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The Tao of Twitter


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An overview of The Tao of Twitter, the world's best-selling book on Twitter, by Mark W. Schaefer

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The Tao of Twitter

  1. 1. By Mark W. Schaefer
  2. 2. Almost every day, I am asked ifI can help people understandTwitter.This is not something you cananswer over a cup of coffee!So I wrote a book to help peoplecalled The Tao of Twitter and itbecame the best-selling bookabout Twitter in the world.This is the reason why: It works.
  3. 3. There are three parts of this paththat are present in every Twittersuccess story … in fact, every socialmedia success story.
  4. 4. The first of these is content. Content is the catalyst that getsyou noticed and creates reactions on the Internet.
  5. 5. “Content” doesn’t necessarily have to be a PhD thesis. Useful content can be a Photo Video Blog post Coupon Opinion Review Joke … almost anything that is human, authentic, and useful, really.
  6. 6. The second part of the path is TargetedConnections. Every social media success musthave a content strategy and a networkstrategy.And to have a network strategy, you mustsurround yourself with people who areinterested in you and your content. The Tao ofTwitter teaches you how to do this effectivelyon a continuous basis.
  7. 7. The third step is offeringAuthentic Helpfulness.People are tired of“selling” and“advertising” but theywill spend time withpeople who will reallyhelp them.Like you.
  8. 8. My book teaches you howto go through each ofthese steps in great detailand also providesexamples of how it all fitstogether to createrelevant, powerfulbusiness benefits.And there is much more …
  9. 9. The language of Twitter can seemso foreign and intimidating. TheTao of Twitter explains all of thisin Plain English.
  10. 10. Twitter can also take up a lotof time. The book will helpbecause it is filled withdozens of tips and time-savers that can helpeveryone from the beginnerto the advanced user.
  11. 11. Perhaps most important, The Tao of Twitter providesdozens of ideas to use this for your business ororganization to create tangible business benefits.
  12. 12. “The stories are fun and make Twitte “This book changed my life.” “The best Twitter book you can buy!” The“Buying for all my clients.impacted them understand!” Tao of Twitter has This will help thousands of people and opened “After just 20 pages, I knew this book was special.” their eyes to a new world of digital “Required reading learning, connection, and fun. for the social age.”“Highly recommended. Essential reading!!” I hope you’ll join the movement and “My Twitter account hadyou own journey withI Twitter. Tao of Twitter!” start been inactive for years until found the “The first social media text I have ever assigned to my college class.”“The best book on Twitter ever written.” “I bought this book for my parents. I want them to understand this power.”
  13. 13. The Tao of Twitter is availableOn Amazon, Kindle and in manybook stores around the world.Stay connected with me viaTwitter@markwschaeferMy