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Constructivism and Post


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Constructivism and Postmodernism

Published in: Education
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Constructivism and Post

  1. 1. Constructivism and Postmodernism By: Ms. Jocel Ann D. Luzong
  2. 2. What is Constructivism?
  3. 3. It is the philosophy about learning that proposes the learners need to build their own understanding of new ideas.
  4. 4. Proponents
  5. 5. Jean Piaget
  6. 6. Jean Piaget Born: August 9, 1896 (Switzerland) Died: September 16, 1980 (Switzerland) Parents: Arthur Piaget and Rebecca Jackson Education: University of Neuchatel (Ph. D in Natural Science)
  7. 7. Lev Vygotsky Born: November 19, 1896(Belarus) Died: July 11, 1934 (Moscow) - tuberculosis
  8. 8. Gaston Bachelard Born: June 27, 1884 (France) Died: October 16, 1962
  9. 9. s of Constructivism Constructivism Cognitive Constructivism Social Constructivism Structured for Individual Structures in a Social Context Understanding= Independent Intervention Understanding= Social in Origin
  10. 10. Cognitive Constructivism • Individual experience and process through which learning occurs. • It is how the individual learner understands things. • Through Developmental Stages and Learning Styles
  11. 11. Radical Constructivism Coming to know is a process of dynamic adaptation towards viable interpretations of experience. The knower does not necessarily construct knowledge of a "real" world.
  12. 12. Social Constructivism • Negotiated learning through interaction with others. • Emphasizes on how meanings and understandings grow out of social encounters.
  13. 13. Cultural Constructivism The wider context of cultural influences, including custom, religion, biology, tools and language.
  14. 14. Critical Constructivism Reforming these environments in order to improve the success of constructivism applied as a referent.
  15. 15. Assumption
  16. 16. What is Postmodernism?
  17. 17. Based on the belief that there is no true objectivity and that therefore, the authentic implementation of the scientific method is impossible.
  18. 18. Jean – Francois Lyotard Born: August 10, 1924 (France) Died: April 21, 19998 (Leukemia)
  19. 19. Jean Baudrillard Born: July 27, 1929 (France) Died: March 6, 2007 (France)
  20. 20. Assumption View of God: Atheistic Philosophy: Anti – Realism Ethics: Cultural Relativim
  21. 21. Assumption Psychology: Socially Constructed Self Economics: Government Controlled (Interventionism)
  22. 22. Assumption 1. All truth is constructed. 2. Reality is not mirrored in human understanding, but rather constructed as individuals find their own reality. 3. Realities are subject to change, and that apparent realities are actually social constructs which limit individual.
  23. 23. Postmodernism - Denies logical thinking - Subjective - Ignores the past - Irrational - Spontaneity - With dissipative structures - Tired of tradition and want to ventures in conceptual art and design, free from rules and judgement
  24. 24. “There is no universal truth.”
  25. 25. Good Day!!!