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Research & planning rihanna te amo

  1. 1. RiannaDyer Rihanna- Te amo video Rihanna’s song title ‘Te amo’ is a Portuguese sentence meaning ‘I love you’ which was produced by Stargate, recorded in 2009 and released June 11th 2010. This video is about a Latino model that plays a femme fatal who does not speak English. She meets Rihanna and falls straight in love with her however Rihanna does not feel the same way. My first print screen shows an establishing shot which shows the area where the first scene is set. This is so that the viewer has a full understanding of where/how the scene begins. We first see the model arriving to her destination. She is driving through what it seems like a forest full of trees in an expensive drop top looking car. here we see a close up screen shot of the models face. She is wearing red lipstick with a black round early 90’stop hat. The red lipstick defines love, romance and passion. The black interacts with the red because black is seen to be a very bold, powerful and an unbreakable colour. here we see the model walking up to the castle. This shot is known as an extreme long shot.
  2. 2. RiannaDyer The sepia type filter for this scene has a big effect on the video. It makes the video look as if it were made around the 1990’s. In the second print screen we see the model looking deeply into Rihanna’s eyes as if she can see right through her. This medium close up shows the us what they are thinking. This shot we see Rihanna looking into the mirror at the model. The model is sitting on a red sofa in front of a fire place. The fire and red sofa could be an indication of how the model was feeling at that time. The model is telling Rihanna that she loves her but unfortunately Rihanna does not feel the same way, so therefore the model may be feeling cautious, urgent, scared and daring but at the same time warm and excited to be in her presence.
  3. 3. RiannaDyer Extreme long shot Purple shadow like filter gives us the impression that that particular scene is to some extent seductive/passionte. With Rihanna taking the lead role in this scene there could be a possibility she is leading the model on which makes her want Rihanna even more. Close up of Rihanna and model getting a bit intamate Here we see an establishing shot of a table on fire with two chairs on opposite sides. This could represent how the model was feeling; energetic war danger and strength
  4. 4. RiannaDyer The last print screen we see the model sitting behind the fire. This could mean that the ending result was that she did not get what she originally planned to get. So now she feels used and angry; if you zoom in onto the models face you will notice that she doesn’t look pleased about the situation. However with her still wearing black that could possibly mean she is not going to give up on trying getting the woman she loves. There are loads of long shots and extreme long shots, this is because it is very important that the audience understand clearly what this video is about. The locations in this case are very important; the car, clothing, castle, all of these products help create the style and mood for the video. Conclusion Some consumers would most probably believe that in this video Rihanna could be sending mixed messages to the model. With this technique my group and i may intend to use it in some way and link it into our product which is currently under construction. We will also look into her style of clothing and different coloured filters for the camera and the different camera angles from this video. Even though we want to challenge the rnb conventions we still ought to keep most of Rihanna’s ‘signature’ personality i.e. clothing and hairstyle; these are the things that attract consumers.