenging theconventions the story as the woman isconfined to her bedroom, so this is thefirst time the audience is seeing naturallighting in the programme.