Evaluation for mise en-scene ......group 5


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Evaluation for mise en-scene ......group 5

  1. 1. How do you represent yourcharacter through the mise-en-scene?
  2. 2. Colour codeRed = RianneGreen = MariaBlue = MarishaPurple = Helen
  3. 3. Costume & Props
  4. 4. baggy creamjumperWe put liquideyeliner under eyesto create darkcircles, whichconnote that she isa mess and is nottaking care of herwell being.Her hair was alot more flatand dead itlooked lifelessThecostumeshows thatShe don’ttake care ofherself .How are the character beingrepresenting
  5. 5. How the main (Maria ) is being representedShe is notwearing anyearringsbecause shecannot affordany.Maria iswearing aplain blacklight jumper.Easy to fit inShe is alsowearing a blueand yellowschool tiethats part ofthe uniformWearing ainform,which is oneway she canfit in with herpeers as shedon’t haveother way tolook same(shortage ofmoney )
  6. 6. She is represented just wearingsomething simple. which suggest shecan’t afford of buying clothes that arefancy.
  7. 7. She represented by wearingwhite top with no jacket so thatour audience can understand thatshe is livening in poor condition.We used the map (prop) to connoteswhat she was thinking of doingfurthermore it creates an enigma forthe audience using a map .
  8. 8. Map &key (Props )We used a bagthat looks oldand out offashion thereason for ourchoice of the bagis that we wantedto show how theydon’t haveenough money tobuy new thingsthat are infashion .The key connotes of what sheis thinking .
  9. 9. Phone (props )We used a phone(Nokia) as it is badquality and old fashionwhich suggest thatMaira don’t keep upwith the newtechnology as she haveproblem at the houseand won’t be able topay for new things.
  10. 10. Facial Expression
  11. 11. How do you represent your characterthrough the Mis en sen?• Facial Expressions Here, Maria looks deeply saddened.She is almost frowning, just hercountenance doesn’t appearangry, but sad.Her facial expressionsappear as though she isabout to cry.
  12. 12. Facial ExpressionsMaria is lookingdown, and she looks indeep thought. Thisshows that she isthinking aboutsomething which ispossibly upsetting her.Here, Maria looks asthough she isdiscussed andunimpressed, which isironic as this is thescene where shecomes home to findher motherdrunk/passed out.
  13. 13. This face is similar to theprevious one where Mariacomes home to find hermother drunk. Her glazedeyes looks as though she isabout to cry.Here, Maria looksoverwhelmed withemotion. Her titledhead suggests thatshe’scontemplating onsomething, but isalsoupset/depressed.
  14. 14. Body Language
  15. 15. Body languageMaria’s body language connotes that she is calm, asshe is one with nature.Maria, our main characters body languageconnotes the fact that she is frustrated.Maria’s facial expression implicates that she has hadenough which we see in the opening sequence ofher walking slowly to her mom.
  16. 16. Body languageMaria’s body language connotes that she isunhappy and hurt by her mom pushing her.Maria’s body language connotes that she isconcerned about her mother.
  17. 17. Body languageMaria’s body language shows that she is thisisolated and insignificant character, this is thereason we didn’t place her in the centre of theshot.Maria’s body language connotes that she isinferior with the help of her costume whichmakes her look minimal and bare.
  18. 18. Body languageBody language connotes that she is trying todecide on whether she should runaway.By holding both keys and map, this showswhether she should runaway or go home.Maria walks away in to the distance slowly whichconnotes that she is frustrated and saddened.
  19. 19. Dialogue & Tone
  20. 20. • The mum tells Mariato go away in a verylazy way.• As if she is notbothered that Mariais trying to help her.• The mum becomesincreasinglyagitated &aggressive.• Maria says mumin a stressed &tired tone• Maria says thisline in a way tomake it obviousto the audiencethat she is lying.• Maria says this ina veryabrupt/frustratedway. The volumeof her voiceincreases• Rianne says thisin a worried way.Maria says this in atired/frustratedtone.
  21. 21. Chart to demonstrate dialogue & toneMother Rianne Maria• In this scene themum soundsfrustrated and lazywhen she she tellsMaria to• ‘Go away’.• Rianne’s tone isloud as she isworried andannoyed at the factshe hasn’t heardfrom Maria in along time. ‘wherehave you been’• Maria seemsembarrassed in thisscene. As it is obviousin her voice that shehas not got money topay for her food.• The tone of her voiceis quite low and a bitsoft.• ‘Oh I must of lostsome money alongthe way’.• Maria response toRianne sounds busyand frustrated Mariaalso seems quitetired and sad.• ‘I’ve been reallybusy’.