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Metameets09 rianne gardien

  1. 1. Metameets 200922-24 May 2009 <br />The psychologicalconnection -betweenvirtualworlds and reallife.<br />
  2. 2. Metameets 200922-24 May 2009 <br />Whoam I<br />Types of avatar selfexpression<br />Identitydevelopment<br />The psychologicalconnection -betweenvirtualworlds and reallife.<br />
  3. 3. Whoam I<br />Rianne Gardien<br />Rian Hirvi<br />Real Life<br />Bachelor student<br />The HagueUniversity<br />Over 4000 hours | 3 years<br />Socialeducational counselor<br />Secondlife<br />Socializer| firedancer | builder<br />MysticAcademy |The Black Spot | [PML]<br />Over 1500 hours|2 years<br />Inworld<br />
  4. 4. Types of avatar selfexpression<br />psychological distance<br />large<br />small<br />sameperson<br />lookingdiffently<br />role play<br />another person<br />different<br />appearance<br />a copy<br />of itscreator<br />….<br />similar<br />similar<br />different<br />personality<br />
  5. 5. psychological distance<br />large<br />small<br />different<br />appearance<br />a copy<br />of itscreator<br />similar<br />similar<br />different<br />personality<br />
  6. 6. Avatar as a copy of itscreator<br /> SL helps me to project myrealself and feelingsinto SL, and the otherwayaround as well (Beeflin Grut)<br /> SL made itpossiblefor me to test socialinteractions and things I wouldn’t do in RL. (FlufFredriksson)<br /> I foundthat the soul of me is ok to be, throughbeing me on SL and therefore I amable to touch base with the real me in RL. (AhsanNadezda)<br />
  7. 7. psychological distance<br />large<br />small<br />sameperson<br />lookingdiffently<br />different<br />appearance<br />similar<br />similar<br />different<br />personality<br />
  8. 8. Avatar with the samepersonality<br /> I got to knowmyselfbetter and felt more confidentbeingmyself. I made a lot of friends, doingwellsocially in SL, meantthat I could do wellsocially in RL. (HokonCazalet)<br /> I own a club, owning a club helped me to be more confident and to speak up formyself. <br />Itlearned me to organisebetteraswell.(Alianne75 Barrymore)<br /> I had a hard life, SL helped me to explore and realisethat I amnotbroken, thatthings are howthey are and canbegood. I felt more confortable in SL because I don’t have to seepeopleagainwhen I make big mistakes, or I canmutepeoplewhenthey are reallycreepy(CasiopaXue)<br />
  9. 9. psychological distance<br />large<br />small<br />role play<br />another person<br />different<br />appearance<br />similar<br />similar<br />different<br />personality<br />
  10. 10. Avatar as anotherperson.<br />Usuallythroughroleplay, I don’tlearnanythingparticularly special it’sjust a fantasy, and doesn’t have anyrealapplication RL unlessyoucountacting and writingskills as improving.(SilverGreybeard)<br /> I alreadyknowhow I am RL and express myselfhere as well in the samemanner. <br />Creativety opens in mymind and I learn more aboutmycharacter and others. (Shannon Iwish)<br /> My experiences in sldon’t have a big influenceonmyrl, it’s more likemyrlaffectsmysl. I use the knowledge I gained in the army to help mycombatstrategizingduringroleplaying. (DariaGuisse) <br />
  11. 11. Avatar as anotherperson.<br /> I have become more confidentso I guessshe has pulled out some of myconfidence. (DariaGuisse)<br /> The personalgrowth I get is from a goodfriendship. <br />When I portrait a different character I learn more aboutmyself.(Shannon Iwish) <br />
  12. 12. Identitydevelopment<br />Lookingglassself, <br />A persondefinesitselfthroughthe social mirror. <br /> (Cooly 1902 & Mead 1934)<br />
  13. 13. LookingglassselfWhat does oursocial mirror look like.<br />Real Life<br />Family<br />Peers<br />Limitedspace<br />Smallvariety of cultures<br />Famely, agedoesnt matter <br />Peers, mainlysameage<br />Itcanbe hard to get in touch withpeople<br />Networks and groups are lessvisiblewichmakesit harder to find and jointhem<br />Secondlife<br />Avatars and theircreators<br />World wide<br />Biggervariety of cultures<br />Feweragebasednetworks<br />Easier to makenewfriends<br />Socialnetworks are visible and easier to joinorleave<br />
  14. 14. Lookingglassself<br />Specifically SL has made myrelationships in RL deeper and more adventurous, loving more peoplemeansgetting close to and understanding more people, so I canunderstand more aboutpeople in generalincludingthose close to me in RL and myself. (Beeflin Grut)<br /> SL helped me to meet manypeoplefrom all around the world and broadenmypersonal goals and horizonsbecause of thosefriendships. (CasiopaXue) <br />
  15. 15. Metameets 200922-24 May 2009 <br />The psychologicalconnection -betweenvirtualworlds and reallife.<br />Rianne Gardien | Rian Hirvi<br />