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  1. 1. A2 Media Studies Jo Harland Mock ups of website &CD cover: Front cover: Back cover: Inside covers: Thisis the CD coverand we will relate itdirectlytothe same conceptof the musicvideo. Thisiswhere synergywill be clear and obviousbecause justlikethe musicvideothe CDcoverwill alsobe splitintotwohalvesshowingone side ashergoodside – thisiswhere she will be wearingsoftmakeupandhave asoft expressiononherface – andthe otherside will be herbadside – where she will have darkmakeupanda sinisterexpressiononher face – thisideacame directlyfromthe video.The close-upimage alsoseemedtobe poplarfor the Te AmoCD cover,so we took thisintoconsideration whendrawingthismock-up. Thiscover will be ingreyscale justlike the musicvideo. Thisis the back coverof the CD; it followsthe general CDconventionswiththe box forthe listof songsand the bar code.Once againit still follows the ideaof havingthe twosidestoRihannawiththe goodside of her more clothedstill showingher “sexy”side butthe bad side of her withminimal clothingonbecause a lotof herfanssaidher image isimportantand throughresearchintoherother CD coverssex seemstosell withRihanna. Thiswill alsobe ingreyscale. The two inside coverswillbe imagescomingstraight fromthe musicvideo,because thisissomethingthatRihannahas not done before forone of herCD’s.This worksforthisCD mockup because we will take twostill imagesfromthe two differentsplitscreensfromthe videoof herwalkingdownthe roadwith herentourage showingthe twodifferent outfitsthatshe will be wearinginthe video.
  2. 2. A2 Media Studies Jo Harland Website mock-up: Thisis the website mock-up.There will be apicture of the CD cover as a form of advertisingtofanswhohave notyet purchasedit,there will alsobe linkstoRihanna’stwitter,facebook,myspace andyoutube sofanscanfindoutabout up comingeventsandanysongsthat are comingout soon.The linktoyoutube will alsoenablefanstofindout aboutother artiststhat are signedtothe same recordlabel asRihannaor artists fromthe same genre,sonot only will itbe advertisinghermusicitwill alsobe aformof advertisingforotherartists. A commentbox will be there so that fanscan communicate andshare theirideasandthoughtsof the video.The bigbox will be where different imagesof herwill be placed,the box will be animatedsothatitwill show sortof a “slide show”of pictures,all these pictureswill alternatebetweenhergoodandbad side – thisiswhere synergywill come intothe website.Atthe top of the website youcansee thatthere will be alittle box where the actual songwill be embeddedsothatthe song
  3. 3. A2 Media Studies Jo Harland Music VideoProposal: What is the song about and what is the message ofthe song? The song isabout a female beinginpowerandshowinghercourage bytryingto get revenge.She talksaboutbeinga “gangster”whichnot onlyreferstothe title of the song butalsoconnotesto her audience the sense of herbeingincontrol andinpower. Whois the intendedaudience forthis production? Her usual targetmarketwhichis typicallyyoungfemalesfromaroundaboutthe ages16-25. What will happenin the production? The music videothatwe will create will be partnarrative andpartconceptual.Itwill alsobe filmed like ashort film,the openingof the musicvideowe will have ashortactingpiece where the artist will be seenasplayingaformof “God Father”like role.The videowillbe ingreyscale becausefrom our researchwe have foundoutthat the albumthat this particulartrack is from, synergyshowsthat a majorityof the artist’svideosare editedtobe ingreyscale.The roomwill be darkand smokywith lowlightingcreatingshadowsonthe artist’sface whichwill conveyadouble sidedpersonalitytothe audience.Everyoneinthe scene willbe dressedinblackandthe artistwill be wearingsunglasses withredlipstick(althoughthe scene willbe editedtobe ingreyscale,thispartwill be editedsothat youcan see the redinher lips).She willthenstartstalkingandgive theminstructionsonthe revenge she isplanning.The extraswill agree bysayingthingslike“Yesboss”.Afterthe shortactingpiece it will goon to the actual musicvideowhere itwill startoff withaclose-uponhermouthas she sings the firstfew linesof the songwhichare “I lickthe gunwhenI’mdone because Iknow revenge is sweet”sowhilstsingingthe lyricsshe will lickagun.The artistand the extraswill thengetupto leave the roomand go outof a door where theywill findthemselvesinanurbantype street.Thisis where the screenwill thensplitintotwosides.One sidegoodwhere inthisside of the screenshe will alwaysbe shownwearingwhite clothingwhichwill connotetothe audience the sense of purity and innocence,the extraswhowill be behindherinthisshotwill alsobe wearingwhiteandthe sceneswill be brightlylit.Where asthe otherside whichwill be the badside itwill be adarkshot witha lotof shadowsandlowkeylighting;she will be wearingblackshortswithhighheelstoconvey to the audience the sense of evil insideof her – the extrasinthe shot will alsobe wearingblack. Trackingshots will be usedtofilmthe staras she is walkingdownthe roadwithhertroop.This will thencut intothe studiowhere alittle bitof choreographywill take place (still withthe screensplitin two) but the screenswill notbe mirrorimagesof eachotherinsteaditwill justbe one image with white onone side andblackon the other.This will be filmedin acantedangle to show that everythingisnotreal inthispart there will alsobe distortionasif she isa robot malfunctioningon the side of her that will be inblack.Afterthisitwill gobackto the performance partwhere she is actingtheyhave arrivedat theirdestinationandonthe screenitisonce again back to there being twoof her.She thenputs herhandon the door and goesinside,the musicwillonce againbeginand there will be a360 panningshotshowingtwopeople inthe roomeitherside of aman whois tiedto a chair. The two people thatare inthe room is the goodside andthe evil side of the artist,the evil side will stillbe holdingthe gun,the white side grabsthe gunandtheyfightoverthe gun until a shot
  4. 4. A2 Media Studies Jo Harland goesoff and the blackside fallstothe floor.The white side thentakesthe gunandwalksout of the room.The musicvideowill finishwithwordsflashuponthe screensaying“Gunsdon’tkill people. People do.” Where will we specificallyshoot? In an urbantype area, like anaverage streetinLondonwhichlooks“rough”.Alsosome partsof the videowill be done inthe studioandinsideahouse. Whowill be appearing inthis production? Dancers,the mainstar of the video(whichwill be scoutedforonalaterdate) and possiblyamale co-star. How long will it take you to tape? Approximately2weeks Concept/Idea:A videoportrayingthe moral behindrevengeanditwill alsochallengestereotypes and conventionsaboutartistsfromthatgenre of music. Director/Producer: FloraOsei Script/Storyboard: Sanel Arif Camera Operator: Carol Boye Audio:Rianna Dyer Talent: Videostarstill tobe scouted Props: Chair,Gun (artificial),Motorbike Editing: FloraOsei How long will you needto edit the production? Approximately5days – we will editthe musicvideoinlinearform. How will you divide the followingresponsibilitiesbetweenthe group? Everyone will take the taskthat theyare bestat. FilmedVox Pops: Alreadybeenfilmed –justneedstobe editedanduploaded. Questionnaire &Results: Before we couldmake the video,we hadtodistribute thisquestionnaireinordertoget to know Rihanna’stargetaudience betterandtolearnwhattheylookforin a Rihannavideowhetheritisthe image theyare lookingator if itis the music that theyare listeningto.The resultsof this questionnaire will influencesome of the decisionsthatwe choose tomake aboutthe musicvideo
  5. 5. A2 Media Studies Jo Harland A majorityof the people thatwe askedwere fromourcollege,sowere mostlyaroundthe agesof 17 – 19, this gave usa roughideaof whatsorts of people listentoRihanna’smusicbecause although hertarget audience rangesfromabout12 – 25 a vastmajorityof the people thatbuyhermusicand watch hermusicvideosare youngadults/ olderteenagers.From these resultsthe average Rihanna fan is18 yearsold. 0 2 4 6 8 15 & below 16 17 18 19+ How old are you? Series 1
  6. 6. A2 Media Studies Jo Harland From these three graphswe cangather that the average Rihannafanisa blackAfricanfemale.This directlylinkstothe genre of musicRihannaisfrom(RnB) whichismainlydominatedbyblack artists so thisdirectcorrelationwill helpusmake decisionsbecausewe willhave tolookintovideosby otherblackartists fromthe same genre whicha youngblackAfricanfemale will alsobe listeningto. FemalesalsostereotypicallylookatRihannaforherimage so the image will be veryimportantto them. 0 5 10 15 20 Male Female Are you male or female? Series 1 0 2 4 6 8 10 Ethnicity Series 1 0 5 10 15 20 25 Yes No Do you listen to Rihanna'smusic? Series 1
  7. 7. A2 Media Studies Jo Harland As youcan see althoughhermusicscoredhighly,herimage isalsoa veryimportantfactorto her fans.Some people we askedticked‘No’onthe questionaboutif theylistentoRihannabutwe found that those people were malesbuttheywentontotick herimage as somethingtheylike mostabout her.So image to fansand people whoare notevenfanswill be lookingatherimage.Fromthisgraph I can conclude thatit isthe musicthat will make fans buythe CD butit isthe image beingportrayed inthe videothatwill have themlistentothe songinthe firstplace. The videowhichscoredthe highestwas“Rude boy”whichisa brightcolourful videowhere Rihanna isseenwearingveryminimal clothing.Once againimage comesintoquestionasa veryimportant factor of a Rihannamusicvideo.“Hard”isalso a highscoringvideowhichissimilarto“Rude boy” where there isa lotof colour,thisincontrast intoRihanna’sothermusicvideosforexample “Wait your turn”whichdidn’tgetas many votesasthe restisa videofilmedingreyscale.Sothisis somethingwe willalsohave totake intoconsiderationif the fanswanttosee a greyscale video whichcreatesmeaningora videowhichfollowsa narrative withbrightcoloursandthe artist picturedwearingminimal clothing. 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 Music Image What do you like about her most? Series 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Russian roulette Te amo Rude boy Wait your turn Hard Other Which one of these videos do you prefer? Series 1
  8. 8. A2 Media Studies Jo Harland The CD coverwhichscoredthe highestwas“Hard”: Whenwe askedthe fanswhy the pickedthisCDcover as the one theypreferredthe most,theysaid it wasbecause of the sexual contentinvolvedalotof people commentedthatshe looked“sexy”and that “sex sells”soclearlythe fanslike the factthatshe objectifiesherself inhermusicvideosandon herCD covers.Sothisfactor will definitelybe takenintoconsiderationwhencreatingourownCD covers,the secondhighestscoringCDcoverwas the CD coverfor Te Amo: 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Rude boy Hard Wait your turn Russian roulette Te amo Which one of these CD covers do you prefer? Series 1
  9. 9. A2 Media Studies Jo Harland ThisCD cover scoredhighlyaswell because some fanssaid“Itismore suitable forheryoungerfans as well”,“Herhairand make-uplooksamazing!”,“The conceptbehindthe CDcoverrelatestothe songitself”.Sounlike the CDcoverforHard thisCD coverhad more mixedreviewssome people mentionedherlookbutsome alsomentionedhow itissuitable forall audiencesandhow itismore mainstreamthatthe otherCD covers.Whencreatingour CD coverwe will lookatbothof these CD coversand pickout factorsthat we like thatthe fans alsoliked. Pre-production: Plans/mocks: Coming soon Locations:
  10. 10. A2 Media Studies Jo Harland These are a fewlocation photosof possible placeswhere we couldfilm;the bestpicture thatwe have to showthe sort of locationthatwe will be filminginisthe picture withthe emptyroad because we will have the artistanda few extraswalkingdownastraightroad.We will filmthisand see if thisworksor we will puta camera inthe back of a car and filmthe roadfor the whole duration of the songthenplace it onthe blue screentosee if thatwouldbe a betterway of makingthe music video. Schedules: Coming soon Storyboards/scripts: Coming soon Props/costumes: Thisis a picture of a motorbike thatwe were thinkingof usinginourmusicvideobecause we think thiswouldportraythe artist as beingmasculine. We are still consideringif we are goingtouse this motorbike orgo withthe artistjustwalking.
  11. 11. A2 Media Studies Jo Harland For our musicvideowe will needtwodifferentoutfitsforthe artist.She will needablackoutfit whichisquite revealingandheelstoportrayherdark side,withthisshe will be wearingsunglasses and have brightredlipstickon.We wantthis outfittobe the sexieroutfitbecause throughresearch a lot of her fanssaidthat sex sellsandthather image isimportantsowe have to ensure thatthe outfitshe iswearingisverystylishandedgy. Dark side costume: For thisoutfitwe wantthe artist to wearveryshortshorts sothat a lotof herlegsare on show because throughlookingatthe thingsthatRihannausuallywearsinmusicvideosherlegsare akey assetshe alwayshas herlegsonshow.So we wanther to wearshortsand witha tightcrop top eitherasimilarstyle tothe firstbodice like topof the topwiththe cut outdetail atthe back.The
  12. 12. A2 Media Studies Jo Harland shoeshave tobe extrahighbecause itisveryRihannaand the artistneedsto looktall andelongated inthe video.We are alsogoingfor that sortof “statement”heel becauseitwill make herlooklikea fashioniconandit will addpowertothe outfit. Goodside costume: Thisis the outfitforthe good side of the artist,the white dresswill connote innocenceanditwill lookgoodcontrastingagainstthe more revealingblackoutfit.We still keepwiththe fashionable Rihannalooksoit will be a dressfanswouldalsowantto wear. Shootingscript: Coming soon Test shots: Coming soon Lightingtests: Coming soon