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Improving Employee Engagement1


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Improving Employee Engagement1

  1. 1. + Improving Employee Engagement A Human Resources Guide
  2. 2. + Top Three Issues Facing Human Resource Organizations 1. Employee Turnover 2. Employee Engagement 3. Succession Planning
  3. 3. + Values-Based Employee Recognition is seen as significantly contributing to bottom-line organizational metrics.
  4. 4. + Create a Stronger Culture and More Human Workplace.  Values-based recognition programs are helping employers create a stronger culture and more human workplace.
  5. 5. + It’s about Employee Appreciation!  The top goal for Years of Service programs is employee appreciation.  Many programs still fall short for inspiration and quality.
  6. 6. + Experience Better Results!  Organizations that invest in Employee Recognition and Years of Service programs experience better results  Typical Range for Years of Service Budgets: $10-$20 for every Year of service  Example: 5 Years of Service-$50- $100 in value, some companies do significantly more  Typical Milestones: 1-3-5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40 Years
  7. 7. + Top Organizational Challenges Sited by HR Professionals Question: What are the most important challenges you currently face in your organization? Note: Percentages do not equal !00% due to multiple response options. An asterisk (*) indicates this response option was not available in 2013. Only organizations with an employee recognition and service anniversary program were asked this question. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 Employee retention/turnover Employee engagement Succession planning Recruitment Culture management Performance management Employee satisfaction Relieving employee frustration Employee enablement - providing Productivity *Employee happiness *Employer brand Revenue per FTE Other 2015 2013
  8. 8. + Recognition positively impacts engagement!  Recognition was perceived to positively impact engagement for 90% of respondents practicing values-based recognition  68% of values based programs perceived a positive impact verse 41% for non-values based programs  Values based recognition has positive impacts on • Safety 37% • Cost controls 36% • Health and Wellness 29%
  9. 9. + Value Based Recognition Impact Strong Perceived Impact of Valued-Based Recognition Question: In your professional opinion, does your employee recognition program:  90% say it positively impacted engagement, vs. 67% without a values-based recognition program.  68% say it positively impacted retention, vs. 41% without a values- based recognition program.  37% say it positively impacted safety, vs. 23% without a values- based recognition program.  36% say it positively impacted sustainability or cost-control goals, vs. 14% without a values-based recognition program.  29% say it positively impacted health and wellness goals, vs. 13% without a values-based recognition program.
  10. 10. + Value Based Recognition Impact Valued-Based Recognition is Creating a More Human Workplace Question: In your professional opinion, does your employee recognition program:  86% say it increased happiness, vs. 70% without a values-based recognition program.  84% say it improved employee relationships, vs. 66% without a values-based recognition program.  31% say it helps meet learning and development goals, vs. 11% without a values-based recognition program.  88% say it helps instill and reinforce corporate values, vs. 42% without a values-based recognition program.  48% say it helps with culture management, vs. 20% without a recognition-based program.
  11. 11. + Top Objectives for Service Anniversary Programs Question: What would you LIKE your service anniversary program to deliver? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Make employees feel appreciated/valued Increase employee satisfaction/happiness Renew emotional commitment of employee organization Raise employee engagement Build employee confidence/pride Improve organizational culture/climate Improve employee relationships Inspire all employees who participate Reduce turnover Increase trust in company leadership Offer insight into culture Attract job candidates Create equity and compliance Reduce program costs Other
  12. 12. + Most Common Concerns and Negative Feedback from Employees Question: What are the biggest concerns or negative feedback you hear from employees about your service anniversary program? 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Inadequate reward selection Not impactful for employees Inconsistent experience among employees Too impersonal Too infrequent Not enough impact on business results Too big an administrative burden Too manager-dependent Too expensive Other None
  13. 13. + What Would Improve Years of Service Program? Is is time to enhance your Employee Recognition program? 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 A more inspiring experience for employees to look forward to More participation from senior leaders Better quality award choices More participation from managers More participation from colleagues and work friends A bigger budget allocation Inclusion of past achievements and successes Better breadth of award choices Inclusion of memories and stories A more emotional, poignant or moving experience A more lasting, re-visitable experience that can be shared… A more modern experience (online, mobile, video, etc.) A lighter administative burden More inclusion of pins and logowear Less reliance on pins and logowear Other
  14. 14. + Employees like Tangible Proof!  Effective Recognition programs are spending 1% of payroll on employee recognition rewards.  They show better results.  Employees like tangible proof of their value to accompany specific message of appreciation.
  15. 15. + Employee Recognition Programs  Years of Service Anniversary Award Programs  Manager to Employee “On The Spot” Recognition  Employee Referral Programs  New Business Referral Programs  Wellness Award Programs
  16. 16. + Sales and Marketing Incentive Programs  Sales Incentive Award Programs  Customer Loyalty and Appreciation Programs
  17. 17. +  Improve Safety Behavior  Safety Education Reinforcement  Safety Recognition for Performance  Improve employee Engagement
  18. 18. + Please Call Us Today To Discuss Your Incentive, Recognition or Safety Programs! Applications – Point Based Programs SALES AND MARKETING INCENTIVE PROGRAMS • Sales Incentive Programs • Frequent Purchase Programs for Customers • Loyalty Programs CALL CENTER INCENTIVE PROGRAMS • Product Incentives • Productivity Incentives EMPLOYEE HOLIDAY GIFTS SAFETY PROGRAMS • Improve Safety, Attendance, Reduce Turnover • Reduce Accidents • Reduce Your Insurance Costs EMPLOYEE/CUSTOMER RECOGNITION PROGRAMS • Length of Service Award Programs • Recognize and Reward Your Employees • Thank Yous For Achievement
  19. 19. + Rhonda Blum Geiger Promotions  727.232.6250 