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In January 2009, Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP) introduced Global Ventures, a bi-monthly publication designed to carry a message both on behalf of and to the business community at a provincial, national, and international level. For STEP, this publication is an appropriate medium to relay very timely messaging to both the local business community as well as the network of international contacts that this organization has developed over the past twelve years. STEP has a proven track record of building local and international relationships that are vital to the success of exporters.

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Global Ventures Magazine May/June 2010

  1. 1. GLOBALVENTURES VOLUME TWO ISSUE THREE • MAY/JUNE 2010 A STEP PUBLICATION HIGHLIGHTING SASKATCHEWAN BUSINESS HARNESSING NATURE’S ENERGY Koenders Windmills turn wind power into clean pond water Reducing Global Carbon Emissions HTC Purenergy offers a complete carbon capture package Attracting the World’s Best Minds The University of Saskatchewan is a hot spot for international grad students Innovators in Augmented Reality Talking Dog Studios takes front stage in the emerging AR industry PHOTO CREDIT: Tourism Saskatchewan/J.F. Bergeron/ENVIRO FOTO
  2. 2. 20,263 BUSHELS HARVESTED IN 8 HOURS PEAK RATES UP TO 3,667 BU./HOUR NOW AVAILABLE IN NORTH AMERICA: CR9090 - 591 HP - LARGEST COMBINE IN THE WORLD Markusson largest combine in the world to work in your operation and set your own Put the New Holland welcomes the world of Agriculture to Saskatchewan for the harvesting record. The NEW CR9090 Twin Rotor® combine from New Holland holds the Western Canada Farm Progress Show world record for the18, 2010! harvested. This record-setting performance results from - June 16- most grain the exclusive Twin Rotor® design and New Holland’s faster separation, superior grain quality, See the largest combine in the world, and our huge display of New Holland equipment at New Holland’s larger capacity and more efficient operation. Add the 24/7 support of exclusive New Holland air conditioned show space located in Arena #5! Top ServiceTM and it’s clear why New Holland is the world leader in combines. Or visit our dealership, just 10km East of Regina in Emerald Park! Order Parts and view our Used Inventory online: MAINTAIN FULL CAPACITY ALL DAY INTELLICRUISETM SYSTEM — OPTI-CLEANTM SYSTEM — INCREASED AIR FLOW FOR GREATER CLEANING CAPACITY Markusson New Holland of Regina Ltd. OPTI-SPREADTM RESIDUE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM — PRECISE RESIDUE CONTROL 26 Great Plains Rd. Emerald Park, Sask. Phone 306.781.2828 or Toll Free Canada: 1.800.819.2583 Toll Free USA: 1.866.819.2583
  3. 3. … the long range forecast is for blue skies. Carbon Management Experts • Carbon Capture Design and Supply • Enhanced Oil Recovery • Geological Storage • Carbon Credit Management HTC PURENERGY Suite 150 – 10 Research Drive Regina, Saskatchewan Canada S4S 7J7 Telephone: (306) 352-6132 Email: MAY/JUNE 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 3
  4. 4. “Saskatchewan has everything it needs for the high-tech entrepreneur. It’s hard to imagine a place with more opportunity.” Dr. Darryl Jessie, PhD, PEng President & CEO Raum Energy Inc. Residential Wind Turbine Manufacturer Be part of a growing economy that supports and celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business lists five Saskatchewan cities in the top 10 most entrepreneurial cities in Canada, with Saskatoon taking top spot. We’re showing the world that in Saskatchewan opportunity is only limited by your imagination. Learn more about some of the best investment opportunities in North America at 4 GLOBALVENTURES • MAY/JUNE 2010
  5. 5. GLOBALVENTURES is the official bi-monthly publication of Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP). Submissions to GLOBALVENTURES are welcomed. The Editor reserves the right to edit for clarity and length. inside VOLUME TWO ISSUE THREE MAY/JUNE 2010 Please contact the Editor for copy submission deadlines. PUBLISHERS cover Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP) 12 Harnessing Nature’s Energy Regina Office: Koenders Windmills’ low-cost, P Box 1787 .O. highly efficient pond aeration 320 - 1801 Hamilton Street, Regina, SK S4P 3C6 Regina 306.787.9210 / Toll Free: 1.877.313.7244 solutions are leaders in the green Toll Free: 1.888.XPORTSK technology field. Saskatoon Office: 400 - 402 21st Street East, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0C3 Saskatoon 306.933.6551 / Toll Free: 1.877.313.7244 features Toll Free: 1.888.XPORTSK 16 Reducing Global Concept Media Carbon Emissions 2629 Angus Boulevard, Regina, SK S4T 2A6 HTC Purenergy turns Saskatchewan- 306.545.6099 / made technology into global clean energy solutions. EDITOR 18 Attracting the World’s Pat Rediger BENCHMARK PUBLIC RELATIONS INC. 306.522.9326 / Best Minds The University of Saskatchewan ASSOCIATE EDITOR achieves success through its Katie Boyce BENCHMARK PUBLIC RELATIONS INC. international graduate recruitment 306.522-0903 / program. CONTRIBUTORS 20 Innovators in Charlotte Beros Augmented Reality Katie Boyce Talking Dog Studios’ innovation Pat Rediger opens door to an emerging Trilby Henderson STEP industry. DESIGN Bob Anderson CONCEPT MEDIA STEP notes 6 Message from the President and CEO PRODUCTION Lorelle Anderson CONCEPT MEDIA 8 Where in the World is STEP? Upcoming international trade events. SALES Bob Harvey CONCEPT MEDIA 25 Staff Profile 1.306.591.6430 Stacey Sauer: Discovering new markets for Saskatchewan manufacturers. PRINTING 9 STEP Journalism Fellowship Western Litho Printers Ltd. / Regina, SK, Canada Barbara Woolsey named 2009 recipient. DISTRIBUTION Prairie Advertising Ltd. / Regina, SK, Canada market info 23 Survey of the Publication Mail Agreement #41786012 Return undeliverable mail to Circulation Department, Labour Market 2629 Angus Boulevard, Regina, SK S4T 2A6. An in-depth look at STEP’s recently released survey of the Saskatchewan manufacturing sector. ON THE COVER Legislative Building, Regina, Saskatchewan. Photo credit: 18 Western Canada Farm Progress Show Tourism Saskatchewan/J.F Bergeron/ENVIRO FOTO . The 2010 show promises to be better than ever. STEP services 24 Boosting Export Readiness STEP’s new Program helps companies move beyond the borders. PRINTED IN CANADA MAY/JUNE 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 5
  6. 6. Message from the President & CEO Taking Pride in Saskatchewan I n this issue, we have featured a photo All of these buildings unto themselves delivery; we will see further growth in of the Saskatchewan Legislative Build- do little – we understand that – but what the export sector in Saskatchewan. ing. Constructed in 1912, this building goes on inside is really what matters. In The 33rd edition of the Western Can- set a tone that at the time was bold and multiple disciplines and across a broad ada Farm Progress Show is just about some would say visionary. If a building cross-section of sectors, Saskatchewan’s upon us and STEP is ready, willing, and can emulate the pride of a population economy is moving forward. The build- able to work with global customers 100 years ago, can it still do so today? ings send a clear message to our visitors; from every walk of life and from every As part of the work we do at STEP, we the echo that we hear over and over geographical location. The show, which continually travel to all corners of the again from those guests is “we just did takes place from June 16 – 18, has many world, but, interestingly enough, we also not know . . . we just did not realize that new additions, including the addition of do the opposite. From April to Septem- you had this kind of competency and ca- “Demo Days.” Each morning at 7:00 a.m., ber, STEP plays a very active role in host- pacity.” attendees will be transported to a field ing incoming missions to our province. On a different front, I am pleased with demonstration where they will witness We invite, host, and connect with count- how our partner views our efforts. Many the newest technology in agriculture less business delegations that come to Saskatchewan residents focused on the manufacturing at work in the field where our province. Ironically, one of our pro- budget address in March and there were it really matters. motional tools during such visits is the numerous comments made on the gov- This is always an exciting time for me grand buildings of Saskatchewan – the ernment’s belt tightening initiatives. as it represents my roots and what I love old, the historic, and the new. The grand- STEP’s presentation to our partner, the about Saskatchewan. Clean air, the most est of them all is, of course, the Legisla- Province of Saskatchewan, was differ- beautiful sky in the world, and a chance tive Building. It truly does show well and, ent. Instead of a funding retraction, we to work with nature to grow a new op- in the work that we do, it also sets a tone focused on the global economy, the com- portunity every year. I cannot wait and I about our cultural beliefs, our work ethic, petitive influences that exist and, most hope to see you there. our pride, and just as important, our be- importantly, the resources STEP is able lief in a future that is full of opportunity. to leverage. It is well understood that That same pride in ownership is easily exports are the economic engine of our exhibited in Saskatoon when we tour the province. We were able to articulate a facilities at the University of Saskatch- strategy that was focused, detailed, and, ewan. These are indeed grand buildings, most importantly, one that defined a se- but here is one of the many examples ries of objectives where our initiatives Lionel LaBelle, President & CEO where the old complements the new. could easily be benchmarked. Saskatchewan Trade and Once we have marshaled our delegates With the strong endorsement of our Export Partnership (STEP) through the oldest building on campus, 2010-11 Business Plan, we were able to the Administration Building, we quickly provide members with enhanced servic- move to the Agriculture Building, Nation- es, such as the recently announced Mar- al Hydrology Research Centre, Agricul- ket Access Program (MAP) and the Export ture Building, the Canadian Light Source Readiness services. We are confident that Synchrotron and, finally, the many global with the launch and delivery of these new leaders that reside at Innovation Place. programs, coupled with our core service 6 GLOBALVENTURES • MAY/JUNE 2010
  7. 7. Barbara Woolsey receives STEP Journalism Fellowship B arbara Woolsey, a Canadian jour- League of Poets Annual Poetry Contest. lowship, Barbara will work for The Bang- nalist and current events enthu- This sparked submissions to other publi- kok Post in Bangkok, Thailand for a three- siast, is the recipient of the first cations, such as What If? Magazine, Sas- month term commencing in September year of STEP’s three-year commitment to quatch Newspaper, and the “Minus 20” 2010. The Bangkok Post is Thailand’s the University of Regina School Of Jour- section of the Regina Leader-Post. leading English language daily and is nalism. Currently, Barbara is the opinion edi- known for its strong business, social, and Woolsey, currently in her third year at tor of the University of Regina’s student political reporting. Operating in a free the University of Regina’s School of Jour- newspaper, The Carillon. Her work has press environment, the paper is a leader nalism, is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in been syndicated to other publications, in newsgathering, analysis, and opinion Journalism with a minor in political sci- including The Sheaf, The Brock Press, and throughout Southeast Asia. ence. She has been an avid reader and The Other Press through the Canadian writer since a very young age. In 2003, University Press. she won second place in the Canadian As the recipient of the new STEP Fel- We are here to serve you & guide you! Burnett Immigration Services Inc. #1 - 2072 McIntyre Street Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada S4P 2R6 Tel: 306.584.1209 | Fax: 306.586.7065 Elaine F. Burnett, CCIC, FCMI Christall Beaudry, CCIC, FCMI, CITP President & CEO Immigradtion Manager New Opportunities – New Beginnings MO41635 MO095409 MAY/JUNE 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 7
  8. 8. Where in the World is STEP? 8 GLOBALVENTURES • MAY/JUNE 2010
  9. 9. MAY well as a visit to the NAMPO Harvest Day Show. An event considered to be one of workshops, you will learn how your com- pany can participate in the mining supply CICILS/IPTIC 2010 - largest of its kind in the world, the NAM- chain, what it will take to be successful, International Pulse Trade PO Harvest Day Show is highly regarded and how to stay competitive in the global & Industry Confederation by both local and overseas farmers and marketplace. Date: May 1 - 4, 2010 businessmen alike. STEP will work with Contact: Stacey Sauer, Location: Brisbane, Australia participating agri-value members to es- Trade Specialist, Manufacturing CICILS is the international meeting place tablish contacts, trade leads, sales, and Telephone: (306) 933-5239 for the pulse trade. This year’s event will distribution networks/partnerships/alli- have a particular emphasis on importers ances. and exporters from Western Europe, Can- Contact: Tim Marshall, Senior Director, Using Social Media to ada, United States, Indian Subcontinent, Trade Development, Asia-Africa Telephone: (306) 787-2191 Maximize Trade Show and Middle East and Asia. The conference provides an excellent networking oppor- Effectiveness - Seminar Date: May 19, 2010 tunity to meet with international buyers Location: Regina, Saskatchewan who do not attend the CSCA conference. Let’s Talk Exports Seminar STEP will partner with Saskatchewan Ad- Contact: Jennifer Evancio, Date: May 14, 2010 vanced Technologies Association to con- Director, Agri-Value Location: Regina, Saskatchewan duct a lunch-hour educational seminar. Telephone: (306) 787-7945 STEP will partner with The Saskatche- Ryan Lejbak, CEO and Albert Jame, Cre- wan Chamber of Commerce and Export ative Director with will provide Tim Marshall, Senior Director, Development Canada to bring you the an overview of social media tools, tips Asia-Africa most up-to-date information available on on how to use them in preparing and ex- Telephone: (306) 787-2191 the global economy and how it impacts ecuting a trade show strategy and ideas your business. Join EDC’s Peter Hall, for post-show follow-up. Vice President and Chief Economist, to Contact: Pat Chobot, Administrative CIM Conference find out what you can expect in the next Coordinator, Trade Development year regarding interest rates, currency & Expo 2010 fluctuations, how to minimize risks and Telephone: (306) 787-7903 Date: May 9 - 12, 2010 maximize opportunities, the export out- Location: Vancouver, British Columbia look for your industry, and how you can For this event, STEP will focus on mem- The US Retail Farm and succeed in the global marketplace. Each bers across all sectors that offer products or services to the mining industry with attendee will receive access to EDC’s Home Market - Seminar sought-after Global Export Forecast 2010 Date: May 19, 2010 special attention given to the Technol- Spring Edition. To register online, visit Location: Hilton Garden Inn, ogy, Services & Resources team for a Saskatoon, Saskatchewan strong Saskatchewan delegation. STEP Contact: Crystal Leader, The US Retail Farm and Home Market is will organize a business development Export Services Coordinator roughly a $10 billion market per year in mission that will involve a group display, Telephone: (306) 787-9335 the US. At this seminar, Wheatbelt Inc. will meetings with buyers, and represent present how to do business as a vendor non-attending members. with the Wheatbelt Group. Participants Contact: David Froh, Trade Specialist, Technology, Services & Resources How to Successfully will also hear from the Vice President of ASA Associates, a leading representative Telephone: (306) 787-7928 Access the Mining Supply agency who services Wheatbelt Inc. by Chain - Seminar representing vendors from across North Date: May 18, 2010 - Saskatoon, America. If your company manufactures Business Development Saskatchewan or markets products in the areas of live- Mission - Johannesburg, Date: May 20, 2010 - Yorkton, stock supplies, animal feed, veterinar- Saskatchewan Cape Town & Bothaville, Date: May 26, 2010 - North Battleford, ian products, pet products, agricultural implements, fencing, automotive, hard- South Africa Saskatchewan ware, recreation, toys, seasonal or lawn Date: May 12 - 22, 2010 STEP will partner with Enterprise Sas- and garden, this is an educational event Location: South Africa, katchewan and The Saskatchewan Min- of interest to you. One-on-one meetings Zimbabwe and Zambia ing Association to present a workshop will be offered to seminar attendees. Following the CICILS Conference in Aus- for manufacturers interested in doing Contact: Rob Ziola, Director, tralia, STEP will visit South Africa with a business with the mining industry. It is Trade Development, Manufacturing focus on the pulse and agriculture equip- projected that there will be $43 billion in- Telephone: (306) 933-6557 ment sectors. Visits to Zimbabwe and vested in capital mining projects over the Zambia will be part of this mission, as next 20 years in the province. At these MAY/JUNE 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 9
  10. 10. FCM Municipal Expo 2010 9th Annual STEP PIMA - AMC Annual Date: May 28 - 31, 2010 Golf Tournament Convention Location: Toronto, Ontario Date: June 4, 2010 Date: June 15 - 16, 2010 STEP will focus on the members of the Location: Moon Lake Golf Course Location: Regina, Saskatchewan Technology, Services and Resources sec- - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan This annual event provides a forum for tor and reach out to other sector groups The 9th Annual STEP Golf Tournament is all AMC members to converge in one city to help this event have a strong Saskatch- an opportunity to network with fellow ex- in the Canadian prairies to do business, ewan delegation. STEP will organize a porters and industry professionals in the consult on pressing industry issues, at- business development mission that will province. This year’s golf tournament will tend business seminars and workshops, involve a group display, arrange meetings see a portion of registration proceeds go- participate in a trade show, and meet with buyers, and represent non-attending ing to the Children’s Hospital Foundation with colleagues in this industry. members. of Saskatchewan. Space is limited and Contact: Rob Ziola, Director, Contact: Donovan Swinnerton, Director, early registration is encouraged. Tourna- Trade Development, Manufacturing Technology, Services and Resources ment fees include a round of golf, power Telephone: (306) 933-6557 Telephone: (306) 933-6531 carts, steak dinner, and an afternoon of networking while raising money for a worthy cause. Western Canada Farm JUNE Contact: Crystal Leader, Export Services Coordinator Progress Show - STEP Successful Partnerships: Telephone: (306) 787-9335 International Reception Working with Independent Date: June 16, 2010 Manufacturers Location: Regina, Saskatchewan STEP will host the annual Saskatchewan Representatives - Workshop Global Petroleum Reception prior to the opening of the Date: June 2, 2010 - TBC Show 2010 Western Canada Farm Progress Show. Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Date: June 8 - 10, 2010 This reception has grown in popularity STEP will host a half-day seminar focused Location: Calgary, Alberta and is viewed as a valuable opportunity on how to effectively work with an inde- STEP will focus on members across all for Saskatchewan exporters to meet and pendent manufacturer’s representative. sectors that offer products or services to network with incoming buyers. Guest speakers include the President/ the oil and gas and environment sectors Contact: Crystal Leader, CEO from the Manufacturers’ Agents with special attention to the Technology, Export Services Coordinator National Association (MANA) and a sales Services and Resources team to ensure Telephone: (306) 787-9335 representative from the mid-west United a strong Saskatchewan delegation. STEP States. Seminar topics will include what will organize a business development is a sales representative, benefits, when mission that will involve a group display, to use, establishing a contract, and how arrange meetings with buyers, and repre- FITT Skills International to get the best results. sent non-attending members. Trade Training Contact: Stacey Sauer, Contact: David Froh, Trade Specialist, Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Trade Specialist, Manufacturing Technology, Services & Resources STEP offers FITT Skills International Telephone: (306) 933-5239 Telephone: (306) 787-7928 Trade Training, a unique international trade training which was formed from an expressed interest by Saskatchewan companies to make international trade THE OMEGA-3 SOURCE O&T Farms Ltd manufactures Omega-3 feed components, providing functional food solutions globally for both animals and humans. P.O. Box 26011, Regina, SK, S4R 8R7, Canada TEL: 306.543.4777 FAX: 306.545.0661 WEB: 10 GLOBALVENTURES • MAY/JUNE 2010
  11. 11. training available. Open doors with STEP meeting the challenges of the new era of Contact: Angie Wojcichowsky, delivered FITTskills international trade clean energy by exploring how to scale- International Projects Officer training today! Upcoming and confirmed up the technology transfer and diffusion Telephone: (306) 933-6553 courses of interest include: processes and measures to effectively link energy efficiency and renewable en- International Trade ergy projects to finance sources. Research - Saskatoon STEP Board (June 19 - 20, 2010) Registration Deadline: June 6, 2010 Contact: Blair Hudyma - Programs and Training Specialist of Directors Telephone: (306) 787-3223 Clean Technology 2010 Date: June 21 - 25, 2010 Location: Anaheim, California CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD Greg Larson, STEP will focus on the members of the Murray Daku, CEO Environmental sector to attend Clean- Vice President and The Larson Group of Companies Tech 2010 and will plan a business de- Chief Operating Officer Shannon Jakes, velopment mission that involves a group Hitachi Canadian Industries Ltd. Senior Manager display at the show, meetings with buy- VICE CHAIR CIBC Commercial Banking ers, and representation of non-attending Cory Furman, Greg Menzies, members. Partner President & CEO Contact: Donovan Swinnerton, Director, MacPherson Leslie & Tyerman, LLP Wigmore Farms Technology, Services and Resources Jim Engdahl, Telephone: (306) 933-6531 Sandra Purdy, President & CEO President Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. Prairie Berries Inc. Ngee Cau, 5th Asia Clean Energy Chief Executive Officer Paul Degelman, Forum 2010: Meeting Sales & Marketing Manager Marketel Degelman Industries Ltd. the Technology Transfer Keith Brown, Doug Matthies, Challenge CEO Deputy Minister Date: June 22 - 25, 2010 Trailtech Ministry of Finance Location: Manila, Philippines Dale Lemke, STEP is recruiting member companies to Alanna Koch, President attend the Clean Energy Forum as poli- Deputy Minister Display Systems International Inc. cymakers, private sector firms, and non- Ministry of Agriculture governmental organizations across Asia Tim Wiens, Chris Dekker, gather to promote best practices in pol- President & CEO Interim Chief Executive Officer icy and finance. The forum will focus on O & T Farms Enterprise Saskatchewan Master of International Trade Move to Change “I found the online Master of International Trade (MIT) program to be an excellent way to prepare graduate students for the world of international trade, both domestically and internationally.” Chad SwanCe, MIT Graduate aPPLY nOw For more information about the MIT program, visit: www. MAY/JUNE 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 11
  12. 12. HARNESSING NATURE’S ENERGY Koenders Windmills Provide a Clean, Green Aeration Solution 12 GLOBALVENTURES • MAY/JUNE 2010
  13. 13. BY KATIE BOYCE L ike many Saskatchewan compa- nies, Koenders Windmills got its start when a local entrepreneur created a product to address a local problem. “The story began in 1988 when Wilf Koenders started manufacturing wind- mills to help local farmers improve the quality of their standing water,” says Alan Goode, General Manager, Koenders Windmills Group of Companies. And, following the tradition of many other Saskatchewan start-ups, Koenders Windmills’ small beginning soon turned into something big. A fish farm in Jamaica with aeration from Koenders Windmills. Goode says that the company has grown over the past 20 years to become a dominant force in the manufactur- age the aerobic decomposition to con- very encouraging and we see real poten- ing and selling of aeration windmills tinue. The wind driven air compressor tial for growth,” says Goode. around the world. He also explains that sends oxygen through tubing to a dif- Koenders constantly receives rave cus- Koenders’ success is due in part to the fuser on the bottom of the pond which tomer reviews for its easy-to-set-up and fact that it has been far ahead of its time is continually released as tiny bubbles.” low maintenance products, which only in producing environmentally friendly Even low wind speeds of only three need minor maintenance every five to products. miles per hour can power the windmills, seven years. “The market for aeration windmills which range in price between $1,000 Goode explains that one of the first has expanded exponentially as the and $3,000. things customers notice about the wind- search for environmentally friendly, re- Besides its standard windmills, mills is the return on their investment. newable energy sources becomes an Koenders also manufactures dual dia- “Wind costs nothing. It can save farm- ever increasing part of our daily life. phragm windmills for ponds over two ers and ranchers thousands per year in Koenders Windmills was part of that acres in size, as well as reliable and energy, maintenance and filter costs. It ‘green movement’ even before it was servicable electric aerators, solar water can save thousands more per year in pre- cool to be green,” says Goode. pumps, air driven water pumps, freeze venting livestock and farm animal loss or The aeration windmills made by control units, pressure release valves. sickness. Environmentally friendly wind- Koenders – which come in 12, 16, 20 They also sell airstone diffusers and mills also eliminate the need for costly and 24 foot towers, and a 25 foot uni- pond conditioner. electric power or oil-based fuels.” pole – harness the power of the wind From farmers and cattle producers to “Another reason for the popularity of to turn algae-filled, nutrient-rich ponds golf courses, rural communities, parks windmill aerators is how long they last,” into clean and clear water sources by cir- services, and fish farms, many sectors he adds. “Windmills only have three mov- culating oxygen into the water. are discovering the potential that wind- ing parts and will last decades, whereas “As plants die and sink to the bot- mill aeration has for clean, safe water some electrical aeration devices are of a tom, aerobic bacteria decomposes the with little maintenance and high effi- disposable, short-life nature.” organic matter. In so doing, it burns up ciency. Some of Koenders’ newest cli- The advantages of wind-driven aera- the supply of oxygen in the water,” ex- ents are municipalities looking to clean tion were recently realized by the City of plains Goode. “When the oxygen is used up their waste water reservoirs. Muldrow, Oklahoma in their waste wa- up, anaerobic bacteria continue the de- “Our traditional market has been ter pond, which is located next to a high composition, but at a much slower rate, farmers who want clean dugout water. school and a community baseball field. and in the process produce hydrogen In recent years, we have been in part- “When the weather started changing, sulphide gas which eventually contami- nership with Zirkon Research of Ed- the water would start getting septic,” nates the water. We recognize it as black monton, who are experts in waste wa- says David Taylor, Muldrow City Man- smelly water.” ter and landfill remediation. Windmills ager. “The smell would become pretty Goode adds, “Aeration works with have been installed in several commu- bad.” nature by simply boosting the natural nity waste water lagoons and landfills, After learning about windmill aeration cleansing cycle which already exists. By the addition of oxygen accelerates the from a nearby farmer, the City of Mul- adding oxygen to the water, we encour- decomposition process. The results are drow teamed up with Koenders Wind- MAY/JUNE 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 13
  14. 14. mills to use two 20ft windmills on a trial was maintaining sales while our biggest “Our first experience with STEP was at basis, with positive results. market (the US) was deep in recession.” Agribition in 2008 when they arranged “The oxygen level is well up in the But, the ever-rising demand for their a series of appointments for us with pond,” Taylor says. “The smell has gone products is reason to be positive. Australian and New Zealand buyers,” way down. We have lots of turtles out “The growing environmental concerns says Goode. “We have also used STEP’s there; when you’ve got a lot of turtles in have created increased levels of interest market intelligence services in the past, a holding pond that indicates your wa- in our products, not only in the US, but and we are very excited about their new ter is in pretty good shape. We’ve got worldwide as well,” says Goode. Market Access Program.” lots of ducks and geese landing on it, Koenders Windmills is well situated With the world turning towards too.” to step into international markets. The greener, more efficient energy sources The health of Muldrow’s waste wa- company has a manufacturing plant at and looking for sustainable and safe wa- ter pond has attracted the attention of Englefeld, Saskatchewan, as well as a ter supplies, Koenders Windmills is set other municipalities interested in cost- 10,500 square foot warehouse and dis- to continue to grow. effective and environmentally safe meth- tribution centre in Regina, and another ods of treating waste water lagoons, warehouse in New York. including the Oklahoma Department of Koenders is also taking advantage of Environmental Quality, says Goode. its membership with STEP to expand He adds that many ranchers are also further. discovering the benefits of windmill aeration, including Jim Barret, owner of Barrett Ranch in Venus, Florida. “Our windmill pond aerator paid us back in ten days and is saving us $30,000 a year by avoiding water hauling and energy costs,” says Barrett. “We could add hundreds of thousands of dollars to our bottom line by keeping our herds healthy and preventing catastrophic loss with good water. We’re expanding now.” Barrett chose Koenders’ windmill aer- ators to clean up the first of his twelve ponds on his 88-acre ranch. “Within 30 days, the water was clean enough to put catfish in,” says Barrett. “Not long after that we had the water tested, and it was fine for our animals. Now it’s crystal clear and I could drink it.” As with many businesses, Koenders has felt the global economic crisis during these past 18 months. Goode explains Windmill aeration can be used for all types of ponds, including this community pond, that in 2009, “Our greatest challenge which is aerated by a Koenders windmill. Two ways to get it done, faster. Harvest Faster Increase combine capacity 306.296.2297 Turn your John Deere • by up to 20 percent. haying windrower into a high-efficiency swather. Grain Belt Header 14 GLOBALVENTURES • MAY/JUNE 2010
  15. 15. 2010 FARM PROGRESS SHOW PROMISES to be BETTER than ever W ith the opportunity to meet with international business delegates. In addition to the International Busi- potential and existing clients An ever-growing part of the show since ness Center, the 2010 Western Canada from around the world, as well 1988, IBC is known today as one of the Farm Show will include the Renewable as gain the attention of radio, print, and premiere networking opportunities in Energy Center, which highlights the posi- television media to launch new products, North America. tive impact of green fuel on agricultural the Western Canada Farm Progress Show Through IBC, all details for internation- practices. The New Inventions Showcase is the perfect event for businesses in the al visitors can be taken care of, from hotel is another main feature at the Show, high- agricultural and agri-value industries to reservations, to transportation, meeting lighting the most innovative products on show off their services with promising rooms, and business services. New this the market. Plus, there’s equipment dem- results. year, businesses can pre-book appoint- onstrations and the Livestock Manage- Known as Canada’s largest dryland ments online to ensure that they meet ment Program. farm technology show, the 2010 Western with the buyers they want to target at Another highlight of this year’s show Canada Farm Progress Show in Regina the Show. will be the new Demo Days feature, offer- from June 15-18 will feature over 700 Another benefit of IBC is access to on- ing farmers and buyers from around the exhibitors from 30 countries, as well as site trade specialists who can provide ad- world an opportunity to see new prod- the latest innovative ideas, products and vice and guidance, and introduce buyers ucts at work in the field. The demonstra- industry trends. and trade delegations. tions will be held at a local farm near the During its 32 year history, the show IBC is a joint initiative of the provincial Show site. Transportation to the demon- has gained an international reputation as governments of Saskatchewan and Mani- stration site will leave Evraz Place at 7:00 “where the world of agriculture comes toba along with the national Department a.m. and return at 10 a.m. Demo days is together.” It is the place to find the best of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Saskatche- an opportunity for exhibiting companies technologies, state-of-the art equipment, wan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP), to present scheduled and unscheduled and information in the industry. the Department of Foreign Affairs and demonstrations of its products. The show also boasts the International International Trade Canada (DFAIT), Ag- For more information about the West- Business Centre (IBC), a full office service riculture Manufacturers of Canada (AMC) ern Canada Farm Progress Show, visit meeting area for Canadian manufactur- and the Western Canada Farm Progress ers and registered exporters to connect Show. MAY/JUNE 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 15
  16. 16. REDUCING THE WORLD’S CARBON EMISSIONS B y using Saskatchewan-made “Our view is that there will be a car- technology to provide global bon economy in front of us and what solutions for carbon capture BY TRILBY HENDERSON we’re going to need are companies and storage, HTC Purenergy Inc. is that will be arbitrating, trading and playing a leading role in reducing the managing the inventory of these car- environmental impact of greenhouse change. By capturing CO2 emissions bon credits,” says Kambeitz. “CCM gas emissions and helping to solve the and storing them in geological forma- is one of Canada’s most recognized challenge of energy security. tions inside the earth through Carbon companies in doing this, which is why “Saskatchewan is recognized as Capture and Storage (CCS), many in- we’ve acquired a majority interest in having significant innovation in many dustries can effectively reduce the that company and are really planning areas, and one of those areas is clean amount of greenhouse gas they emit. on expanding it significantly into the energy technologies,” says Lionel Kam- Established in 1997, HTC Purenergy remainder of the Canadian market.” beitz, CEO of HTC Purenergy Inc. uses clean energy technologies, li- HTC has developed key partnerships Carbon dioxide (CO2), a common by- censed from the University of Regina with several industry leaders, includ- product of the production and use of and developed in-house, to provide ing Doosan Power Systems, which fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural industry emitters with practical solu- Kambeitz says is one of the world’s gas, creates the greenhouse gas emis- tions that significantly and economi- largest OEM supply, engineering, pro- sions that are widely believed to con- cally reduce their greenhouse gas curement and construction companies tribute to global warming and climate emissions. dealing with energy infrastructure. The company has used its strong “They’re a very large global player partnerships and unparalleled research and we’re delighted to have them as and technical capabilities to establish a partner.” itself as a global leader in Carbon Man- Kambeitz adds that the two com- agement Systems. In fact, HTC is cur- panies compliment each other, with rently one of the only companies in HTC providing the technology and sys- the world that provides a full offering tem designs and Doosan taking care of products and services in the carbon of the engineering, OEM supply and management value chain – from CO2 construction aspects. Working with capture, transportation, and storage, Doosan Power Systems, HTC recently to using CO2 for enhanced oil recov- announced a world-leading carbon ery, and managing the collection and capture project with the United States distribution of carbon credits. utility Basin Electric Power Coopera- In working towards its goal to of- tive. fer customers a complete line of CCS Kambeitz says the power industry – technology and services, HTC recently in particular, power generated by coal acquired Carbon Capital Management and natural gas – is currently the larg- Inc. (CCM) from Toronto-based Front est CO2 market, followed closely by Street Capital, and are now working the oil and gas industry. The goal of to transform CCM into the largest car- the Basin Electric project is to use cap- bon credit management company in Lionel Kambeitz – CEO, HTC Purenergy. tured CO2 to enhance oil recovery at Canada. 16 GLOBALVENTURES • MAY/JUNE 2010
  17. 17. HTC Purenergy creates global solutions for carbon capture and storage the University of Regina, into the Basin production has a reputation of having Electric Antelope Valley Station coal a large CO2 footprint. By demonstrat- fired power plant.” ing how CCS technology can reduce HTC also recently announced anoth- CO2 emissions and increase output in er major business development – the oil sands production in Alberta, HTC launch of their new commercial initia- will establish a template for exporting tive in Calgary. In addition to their Re- the technology elsewhere, including gina headquarters, the company also the southern United States, Europe operates offices in Sydney, Australia, and China. and Montgomery Center, Vermont. While the Canadian government From Calgary, HTC’s new business works on developing climate change development and engineering team legislation for the country, HTC will will market the company’s complete continue to lead the way in providing line of Carbon Capture and Storage real solutions that industries can use technology and enhanced oil recovery to meet current and future regulations services to the oil and gas industry, as and reduce their overall environmen- left to right: Lionel Kambeitz (CEO, HTC well as other industries located across tal impact. As environmental issues Purenergy) welcoming the Honourable Ron- Western Canada and the Western Unit- attract greater global concern, HTC ald Liepert, Minister of Energy, Government ed States. holds a prominent position as a com- of Alberta in Calgary. “The Alberta government is embrac- pany building a more promising future ing Carbon Capture and Storage and for the energy industry in Canada and locations near the power plant, with CO2 solutions for their energy infra- the world. the CO2 subsequently being stored structure, and certainly we’ve been underground. Kambeitz says the proj- welcomed both by industry and by ect is currently in the design and engi- the government of Alberta in terms neering phase; once this is completed, of bringing a commercial solution for Basin Electric will make a final decision CO2 capture to Alberta’s oil industry,” to proceed with the project in 2011. says Kambeitz. The Basin Electric project marks an The Calgary office will be led by two important milestone for HTC. seasoned veterans in the CO2 energy “Basin Electric Power Cooperative business – Jessie Inman, Executive Di- is a globally recognized leader in CO2 rector of Corporate Development, and management through its high profile Allan Hart, Head of Strategic Business CO2 capture and enhanced oil recov- Development. Kambeitz says the Cal- ery/storage project in Weyburn, Sas- gary-based executive team will posi- katchewan,” says Kambeitz. “In this tion HTC as a leader in capturing CO2 new project, Doosan Power Systems for enhanced oil recovery or for long- and HTC will provide and integrate term geological storage in the Western Jessie Inman, Executive Director of world leading commercial-ready car- Canadian and United States markets. Corporate Development for HTC bon capture technology, developed at According to Kambeitz, oil sands Purenergy; Alberta office. MAY/JUNE 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 17
  18. 18. ATTRACTING THE WORLD’S BEST International graduate students are heading to the University of Saskatchewan There are currently about 2,800 grad- BY TRILBY HENDERSON uate students at the U of S, accounting for roughly 13 per cent of the total stu- dent population. Martz says this num- ber has grown steadily in recent years, by an average of five to 10 per cent per year over the past decade. This puts the university on track to reach their goal of growing the graduate student popula- tion by eight per cent per year for the four-year period ending in 2011-2012. Martz estimates that nearly half of the university’s graduate students come from outside of Saskatchewan, with around 25 per cent consisting of inter- national students who have transferred from locations outside of Canada. He says many of these students remain in Saskatchewan after they have completed their Masters degrees or PhDs, becom- ing part of the Saskatchewan economy. “In one way, we might think of it as our best and most-effective highly- skilled workers immigration program.” Lawrence Martz (right), University of Saskatchewan, signs an inter-university international Working with other departments on student agreement with six Chinese universities. campus, the college plays an important role in attracting and recruiting interna- B y working to attract the world’s graduate students at the University of tional students to the university. In fact, best and brightest graduate stu- Saskatchewan (U of S), it exercises that Martz says the U of S recently entered dents, the University of Saskatch- responsibility by working closely with into an agreement with six of China’s ewan is expanding its global reputation the other departments, schools and col- top universities. Through the agree- as a leader in research and innovation, leges on campus, which provide the fac- ment, top students from each of the and building a name for itself as a world- ulty and facilities for graduate training. Chinese universities will be able to com- class educational institute. The College registers students in pro- plete their PhDs at the U of S, with fund- “The more and the better graduate grams to place them in areas where they ing provided by the Chinese Scholarship students we attract here, the more the will receive the right research experi- Council. Martz says the agreement will world knows about us and the more ence and mentorship. The College also bring 20 new PhD students to the U of highly they regard us,” says Lawrence monitors the overall graduate activity of S this upcoming year, and in each of the Martz, Dean of the University of Sas- the University, sets policies, and manag- next four years, bringing the number of katchewan’s College of Graduate Stud- es scholarships for graduate students. Chinese-funded PhD students at the U of ies and Research. “We’re sort of the clearing house – S to 80. While the College of Graduate Studies the hub – for all of the graduate student Martz says the six universities were tar- and Research is responsible for all of the activities on campus,” says Martz. geted for specific reasons. “We wanted 18 GLOBALVENTURES • MAY/JUNE 2010
  19. 19. to find strong partners – those that have good reputations internationally for their research, for their training programs.” The University of Saskatchewan has long-term partnerships with each of the Chinese universities, many of which are research partnerships that stemmed from initiatives by U of S faculty members. Other connections were made through U of S alumni. Regardless of how the con- nection was made, Martz says the central idea was that there was someone on site who was familiar with the University of Saskatchewan and could promote it to the local community. Martz expects the Chinese agreement will be the first of many inter-university partnerships for the U of S. The univer- A delegation from the University of Saskatchewan during a recent visit to China. sity is currently looking at opportunities to recruit international students from countries such as India, Vietnam, and dous contributors to the research agenda Still, Martz says the U of S, and Sas- Saudi Arabia. and are often strong supporters of the katchewan itself, has many great features “I think that these are win-win partner- teaching agenda of the university.” that enable it to successfully compete for ships,” he says. “These other countries In addition to working as research the world’s top graduate students. are looking to provide a high calibre edu- assistants, graduate students at the U “We’re a world-class university with cation to their citizens so that they can of S also serve as teaching assistants in an internationally recognized faculty and contribute to their economies, and we undergraduate classes, and some of the unique and outstanding research facili- get to help Saskatchewan build a global more senior students – particularly PhD ties.” network of experts.” students – even teach undergraduate The university boasts a faculty member Martz says that continuing to attract classes themselves. and an alumnus that went on to receive a graduate schools to the university will Of course, the University faces its share Nobel prize and it is the site of 35 nation- be vital to Saskatchewan’s future growth of challenges in attracting the best stu- ally funded research chairs. Additionally, and success. dents in what has become a very com- it is home of the Canadian Light Source, “With the global knowledge economy petitive field, including competition from Canada’s biggest science facility, the In- that’s emerging, the training of highly a number of top universities and colleges terVac level two research center, and one qualified individuals in graduate schools, in Europe and the United States, as well of the premier bio-resource institutions and increasing the number of those folks as other Canadian schools. Funding re- in the world. All of this means an abun- in our labour force is going to be critical mains one of the biggest roadblocks fac- dance of opportunities for students to to us maintaining a high quality of life and ing international students, with a lack of learn and participate in cutting-edge re- a strong economy in Saskatchewan,” he support programs and scholarship op- search projects. says. “Even as we try and move ourselves portunities available. “Fundamentally, what we have to offer from a resource extraction economy to international students is a high quality a more value-added economy that value education,” says Martz. is going to be added quite often by the highly trained researchers that graduate schools produce.” Recruiting international students to study in Saskatchewan and Canada as a whole adds billions of dollars to the Canadian economy, but there are also many benefits to the U of S campus it- self. For one, graduate student programs are tightly connected to the university’s research agenda, with graduate students taking part in virtually all of the research that takes place on campus. “Graduate students are everywhere on Lawrence Martz (left) and a delegate from China shake hands after signing campus,” says Martz. “They are tremen- an international student agreement. MAY/JUNE 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 19
  20. 20. INNOVATORS IN AUGMENTED REALITY Talking Dog Studios takes the lead in emerging Augmented Reality industry T alking Dog Studios is finding it- company is the “best example so far of self at the head of a new wave in what we’re seeing as a growing market- computer programming. The Re- BY KATIE BOYCE place.” gina-based company, which specializes “How Big is the Baby?” ( ality to see how a flat screen television – the website that in music and sound for film and televi- looks in their house; morph their face intrigued Sous Les Etoiles – is one of sion, is diving into Augmented Reality, an to look like a movie character; or many Talking Dog’s initial examples of Aug- exciting new technology through which more possibilities that are only just be- mented Reality (others are at computer users can see and manipulate ing thought of with this new technol- and www.talkdogstudios. 3D images in real time on their computer ogy. com/ar). On this educational website, screen. Bryanton says that although Augment- computer users hold a paper marker and “Over a year ago, we began delving ed Reality is still a fairly new enterprise in press the numbers one through nine on into Augmented Reality,” says Rob Bry- the marketplace, the estimated growth their keyboard. What they see on their anton, President of Talking Dog Studios. for the industry is staggering. According screen is a 3D image floating in front of “Prior to that, this technology was really to a study released by the University of the marker – an embryo which grows to only available in university labs or dedi- Singapore, Augmented Reality will grow a full term baby. cated installations, and it required spe- to a $14 billion industry worldwide in Besides its quirky creativity in the use cially-designed hardware and software. 2011. By 2012, when the gaming indus- of this new technology, Talking Dog has Now, new tools have been released that try is expected to take hold of the new other major advantages going for it. allow anyone with a computer capable technology, it will jump to a $68 billion “Over the past year, we’ve developed of displaying a YouTube video to take industry. modifications to make our Augmented part. In other words, we’re using Flash, For computer users, part of Augment- Reality work well even in difficult light- which is on 98 per cent of the comput- ed Reality’s draw is the entertainment ing situations. We’ve also developed ers in the world.” factor. “It’s an immersive experience, specialized versions which don’t require With only a webcam and a printed and it seems like magic. It’s just fun,” the printed marker, or which allow the marker, people can use Augmented Re- says Bryanton. marker to be hundreds of feet away But businesses are also discovering from the camera for generating images that the programming can be used for of very large structures,” says Bryanton. retail and commercial purposes, and While other developers are creating they are heading to Talking Dog to get versions of Augmented Reality that re- in on the new technology. quire extra plug-ins, Talking Dog’s Flash- Last December, Talking Dog created only format eliminates concerns about an Augmented Reality holiday greeting downloading viruses along with plug- card for Sous Les Etoiles, a New York ins, and also prepares for the growing photo-retouching company. Intrigued wave of Flash-compatible Smartphones. by the studio’s Augmented Reality web- This is not the first time Talking Dog site “How Big is the Baby?”, Sous Les has been an innovator in its field. Etoiles asked Talking Dog to rescue their When the post production company project, which because of a delay with was formed in 1989, the studio was one another supplier had to be completed in of the first in the world to go digital, and four days. among the first to use ProTools software The short deadline was not a problem – now an industry standard. Also, dur- for Talking Dog. “We had already spent ing the first decade of its history, Talking The future of commercial Augmented Reality one year at that point refining our tool- Dog became the only studio between could include previewing a flat screen set,” says Bryanton, who adds that the Vancouver and Toronto to be authorized television on your wall. studio’s work with a New York-based by Dolby for 5.1 theatrical mixing. 20 GLOBALVENTURES • MAY/JUNE 2010
  21. 21. With expert staff and state-of-the-art equipment, Talking Dog has composed music and produced audio for some of Canada’s most well-known television shows and films, including all six sea- sons of Corner Gas and The English- man’s Boy. One challenge the studio has recently faced is the downturn in the film and television industry in Saskatchewan. Bry- anton reports that, across Canada, film and television revenues dropped 17 per cent in 2009. The downturn was even more drastic in Saskatchewan, whose film and television revenues dropped by 70 per cent. Talking Dog is not letting this limit its An Augmented Reality video by Talking Dog Studios showing an “AR” watch. capabilities. “At one time, our core business was the film and video industry. Now, we are component,” explains Bryanton. “This no matter where in the world you are, making efforts to diversify into other interactive component is meant to en- and provide the service to their satisfac- initiatives,” says Bryanton. “One of these gage and build an audience for the pro- tion,” says Bryanton. is a high definition green screen studio gram, and Augmented Reality is perfect Talking Dog has worked with STEP’s with teleprompter for corporate videos for it.” market intelligence program to research and live-to-the-web productions. We’ve Talking Dog has an example of this potential clients in a number of areas. also had great success using social me- at, where users can “We’re also developing a strat- dia to promote our projects, including press various keyboard combinations egy to work with people in the province a website that has attracted almost six and watch as their face morphs into pat- who are forward-thinking ad agencies, million unique visitors.” terns or even an Avatar-like look. Bry- corporate image agencies, and web de- Whether the studio is creating corpo- anton says this could expand to people velopers. It’s always important to have rate videos or Augmented Reality, all of becoming characters in their favourite a network of local businesses, but at its components come together for a suc- show, or even reaching out to touch a the same time we’re keeping an eye on cessful project. virtual button or interface. corporate clients from any place in the “We’re not just about web program- For Talking Dog, Augmented Reality is world,” says Bryanton. ming and Flash coding. We also have not only opening a whole new world of “We’re also out seeking investors to composers, sound designers, and 3D technology, but also opening doors to make a leap into this being a much larg- object designers. Having them together new markets. er enterprise. Our strategy is to prepare creates a cohesive, complete package,” “With Augmented Reality, there is for the exceptional growth that is pre- says Bryanton. “We’re able to offer the limitless growth potential, and access dicted for Augmented Reality through- unique blend of a creative full-service to the worldwide market. Through the out the world.” company with a unique product be- internet, you can interact with clients cause of the underlying code we’ve de- veloped.” He adds that the studio is currently working on several retail applications using Augmented Reality. Major enterprises around the world are also checking out Augmented Real- ity. The United States Postal Service has developed an Augmented Reality web- site that allows people to measure the size, and thereby determine the cost, of their parcels before they leave home. IKEA has also launched an Augmented Reality website that allows people to preview how a piece of furniture will look in their house. Another purpose for Augmented Real- ity relates to Talking Dog’s existing client base –the film and television industry. “Now, new federal regulations state that all shows receiving federal funding One of the many patterns that users can morph their face with on will need an innovative, interactive web Talking Dog’s expandAR website. MAY/JUNE 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 21
  22. 22. Spread your wings and fly with us Reach Your Company’s Full Exporting Potential With STEP... Saskatchewan companies seeking to expand or enhance their current marketing activities need look no further than a membership with Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP). A unique global service provider, STEP provides its 400 members with services and benefits essential to international marketing. Featuring access to global contacts in 100 countries, qualified trade leads, and market research, STEP core services include: • Market Intelligence - customized market intelligence for your products or services in markets of interest to you. • Trade Development - advice and guidance on opportunities in the market and assistance for companies with outgoing and incoming trade missions. • International Finance - custom export finance solutions via one-on-one consultations. • International Projects - relevant information on STEP’s current project portfolio and potential member opportunities, as well as information on STEP’s overall policy, direction and interest in international development projects. Join STEP today and open the door to exporting success. For more information or to become a member, contact STEP at 1-877-313-7244 or log on to 22 GLOBALVENTURES • MAY/JUNE 2010
  23. 23. An OVERVIEW of the Saskatchewan Manufacturing Labour Market Survey T his March, the Canadian Manufac- cated that labour costs have increased in turers and Exporters (CME) and BY CHARLOTTE BEROS the last year. Saskatchewan Trade and Export Companies expect the greatest vacan- Partnership released the results of the ployee turnover of less than 5%. The turn- cies in the next five years to be in Super- Saskatchewan Manufacturing and Labour over level was found to increase with the visors, Other Products Manufacturing Market Survey, which was sanctioned in size of the company. Although one-third and Assembly (NOC 9227) and Welders June 2009. of the companies were able to attract and and Related Machine Operators (NOC Conducted at a time of economic crisis keep employees, 40% reported that they 7265). The smallest demand is expected when one quarter of the manufacturing were facing shortages of specific skills to be for Receptionists and Switchboard companies in the province faced a labour that were limiting business growth. Operators (NOC 1414) and Product Clerks shortage, the survey aimed to better The most common recruiting strategy (NOC 1473). understand the human resource issues used by companies was word-of-mouth In October 2009, participants stated impacting Saskatchewan manufacturers, referrals (35.1%), followed by online job that the labour situation had improved the strategies manufacturing companies posting sites (24.8%). Online job postings from June, when the research first began. are using to overcome these issues, and were more common among larger organi- The manufacturing downturn in Ontario, to quantify the specific occupational re- zations, while smaller organizations tend- the slowing of the Alberta oil and gas quirements of the industry. ed to rely on word-of-mouth. The meth- sector, layoffs of larger employers within The Saskatchewan manufacturing in- ods seen as least effective, and therefore the province, and the general softening dustry is one of the key wealth generat- used less frequently, were industry asso- of sales in their business were noted as ing industries in the province: approxi- ciations/networking, job fairs, and target- contributing factors to these improved mately 50% of jobs in Saskatchewan in ing individuals with disabilities. conditions. 2008 were in machinery manufacturing, Regarding retention strategies, com- The survey results were deemed reli- fabricated metal products, and food. petitive benefits and pay were the most able. Although conditions have changed, Insightrix Research Inc. was hired to popular strategies used by manufactur- the information is still relevant and use- conduct the survey, which included 467 ing companies (71.3%). The most effective ful. It is evident that the labour market participating companies. The research strategy was flexible work arrangements dynamics have changed throughout the consisted of a survey of manufacturers (61.1%), followed closely by bonus/reward province during the time of this study. An in May and June 2009, as well as focus systems (58.5%) and competitive pay and expected increase in demand for skilled groups with small and medium employ- benefits (55.9%). The larger the business employees was the most substantial ers and interviews with larger employers was, the more likely these strategies were finding. An important next step for the from June to October 2009. to be used and effectively employed. manufacturing industry will be to work To ensure accuracy, the survey respon- The survey also recorded popular opin- together to create strategies that will en- dent group closely matched the manufac- ions on the current labour market. When sure the availability of future employees. turing population in Saskatchewan. The asked about the labour market based on The survey was funded by Enterprise result of this research is an important eight National Occupation Classifications Saskatchewan and the Ministry of Ad- tool in ensuring success in an industry (NOCs), current and expected conditions vanced Education, Employment and La- that is vital to Saskatchewan’s future. were in the mid range with a 3 to 5 rating bour. According to the survey, in 2009, al- on a scale of 1, being a shortage, to 7, most half of the respondents had an em- being an excess. Almost half (49.3%) indi- MAY/JUNE 2010 • GLOBALVENTURES 23
  24. 24. EXPORTER READINESS PROGRAM Helping Saskatchewan’s Emerging Companies Enter New Markets S TEP recently announced a new Part Two of the toolkit consists of a adhere to these policies. All interactions program to help Saskatchewan’s written report summarizing the one-on- between a business and STEP staff mem- emerging exporters take their one meeting and focusing on the key bers are completely private. products and services to new markets areas to build export capacity or knowl- With partial funding provided by West- beyond the borders of Saskatchewan. edge. The report will provide the compa- ern Economic Diversification Canada The new Exporter Readiness Program is ny with solution options in each key area. over the next three years, the Exporter designed to equip Saskatchewan compa- Once the company has read the report, Readiness Program aims to have 300 nies with the resources and tools that will they will decide their course of action. one-on-one consultations, develop 100 enable them to build export capacity and knowledge. This program will benefit any During Part Three of the toolkit, STEP export plans and create 60 new Saskatch- company that has an exportable product/ provides support and guidance when a ewan exporters. These goals will increase service, as well as the desire to develop company encounters a roadblock or an the number of export ready companies in their skills to sell into a foreign market. issue when working through key areas. Saskatchewan by 15 per cent. The Exporter Readiness Program con- Once completed, the company will be For more information or to get started, sists of a three part toolkit and is deliv- export ready and will start attempting to contact Stephen Norgate, Export Devel- ered as a service without charge. export into new markets. opment Analyst, at (306) 787-4750 or For Part One of the toolkit, the inter- The Exporter Readiness Program will ested company fills out a group of ques- benefit participating companies in a tionnaires and checklists as part of the number of ways. They will have the op- internal analysis. From there, a STEP staff portunity to work with qualified STEP member conducts a one-on-one meeting professionals, meet new contacts, gain with the company to identify key areas access to the comprehensive planning that need addressing. During the meet- guide, and improve their overall skill set. ing, the STEP staff member will introduce Confidentiality of information is ex- the export plan workbook and highlight tremely important to STEP. All STEP the relevant areas for the company to staff members, when hired, must sign work through. a confidentiality agreement and closely Young’s Equipment Inc. is your authorized CASE IH Dealer carrying the full line of Case Agricultural Equipment, including Case High Clearance Sprayers. We also represent other quality equipment manufacturers, including Bourgault, Apache Sprayers and Versatile Tractors. Young’s Equipment Inc. is proud to be recognized as the Farm Equipment Magazine 2009 Dealership of the Year! Assiniboia Moose Jaw Regina Windthorst Weyburn 24 GLOBALVENTURES • MAY/JUNE 2010