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Published in: Design, Lifestyle
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  1. 1. // Trends
  2. 2. Trends are a part ofour tools to generate:Insightsa clear or deep perceptionof a situationa feeling of understandinga grasping of the innernature of things intuitively
  3. 3. To help with Consumer Understanding
  4. 4. So, why look at trends? Trends Inspiration InnovationSource: TRENDWATCHING.COM
  5. 5. The landscape?We used to have time available butit was hard to get information. Nowwe have no time and lots ofinformation… information overloador is it filter failure? What is a trend? a manifestation of something that has fulfilled an existing consumer desire, want, value, even ‘need’.
  6. 6. an existing consumer desire, want,value, even ‘need’ ? Feeling special / standing out Be in control Experience Independence Feeling confident Convenience / comfort Escapism Boost in self-image Honesty Feeling of closeness Pureness Power Look sophisticated Communication Be in the know Feel better Feel individualistic Nostalgia Wellness Relaxation Feel healthy Homey / security Beauty
  7. 7. Think about: Societal norms, values, structures Technology Growing prosperity Demographics Experience, etc.
  8. 8. what a trend isn’t:Fad -nounA tendency to like a style, activity, item or interest for a very short period oftime, often because others like it too! therefore the fad IS the need!
  9. 9. think about watching trends: challenge the status quo seize diversity think different try & experiment have gutsRemember - ideas change the world only when they’re shared
  10. 10. the process and roles: (1) Gather - anthropologist (2) Experience - anthropologist & experience architect (3) Analyse & hypothesis - collaborator, experimenter & storyteller (4) Share & Build - storyteller, set designer, cross-pollinator & hurdler (5) Present - storyteller & director (6) Re-evaluate & disseminate - caregiver & anthropologist
  11. 11. what’s next? monthly trend reports - personalised for each client / internal department trend presentations book & magazine library general trend news - trend wall (include everyone)
  12. 12. // Thanksinfo@wearexplor.com33a Wadeson Street London E2 9DR