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Angele Leaptrot


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Angele Leaptrot

  1. 1. Dec. 1, 2015 To Whom It May Concern: For the past 4 yearsithas beenmyprivilege andpleasure toworkwithRhondaKopelli atthe Millionair ClubCharity. Veryearlyonit wasapparentthat Rhondawas competentandaccomplishedasDirectorof Employment as she quicklyinfusedalanguishingemploymentprogramwithnew lifeandvitality. She wentonto implementandsuccessfullyexecuteasocial enterpriseemploymentprogramthatcompletelychanged the businessmodel of the MillionairClub. Duringher stayat the MillionairClub,Rhonda tremendously increased revenueinherDepartment. Rhondaalsoearneda fine reputationamongherpeersinothersocial service agencies.She hasa real knack forconnectingwithclientsseekingassistanceinemploymentandshe engineeredsome truly inspiredworkopportunitiesthatchangedmanylives. She displaysahighlevelof understanding, sensitivityandrespectindealingwithpeople inneed. Duringa lifetime of employmentindiversebusinessenvironments,Ihave metahandful of people who score off the charts inethics,intelligence,compassion,creativityandthatall-importantsenseof humor. Rhondais one of those few. I am happyto wholeheartedlyrecommendRhondaforanypositionforwhichshe aspires,andI guarantee thatshe will quicklybecomeanasset. Whateverthe jobtitle,howevermuchshe ispaid,the employerwiseenoughtoemployRhondaKopelli willbe thrilledwiththe returnontheirinvestment. If furtherinformationisdesired please feel freetocontactme byphone or email. Sincerely, Angele Leaptrot Sr. Directorof Programs 206-957-3845 (MillionairClubCharity) 360-649-7154 (cell)